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US Global Health Research Management and Solutions Unit in Gaziantep, Gaziantep UniversityIn collaboration with the American University of Beirut and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Nebraska, the International Covid-19 Conference was held with the participation of 95 scientists from 22 different countries.

‘International Covid-19 Conference’ with the participation of 95 scientists from 22 different countries Gaziantep It was held at the Mavera Convention Center, hosted by the university. In Congress, which will run for three days, the Covid-19 epidemic will consider global health, Economy And its impact on the social sphere and measures to be taken in case of possible future epidemics. The meeting drew attention to the impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic, which has been affecting the entire world for almost three years. Rector of the gown, Professor. Dr. Arif Ojaydin, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ayesha Balat, Congress President. Adnan Hammad, vice dean of the Wayne State University School of Medicine and chairman of the scientific committee. Basim Dubaibo and 95 scientists from 22 countries participated.

Balat we are drawing our road map against the epidemic process

Gaziantep University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Aye Balat said the largest conference on the epidemic with its opportunity and participation was held at Gaziantep University. As Gaziantep University, we are hosting an important meeting where we will discuss the Covid-19 epidemic in three days, the global impact of the epidemic, its impact on the economy and its impact on public health. . 95 international speakers from 22 different countries are taking part in the meeting. Again, the most valuable scientists in our country who are leading their field are taking part. He said that this is a very important meeting where we will discuss all aspects of the Covid-19 epidemic and what we may face in future epidemics and how we can be organized.

We will get significant results from the Hammad Congress

Congress President. Adnan Hammad said, “No one is safe unless everyone is safe.” The effects of the epidemic in all areas. This includes work done on the lesson. We are on this path with the principle that no one is safe unless everyone is safe. Extremely valuable work is being done in this regard. Our conference is being held with about 150 participants from more than 20 countries, ”he said.

Our Dubai Congress will draw a roadmap against the epidemic

Wayne State University School of Medicine Vice Dean and Chairman of the Scientific Committee. Basim Dubaibo said Gaziantep University would draw up a roadmap for the epidemic process and the meeting was the first with widespread participation. Dubaybo said the impact of the current Kovid-19 epidemic would be discussed in all areas and a roadmap against potential new epidemics would be set nationally and internationally. In the process, Gaziantep University, of course, conducts studies that could pioneer refugee health. In this event, Gaziantep University will draw a roadmap for the epidemic process. The next epidemic will also benefit. What makes this congress unique is that it works with the full potential of the Covid-19 epidemic. From infection to public health and mental health, this congress is working on the effects and consequences of Kovid-19. As the output of this congress, a roadmap for potential future national and international epidemics will be set.

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