“It should be child-centered every day, not just one day.”

The SOS Children’s Village Association says the lack of scientific and reliable information on children in the country poses a serious barrier to equal access to their rights for every child and poses a risk to society’s future.

Noting that this situation could hinder children’s access to child-based strategic planning and their fundamental rights in the country, the SOS Children’s Village Association argued that over the years the country has been developing efforts, laws, regulations and procedures to update laws that protect children. . And insufficient to make their security sustainable.

The SOS Children’s Village Association reports that it has been working for more than 30 years in collaboration with all sections of society related to the care, education, support and defense of children’s rights.

“It should be child-centered every day, not just one day.”

Bugra Akter, chairman of the board of the SOS Children’s Village Association, in his message on the occasion of World Children’s Day on June 1, emphasized that all children celebrate World Children’s Day on June 1 and stressed that they act as SOS Children’s Village Association. Children are not just one day, every day of the year.

“Children are the future of society,” Akhtar said, adding that it was important for the study to be open to non-governmental organizations and to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of individuals as well as social states.

Akhtar said the protocol signed between the SOS Children’s Village Association, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security late last year aimed at “spreading child protection policies in schools” would set an example. Conduct joint awareness activities, awareness of their rights and responsibilities; He said that in case of any negligence or misuse, responses to reporting, notifications and notification procedures that would work step-by-step in schools could be applied.

“Action can be taken to focus on the solution”

Akhter, chairman of the board of the SOS Children’s Village Association, stressed the need to raise awareness about children’s rights and called for completing the deficit and legal studies as soon as possible. Akhter said the country’s legal rights against child rights and child abuse, which the SOS Child Village Association has drawn attention to in recent years, need to be updated, adding that the importance of a child monitoring center needs to be a structure that is not the only one. Work on paper, but a functional framework that ensures the safety of children and he further mentioned that he wanted to remind again that there is a need to implement juvenile police unit, which serves as one of the key elements of a process. Which prevents us from being involved in crime in our country.

The social services department needs to be strengthened.

Akhtar, chairman of the board of the SOS Children’s Village Association, said that while legal measures are sufficient to punish perpetrators of crimes where children are victims, there is no sustainable framework for such rehabilitation, treatment and assistance. Hunting.

Explains that the Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the only state-approved address for disadvantaged and abused children, is extremely inadequate due to insufficient number of staff and equipment due to lack of adequate budget support. Akhter pointed out that one of the major responsibilities of all politicians is to immediately improve the current state of affairs in the department.

National Director Refika Ince

Refica Ince, National Director of SOS Children’s Village, said the following on the occasion of World Children’s Day:

My wish on World Children’s Day, June 1, after the “World for the Welfare of Children” conference, is to promote work to ensure the well-being of all children and to eliminate situations that could prevent them from being protected and accessed. Right, to this day fulfill all the promises made for the welfare of the children. Today, the value of the child is not known enough and children are neglected and abused by both their parents and the state. I hope that, as the SOS Children’s Village Association, we will one day succeed in building a ‘loving home for every child’ and a loving society, and we will live in a world that works for the welfare of children. Happy Children’s Day to all children, not just one day. “

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