Judgment in Izal family murder case expected tomorrow: ‘We all want justice’

Formula, Hatice Blacksmith

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Photographs taken by Dilan and his siblings, who lost their parents in the attack, their mobile phones are the most important evidence in the case.

The final hearing in the case of the murder of four members of the Ezel family on June 15, 2019 in the village of Cheltenham in the Sanliurfer Sivarek district will be held tomorrow in Aksara. The case has been pending for two years and is awaiting a decision.

Eleven people, including five fugitives, are being tried in the case on charges of ‘premeditated murder’ and ‘attempted murder’.

Hakkı İzol, his wife Zozan, seems to have started the attack 3 years ago due to an old land dispute; Meral Izol’s brother’s wife Meral Izl and her son Serhat were killed in an armed attack by their relatives, who had the same name, in front of their house.

Ridvan Discovery and Serder Dalen were killed on the same day in a collision with a vehicle carrying three injured people near the village of Karakoun.

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