Kindergarten students were fascinated by the pre-school education festival Kids Show

Pre-school education festival for kindergarten students

The kids are blessed with their show

The pre-school education festival prepared by Kindergarten, an independent education provider in our district, was held at Anitpark yesterday. At the festival, which began in 2018 and could not be held for two years due to epidemics, younger students received great acclaim with year-end shows.

Participation was too much

District Governor Genghis Karabulut, Mayor Ali Yildirim Cesar, Director of National Education Branch Vedat Sever, Kindergarten Principals, students and parents attended the pre-school education festival held at Anitpark.

“Pre-school education is in the family and in the institution”

Okte Sihan, director of Düzağaç Kindergarten, gave the opening speech of the program, which began with a minute of silence and recitation of our national anthem. In his speech, Sihan said, “My dear district governor, mayor, district director of national education, dear director friends and guests, welcome to our” pre-school education festival. ” It covers the years that a child spends from his birth to the day he started elementary school. The concept of pre-school education has gained new meaning over time. The advances observed in the social sciences have brought about new methods and conceptual changes. The term “education” has expanded its meaning and has been adopted as a process that shapes the physical, mental, social and artistic life of the individual, as well as the meaning of “education” in the family and organization. Pre-school education is provided. Although the family environment is primarily conducive to the child’s development, the family environment may be insufficient to meet all the developmental needs of the child in the following years. Loy educational institutions come to play, providing an environment where children can create their own environment with their peers and experience their development in the healthiest and most natural way. Since the programs implemented in pre-school education institutions and the environment provided to the child are planned, systematic and conducive to the characteristics of the age and development of the children, the pre-school education imparted in the institutions is important.

“As kindergartens, we provide educational opportunities that families cannot provide at home with their children.”

Continuing, Sihan said, “Meeting the various needs of the child during the pre-school period is no longer something that the family can achieve alone through the opportunities provided by today’s scientific and technological development. The mother as well as the teachers are needed to give the child the opportunity of education which the family cannot provide at home and to prepare him for the successful participation in the regular educational activities. Today, pre-school educational institutions perform a very important function as a basic institution that provides families with the necessary educational support, guides them and reduces their responsibilities to a certain extent. Experts working on child development in both Europe and North America argue that the quality of pre-school education has a significant impact on many developmental areas such as children’s language development, cognitive development and social development and their future school education and success. These researchers argue that this situation is especially important for children who are less supported by their social environment.

“Preschool education is very important for children”

Sihan finally issued a statement stating, “During this period the child’s education automatically reduces the need for special education in terms of the child’s development and assesses developmental delays, if any, and determines. Mental problems, qualifications and inadequacies in the early stages and taking the necessary precautions. Pre-school education in our country; It covers the education of children in the group of 36-72 months and is optional. Pre-school education; It is offered by three types of institutions: Independent Kindergarten (36-72 months), Kindergarten Class (60-72 months) and Practice Class. I would like to end by talking about a Latin American writer whom I learned in a kindergarten in Madrid / Spain, whom we visited last week for observation in the workplace of the Cokeli Provincial Department. Education Erasmus Recognition. “Many small people can change the world by doing small things in small places.”

The performance of the junior students is highly appreciated.

After the lecture by Düzağaç Kindergarten Director Oktay Cihan, the younger students performed the beautiful dance they created. Naval Kindergarten Thrace Region Folk Dance Show, Yunus Emre Kindergarten Life a Holiday Dance Show, Dujagak Kindergarten Izmir Region Folk Dance Show, Kindergarten Artvin Region Folk Dance Show in Sirinko and Gonkagular Kindergarten Atithi. After the dance performances of the younger students, the stands prepared by the schools are inspected by the district protocol and the teachers inform the district protocol about their activities throughout the year. The event ended after the group took pictures.

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