Kurdish independence depends on breaking PKK / HDP supervision … Mothers’ resistance will drown out the voice of oppression …

Everything started with laughter of mother.

She wanted her son, who had been abducted in the mountains.

The single resistance he started in front of the HDP building in Diyarbakir turned into a mass uprising.

She wanted her son from HDP.

Because he knew that HDP means PKK.

It meant PKK party.

The PKK formed a team in the cities called HDP.

Through that group, Kurdish children and boys were being tricked into being taken to the mountains.

Tülay Demir Oktay’s book “My Mother’s Voice” is full of preliminary narratives that reflect the true nature of the event.

Our hockey mothers made history through the great resistance that began 1000 days ago.

We salute this epic history as they challenge the empire of fear created by the PKK.

This blessed resistance, voiced by Berlin’s Maid Mom, is a strong indication that the PKK / HDP organization has in fact given the Kurds nothing but cruelty and tears.

Our mother has reunited with her child in Hashir.

Also, our Kurdish mothers.

Our Kurdish girls and boys, who were cheated in the mountains at the age of 13-14, found a way and escaped with the price of death and returned to their mother’s lap / father’s house.

But this resistance has long turned into personal resistance.

Our great Kurdish mothers, who were reunited with their children, the other mothers sat until they were reunited with their children.

In fact, they took their struggle one step further by turning their desire to live in a Turkey where no mother’s child is sent to the mountains, that is, to die.

Therefore, this resistance is a blessed human resistance that centers on human life.

We kiss the hands of our brave mothers.

The resistance they started is not limited to Diyarbakir.

It is not limited to Kurdish children.

Their resistance is based on the sacred purpose of creating an enemy between the Turks and the Kurds and disrupting the game of the separatist group who wants to attack the Kurds against the Kurds.

They are continuing this resistance together with the Turkish mothers.

We are with them in this glorious resistance.

We will be by their side.

We see this great and courageous resistance not only as the Kurds of this country, but also as the Turks, as our own resistance.

PKK / HDP tutorial will end

No matter what anyone says, it is true that I sincerely believe that the day will come when the PKK’s oppression of the Kurds will end and the period of armed rule will end.

With that power from the PKK’s weapons, the HDP’s political oversight will come to an end.

Only then will the Kurds be free.

Here is what I am saying without deception: The real independence of the Kurds will come when the armed rule of the PKK ends and the political rule of the HDP ends.

After the PKK’s reign of oppression, the Kurds, who enslaved the Kurds with their rhetoric of freedom and suppressed their independent choices with the fear they instilled in them, will live according to the true meaning of freedom.

Kurdish language was banned in ancient Turkey.

Ethnicity / existence was denied.

Those denialist understandings and practices that ignored and oppressed the Kurds have gone down in history.

Now is the time to dilute the PKK terrorist organization, which seeks to create Kurds in its own way, seeing Kurds who think differently from themselves, as an enemy that needs to be destroyed, creating a brutal regime of brutality against the Kurds. The armed forces, and wants to completely suppress the Kurds.

He came to end the poisonous and harmful policy of HDP, the political party of the bloody terrorist organization, which gives nothing but blood and tears to the Kurds.

We will embrace this demand for freedom raised by the mothers of Diyarbakir.

Exists for the Democracy and Unity Association (Dambir-Dar)

The Democracy and Unity Association, of which I am the founding chairman, has come out with valuable staff to achieve this goal.

We will announce the purpose of our establishment through a media meeting we will hold on Friday, June 3 in Green Park, Mertar, Istanbul, and we will spread across the country to organize.

Our target audience is Kurds.

But our comrades are not / will not be made up only of Kurds.

In the spirit of unity in the name of our association, we will both be the voice of our Kurdish brothers and lead the way in solving their problems, with the administration consisting of our Kurdish and Turkish brothers.

The “Kurdish problem” arising out of the denial of ethnic identity in Turkey has been resolved, but the Kurdish problem is still awaiting resolution. Turkey’s Kurds are still wounded, still angry, because the trauma arising from the unjust fight against terrorism and the multiple problems that began with internal migration have not been resolved in old Turkey.

They need a hug language.

They need a practice that focuses on solving problems.

That is why we have come to heal their wounds, to solve their problems and to put an end to the understanding and practice that excludes them as PKK members because their children who went to the mountains or were imprisoned in the past, such as Kurds and Turks, who are vulnerable. The unity of this country.

We have come to oppose all exclusive understandings and practices that push the Kurds of Turkey into the arms of the PKK / HDP criminals. We are coming to strengthen the unity of this country by embracing our Kurds without any reason.

We are coming out to the square so that we can contribute to this blessed struggle.

Just like our Kurdish mothers.

We say we are here.

We look forward to your support as well.

We value the existence and support of our valued intellectuals, writers and journalists, whom we invited as guests to our June 3rd meeting.

We are sure that our friends will not leave us alone.

Come give me your hand, give me your shoulder, we say.

We say do it together.

To be strong together and to win together.

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