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Whose work is Little Vampire and Big Profit? Who is the author of Little Vampire and Big Profit? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Little Vampire and Big Profit? What is the book Little Vampire and Big Love? Little Vampire and Big Profit PDF Download Link? Who is Angela Somer-Bodenberg, author of The Little Vampire and the Big Love? Here’s a summary of the Little Vampire and Big Love books, songs, comments and reviews …


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Author: Angela Somer-Bodenberg

Translator: Sidika Orhan

Real Name: The Vampire Clean and the Leaf Grove

Publisher: Tell the publication

ISBN: 9754683123

Number of pages: 151

What do small vampires and big love say? Subject, main idea, summary

Vampire has a guest. A young girl has been in the cemetery at Titreczade for a while: Olga Soap Pig.

A completely different person since the advent of the Little Vampire. It is so yellow and dry that Anton cannot recognize his friend. Responsible for Olga; Because Little Vampire Olga is in love. For him he endured all dangers; Even Aunt Dorothy’s anger … On the other hand, Olga is playing with the Little Vampire the way she plays with a cat. He also has other abilities; Throwing such a party …

Anton and Anna are thinking about how to help the little vampire. Then a bright thought came to Anton’s mind …

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Little Vampire and Big Love Review – Personal Review

The first fantasy series I read as a child, all the books are beautifully written and understandable to children, if you want to read or want to read, do not worry, continue.Evernas)

Little Vampire and Big Profit PDF Download Link?

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Who is the author of the book, Angela Somer-Bodenberg?

German author Angela Somer-Bodenberg is known for her fantasy book series for children. Somer-Bodenberg, who left a mark on children’s literature with his “Little Vampire” series, said the following about the series’ little vampire Rudiger, which he began writing in 1979 and has been translated into more than 30 languages: “My vampire is not a bloodthirsty monster. Rather, he is a sympathetic little vampire with his own fears and weaknesses that can help children overcome their fears. ” The Little Vampire adapted to theater, TV, radio, and movies over time, with widespread interest from children.

Angela Somer-Bodenberg was born on December 18, 1948 in Rainbow, Germany. The author, who studied teaching, philosophy and sociology at the University of Hamburg, launched the Little Vampire Series to explore “what kind of literature could be written that would interest children.” Somer-Bodenberg left teaching in 1984 and devoted himself entirely to writing and painting. The author, who has written more than forty works, ranging from poetry to novels, says he considers it a blessing to be recognized as the author of both Children and Vampires. He moved to California in 1992 and now lives in Mexico.

“Little Vampire” tells the story of two boys, one a vampire and the other a man, friends despite all their differences. 9-year-old Anton Bonsack is an ordinary boy who is particularly fond of vampire horror stories. One evening, he meets a real vampire boy named Rudigar in front of his window. The common denominator between the two is their interest in vampire stories, thus laying the groundwork for a long-term friendship. Over time, Anton learns that Rudigar is a member of a vampire society (Schlottersteins) made up of vampires like him, who live in a secret yearbook cemetery at the local cemetery. Anton meets Rudigar’s sister Anna and older brother Lumpy, who are attracted to him. Borrowing a vampire clock for him, Anton sometimes takes big risks in his adventures, usually with Rudigar and Anna. She has to hide her friendships with vampires from her family, vampire hunter Gairmeyer and some evil vampires. The Little Vampire Series consists of 20 books written from 1979 to 2008. He has published the entire series in Turkish.

The books in the Little Vampire series are as follows: 1. Little Vampire 2. Little Vampire Moving 3. Little Vampire Begins Journey 4. Little Vampire Farm 5. Little Vampire and Big Profit 6. Little Vampire in Danger 7. Little Vampire in Vampire 8. Little Vampire Reading Book 9. Little Vampire Mysterious Patient 10. Little Vampire in Lions Dan 11. Little Vampire Mysterious Program 12. Little Vampire Unexpected Development 13. Little Vampire 1 Big Conspiracy. Little Vampire on Class Trip 15. Little Vampire Celebrates Christmas 16. Little Vampire Count Dracula Visiting 17. Little Vampire Dancing 18. Little Vampire’s Birthday 19. Little Vampire Terror Night Variety and Little Vampire: Little Vampire.

Angela Somer-Bodenberg book – her work

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  • Little vampire moving
  • Little vampires and big love
  • Little vampire in the valley of Moans
  • Little vampire on class trip
  • Little vampire on the farm
  • The little vampire is a mysterious patient
  • The Little Vampire takes a journey
  • The little vampire meets Count Dracula
  • Berenice
  • Little Vampire Reading Book
  • The little vampire in the lion’s den
  • Hannah
  • Little vampire in danger
  • Birthday of the little vampire
  • Little vampire dance
  • The little vampire is the big conspiracy
  • The little vampire is celebrating Christmas
  • Little Vampire Mystery Program
  • Little Vampire and the Last Change
  • Night of Little Vampire Terror
  • Anna’s vampire diary
  • Little vampire unexpected development
  • Chico / Help, a baby!

Angela Somer-Bodenberg Quotes – Lyrics

  • I will no longer grow my hair; Especially for a man … (Berenice)
  • Don’t look at your language, I hate it, we always carry it in our hearts so it doesn’t hurt … (Hannah)

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