President Erdogan met with young people on “World No Tobacco Day”: (3)

According to the Anadolu Agency;

ANKARA (AA) – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that “hookahs are no less harmful than cigarettes, on the contrary, they have far more harm and we are making some preparations to save our nation from this harm.” Says

Erdogan addressed the “World No Tobacco Day Youth Rally” held at the Presidential Complex.

Speaking at the meeting, national diver Shahika Erkumen said she had encountered a lot of cigarette butts during her dive in recent years. Noting that a butt has been in nature for at least 10 years, Ercümen said, “It naturally reaches many living things. The butt and the chemicals they emit are observed in both fish, turtles and seabirds.” Says

President Erdogan’s question, “Do fish eat butt?” Erkumen answered the question, “Unfortunately, it eats. When adults eat it, the little ones are affected by its microplastic decay, and all living things, including plankton on the surface of the water, are affected by chemicals. The sea.” Replied.

“As an asthma patient and as a national athlete, I know very well how much smoking affects our health and the air we breathe. I even know the meaning of shortness of breath,” said Erkumen. We are deeply sorry. I hope that together we can put an end to this trend and prevent it through urgent action. ” He said.

“Yes, Mr. President, 110 meters is my deepest dive, but I aim to dive more than 100 meters next year on our 100th anniversary,” Erkumen said in response to a question from President Erdogan about diving. Says

Paralympic national sailor Mire Ulas added that he was the first disabled sailor to win a medal for Turkey in the international arena and said that at one point when he came in contact with passive smoking, he fell ill due to allergies and could not participate. Training

Erdogan’s question is, “How are you doing at the Paralympics right now?” To the question, Ulas said, “Currently, we are preparing for our boat, national team camp and preparation camp at Mersin. Finally, I finished third in the World Championships in Italy. There are World and European Championships this year. We are preparing for that.” He said.

President Erdogan asked, “How do you do that?” In response to Ulas’ question, “Every person with a disability designs the boat according to their own disability, of course, at the discretion of the referees. I try to manage it that way.” Replied.

– “We must try our best”

Begum Esra Aitan, a molecular biologist and genetics expert, said she made 100% biological enzymes to recycle plastic and paper waste, noting that plastic and cellulose waste from tobacco waste could remain in nature for many years without dissolving. . While it harms both the ecosystem and agricultural land, Aitan said the tobacco industry does a lot of damage to nature and the economy as well as human health.

Aitan thanked President Erdogan on behalf of the young and future generations for their efforts to reduce smoking with a view to protecting human health and the environment.

On top of that, Erdogan says:

“They talk about electronic cigarettes and things like that. They’re all scams. How we make money, how we make money, it’s no different than the other called electronic cigarettes. It’s very cruel, in fact, it damages both the pouch and the body. But of course I hope we don’t give it a chance, we will try our best. Especially the recent hookah incident. Hookah is no less harmful than cigarettes, on the contrary, it has many more harms, and to save our nation from this harm We are making some preparations for this. “

Furkan Acker, a national athlete who qualified for the Olympics in short-distance speed skating, noted that the activity of cigarette companies emits 84 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, adding that “global warming is increasing. Smoking is never compatible with sports and the environment.” He said.

Afterwards, Erdogan said, “We will continue our fight against him together. Especially when you find smokers among your friends, you will say, ‘Come on, I love you, but quit smoking.’ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” Says

– “We’re glad to be the first”

Gokhan Din, one of the participating youth project experts, said he has created national and international projects on tobacco control and national development, and said that Turkey is one of the countries that best adheres to the World Health Organization’s tobacco control policies. .

“At the moment, you have already given the necessary announcements and instructions to the relevant authorities,” said President Erdogan, following Dean’s request to increase digital control over the sale of electronic cigarettes and hot tobacco products on the Internet and to make the ban on those who violate the law more visible. Says

Toprak Rajgatliolou, a student of motorcycle racer Kenan Sofuolu, said he became world champion in 2021 and said they were here to see how harmful tobacco use is to the human body and should not be used.

When President Erdogan asked where the last championship was, Rajgatliolu said, “After Canaan left, we took the flag. We competed in the last Portugal, we finished second. We have a race in Italy next week. We are happy when we come first, but Not for second place. I hope we will fight for first place in Italy. ” Says

Mentioning that Ken Onku Kenan has taken the seat of Sofuoolu, Rajgatlioglu said, “He is in the same team and he is competing in the World Championships.” He said. Erdogan: “There will be a championship, right?” Motorcycle racer Can Öncü, “I hope this happens.” Replied.

Designer Furkan Cassap noted that the tobacco industry is trying to influence young people and children through cartoons and said, “Now, at a time when Metaverse technology is popular, the industry is showing our young people using cigarettes, under it. In disguise. For our brothers and sisters who are interested in this, learning these technologies in the best way is a real freedom. ” He said.

President Erdogan said: “In my first meeting with Elon Musk, I would say that you should spend some money on cigarettes. It would be good, wouldn’t it? If they spend a lot of money in different places and spend a little. “Especially in the United States and around the world,” he said. Promoting this business with digital has really got us into trouble. Whatever it is, we will do whatever it takes. Our country. “

Mualla Yildirim, president of Gazi University’s Young Green Crescent Society, said that as a team on the field, they have conducted many activities to combat addiction.

“I hope the next generation will remember your efforts for decades to come. Thank you very much,” Erdogan said. He said.

Sema Noor, a 3rd year student at the University of Health Sciences, who is part of the school’s volleyball team and folklore team, shared information about the “Smokeless Campus Initiative” which they started with the slogan “The Coolst University”.

President Erdoan also asked Nur about the volleyball team and wished success to all the athletes.

– “We will succeed with their example”

Aye Chagiri, who became world champion by defeating her Kazakh rival Aluva Balkibekova at the World Women’s Boxing Championships, spoke of her efforts to protect young people from smoking and to bring them into the sport. President Erdogan congratulated Chagry.

Emirhan Kurtuluş, a student at Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School in Istanbul, explains that he has been conducting scientific projects in the field of artificial intelligence for almost 3 years, his articles have been published in international scientific journals and he has been invited to the Nobel Prize ceremony next December.

Kurtuluş says he was accepted into a school abroad with a full scholarship and his desire was to return to Turkey after his education and to serve his country.

Aidin Adnan Menderes also thanked President Erdogan for his leadership in tobacco control, Bahadur Haytabe, a medical faculty student at the university. Haitabe noted that with the increase in cigarette taxes, the rate of smoking cessation among young people and adults has increased.

President Erdoানan said: “I hope we continue to increase it, and they are very uncomfortable with it. So we have increased it in both water and cigarettes, but it is amazing. But what you have said applies to us.” Used phrases.

Noting that doctors would be angry with him, President Erdoan said: “I know that, unfortunately, their addiction to both cigarettes and alcohol bothers me terribly. Exceptions do not break the rules. They should not smoke in the first degree, they should not drink alcohol in the first degree. They will set an example and we will succeed with their example. ” He said.

Hakan Ekinci, president of the Civil Life Association, said he is a social assistance specialist and they work in 22 cities in Turkey and provide information about hookahs and hookah cafes.

“But what about the deception there now? Fragrance, they cheat with it. You know, they cheat with perfume, they’re snatching citizens that way. You continue this struggle. Determination,” said President Erdogan. Says

National Taekwondo player Mariam Elif Ain also described the harms of smoking and her struggles after describing her success.

“It bothers us terribly.”

Speaking to National Athletes, President Erdoan said:

“Now that we know it’s harmful to life, we buy cigarettes and alcohol even though we know it’s harmful. Especially those who do business science are bothering us. This is a move by our doctors. We want to reduce the number of cancer patients.”

Referring to phone addiction among children, President Erdogan said:

“Now, you look at a 2-3 year old kid with a phone in his hand, they don’t leave this phone, if their mother tries to take it, they attack their mother. We have seen on TV that mothers fight with it. From time to time. There are some children who can throw the phone at their mother in their hands. This addiction is also serious. It has become a case we have to fight. Getting down, so you can see, on Instagram or anything else, 3-4 year olds are fighting for survival in this business. Through, and that’s what we want. “


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