Professor Dr. Navjat Tarhan: “Clever people do not behave rudely towards nature” –

Organized by the Department of Nursing and the Nursing Club, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of sküdar “Reflections on Climate Change, Health and Nursing” This symposium addresses the climate crisis, which affects the whole world in different ways. Uskudar University Founder Rector, Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Nevjat TarhanHe said climate change experts should borrow the idea of ​​empathy and compassion from nurses.

Experts from their fields gathered at the Symposium on Climate Change, a reflection on health and nursing, held at the mirsküdar University Çarşı campus Emirnebi-1 conference hall.

Professor Dr. Navjat Tarhan: “Compassion is greater than love”

Uskudar University Founder Rector, Chairman of the Executive Board, Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. In his inaugural address, Nevjat Tarhan said that the combination of nursing and climate change, which is the subject of the symposium, is very meaningful. Mentioning that there are two ideas that make the health and nursing profession special, Professor Dr. Dr. “I would urge climate experts to borrow these two ideas from nurses,” said Navjat Tarhan. One is the concept of compassion. Empathy is greater than love. There may be an interest in love, it may be an expectation or it may be an advantage. In fact, she loves her interest in the other person. It is also love, but there is also empathy with empathy. The other party accepts and likes it and does not try to change it. The concept of compassion is a very important concept in healthcare. For those who work with climate, borrowing this idea would be helpful. ”

Professor Dr. Nevjat Tarhan: “There is compassion in kindness”

Note that the second idea is courtesy, Professor. Dr. “This is very important for nursing and all healthcare professionals,” said Navjat Tarhan. When a surgeon performs the operation, he does not treat the tissues rudely, he treats them kindly. Treats the patient kindly. Mercy has one characteristic: it is greater than honor. What is honor? Fear can lead to respect. Can also show respect to self-interest. But courtesy is great. There is empathy in kindness. If there is sympathy in respect, we call it kindness. This is very important in healthcare. I think it’s very important for climate experts to use it in their interactions and relationships with nature, “he said.

Professor Dr. Nevjat Tarhan: “Clever people do not treat nature rudely”

Mentioning that people behave very rudely with nature, Professor. Dr. “Bacteria in the soil are 2/3 of the population, so nature is alive,” said Nevjat Tarhan. If nature could speak, it would tell man, ‘I don’t need you, but you need me’. Scientific research has confirmed this with mathematical modeling. There is research on bees. Within 50 years of the bee disappearing, the world has turned into a desert. Without bees, the soil turns to dust. Because bees pollinate. Where there are no bees, the tree flowers but does not bear fruit. It turned green after the Chernobyl disaster. So nature does not need us, nature needs. Intelligent people do not treat nature rudely, “he said

Professor Dr. Nevjat Tarhan: “Synthesis of mind and heart is needed”

Climate change means nature is sick, said Professor. Dr. Navajat Tarhan said, “Nature is sick now. It is very important to treat the patient as if nature was treating him. Nature’s leg breaks and hurts. Nature is depressing and depressing. Therefore, considering nature as sick, it should be treated accordingly. It is important that a sacred work like health also applies to nature. Nature is generous because it gives itself more than what is given. He who treats himself well treats himself well. Because of this feature, it is important to treat nature with more respect and to treat it as a living thing. Oriental knowledge also has this, respect for nature. Unfortunately, Mohammad Iqbal has a very nice saying, ‘East has lost its mind, West has lost its heart’. Eastern societies are emotional societies, while Western societies are thought-based. The synthesis of mind and heart is needed in this moment of humanity. For this reason, it is important for us to be able to create this synthesis in our own case and to take care of empathy and compassion for our young friends while performing their duties. ”

Drawing attention to the social impact of healthcare professionals, Professor. Dr. Navajat Tarhan said, “Medicine also has a responsibility to inform the society. We also have the responsibility to inform patients and their relatives about their health and well-being. ” Says

Professor Dr. Mehmet Zelka: “It is important to increase the number and qualifications of nurses”
Uskudar University Acting Rector Professor. Dr. On the other hand, Mehmet Zelka in his inaugural address emphasized the importance of health and nursing profession and said that the World Health Organization has recommended allocating about 5% of the total national product in the minimum health sector. Professor Dr. Mehmet Zelka said, “In developed countries this number is much higher than that, about 8%. There are countries with 11%. In our country, it is close to 5%.” Says

In the last 2 years, the epidemic has shown the importance of health and the importance and sacrifice of health workers, Professor. Dr. Mehmet Zelka said, “The importance of nursing is understood in the continuity of these services. A healthy society is very important for the economic, social and welfare of the country. It is also important to increase the number and qualifications of nurses who have made significant contributions to the overall health. Says

Professor Dr. A. Aktuğ Ertekin: “Climate change affects many things besides health”
Uskudar University, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor. Dr. A. Aktuğ Ertekin added that climate change affects many areas besides health, “Climate change affects living and non-living things, our country, our society, our world. Studies on the universe will probably emerge over time. “He thanked the organizers, contributors and participants of the symposium.

Professor Dr. Selma Dogan: “It is important for healthcare professionals to come forward”

Uskudar University, Professor of Nursing. Dr. Selma Dogan said that a lot of research on global climate change has been done globally and in our country, but they are not enough. Professor Dr. highlighting the importance of awareness raising activities. Dr. “The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes that healthcare professionals must raise their voices on health issues related to climate change and take the lead in the fight against climate change,” said Selma Dogan. Noting that the symposium was conducted to inform healthcare professionals about climate change as well as to raise their awareness, Prof. Dr. Dr. Selma Dogan mentioned that they will organize the next symposiums in a more multi-faceted manner.

Adil Tech: “With climate change, the country’s borders will disappear”

After the introductory speech, the Dean of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor. Dr. A conference of Ibrahim Ozdemi was held. Adil Tech, head of the Kandili Observatory Meteorology Laboratory at Bogazisi University, touched on the causes and consequences of climate change and noted that the country’s borders would disappear. Adil Tech said that in order to tackle climate change, energy problems need to be addressed and measures need to be taken for sustainable development.

Professor Dr. Guler Simette: “Stress caused by climate change negatively affects the brain”

Professor Dr. presided over the session in continuation of the symposium. Dr. A bilateral conference was held with Besti Ustun. Bahsehir University Faculty of Medicine, said. Lecturer Melik Yavuz, while describing the effects of climate change on health; Uskudar University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Midwifery, Professor. Dr. In Gul’s SimetIn his talk entitled “The Impact of Climate Change on Maternal and Child Health”, Climate Change, Temperature Rise, Heat Flow and Drought, Uncontrolled Fires, Increased Storm Intensity and Floods, Crop Erosion and Nutrient Changes, Changing Vector Distribution. And the continued use of fossil fuels, he said, adding that air pollution as a result of its use puts a heavy burden on children. Professor Dr. “Prenatal maternal stress due to climate change-related events adversely affects fetal brain remodeling due to cortisol secretion,” Guler said. To warn

Uskudar University, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor. Dr. In another bilateral conference, chaired by A. Aktuğ Ertekin, Maryam Kayan, Deputy Director of the IMM Environmental Protection Branch, spoke on “Climate Crisis: Tackling the Istanbul Case” and IMM Health and Hygiene Manager. Mustafa Hakan Ilmazturk delivered his lecture entitled “Health-Based Studies in the Fight for Climate Crisis”.

In the afternoon session of the symposium, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Dr. Uskudar University. Dr. Haider Sur, chairman of the panel and session on “Climate Change and Health Institutions”, and Dr. A.S. Dr. Selma Dogan’s panel titled “Public Health Nurses in the Fight Against Climate Crisis” was held.

The symposium was broadcast on ÜÜ TV and the official YouTube account of বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়েরsküdar University.

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