Sir or Prince of Darkness

Whose work is the lord or the prince of darkness? Who is the author of Mahasaya or Prince of Darkness? What is the theme and main idea of ​​the lord or prince of darkness? Sir or what is the prince of darkness? Sir or Prince of Darkness PDF download link? Who is Lawrence Durrell, the author of Sir or the Prince of Darkness? Here are summaries, songs, comments and reviews from the book “Sir or Prince of Darkness” …


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Author: Lawrence Durel

Translator: Elite Cypress

Real Name: Avignon Quintet 1: Sir or Prince of Darkness

Publisher: Can broadcast

ISBN: 9789755104416

Number of pages: 344

What does the lord or prince of darkness say? Subject, main idea, summary

After the famous Alexandria Quartet, Lawrence Durel, one of the best novelists of our time, appeared before us with Avignon Quintet, a masterpiece by the author, written between 1974-1985.

Considering Alexandria Quartet a “European novel” in terms of its structural features, the author considers Avignon Quintet to be a “Tibetan novel” based on the five elements of Buddhism (materiality, emotion, perception, mental structure, consciousness). He says he wants to write.

In Mahasaya or the Prince of Darkness, the narrative revolves around the “love triangle”, which is not yet known as a myth, one of which bears the mark of incest and the other of homosexuality, and each relationship is a deeper relationship than its own; Each situation explains a situation with a larger dimension than its own. On the other hand, especially with the clue that would mean the rejection of the modern world, our age, which is dominated by the Lord, i.e. Satan, is being tested.

Sayings of the lord or prince of darkness – lyrics

  • The Greeks say: ‘All this is untrue, but beautiful.’ But beauty cannot be a factor. Beauty is a trap. We say: ‘All this is false, but it is true.’
  • “The ultimate freedom of our age has shattered the thin spider web that embodies human devotion অর্থাৎ that is, their reality. Health vibrates inside us like a toothache, but as of writing, the subtle way of life has committed suicide. Roughness.”
  • The causal process is great and cannot be explained mathematically, even in the case of mental states.
  • “The more you know the people, the more you will not tolerate the position of humanity at the behest of the prince.”
  • They say that if one is accustomed enough to get tired of disasters, one can learn to smile. Comedians are the closest people to suicide.
  • “People of our faith have gradually learned not to give all rights to that so-called God. They are not like devotees or saints, they reject the blessings of the empty world to regain their health after suicide. But for that one has to become.”
  • Realizing one’s own death means reaching the stage of maturity.
  • Personality is a fragile expression of the harmony we wear. It is both imaginary and real, and if happiness is needed, happiness requires personality.
  • “Don’t worry about what you’ve learned. Get back to what you learned as soon as possible – because once a person reaches formation he forgets. “
  • Our train never reached its destination on time, and never will.
  • The real music of this ramshackle intercity bus called Deh is the shared orgasm — hence the importance of the art of love.
  • “I don’t let anyone be essential to me.”
  • – “… The person who is caught between the conflicting notions of rest and action rushes to his grave in panic. Rest does not give him the peace and security he wants, and taking action is just a sterile source of change and pain. The biggest mistake! .. . “
  • Those who can no longer fall in love, die, fall into depression and become unconscious choose a disease that will work like a gun.
  • Toby accuses me of selfishness because I am not interested in social issues; Where there is no social response to the need for personal suffering, loneliness, isolation, love.

Sir or the Prince of Darkness Review – Personal Review

Sir or Prince of Darkness PDF download link?

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Who is the author of the book Lawrence Durel?

Lawrence George Durrell (27 February 1912 – 7 November 1990) was a British novelist, poet and playwright. He did not see himself as British. After his death, it became clear that he was not a British citizen. His most famous work is the Alexandria Quartet.

He was born on February 27, 1912 in India. At the age of twelve he went to England for education. After doing various jobs in London, he settled on the Greek island of Corfu. He lived in Mediterranean countries such as Rhodes, Alexandria and Cyprus during World War II and in the years after the war.

His poems and novels echo these places. He was a lesser-known poet until 1957, when his novel “Justin” was published.

Lawrence Durel Book – Work

  • Justin
  • Balthazar
  • clea
  • mountolive
  • Bitter lemon of Cyprus
  • Sir or Prince of Darkness
  • Dark maze
  • Livia or buried alive
  • White Eagle over Serbia
  • Constancy or solitude
  • Sebastian or strong emotion
  • Quinx or Pursuit of Perfection
  • Aphrodite’s Rebellion Tunc and Nunquam
  • Black notebook
  • Labyrinth
  • The spirit of space

Quotes from Lawrence Durel – Lyrics

  • “It’s like drawing a wall on a Muslim’s head: you have to wait for the first coat to dry before you put on the second coat.” (mountolive)
  • For the romantic, whose mind is clouded with false values, the last tragedy of love is death. (Black notebook)
  • We take the symbols of our inner world to the outer world. Precisely, we create a world around us that reflects our inner world. Each of them carries a myth-generating machine, without even realizing it is working. So it can be said that we live by a curious poetic logic – because we get what we want, not less, not more. (Dark maze)
  • “… Understanding is the business of the growth of the human soul, not of reflection.” (clea)
  • “The ultimate freedom of our age has shattered the thin spider web that embodies human devotion অর্থাৎ that is, their reality. Health vibrates inside us like a toothache, but as of writing, the subtle way of life has committed suicide. Roughness.” (Sir or Prince of Darkness)
  • According to Claire, Gracie should have fallen in love with him at this point. It was his right, wasn’t it? She had to make herself a little love with him, enough to go to the bedroom. (Black notebook)
  • … You can do three things with a woman: either you love her, you suffer for her, or you write for her … (Justin)
  • Love is an incredibly bright flower, but really unclassified. (Balthazar)
  • Realizing one’s own death means reaching the stage of maturity. (Sir or Prince of Darkness)
  • “It’s wrong to see a woman asleep.” (clea)
  • The heart has an argument of its own that the mind does not know. (Dark maze)
  • “The Greeks finally came and asked God for their gift. ‘Do you want me to present to you?’ God says. ‘Give us strength,’ said the Greeks. ‘Oh, my poor Greeks,’ God said, ‘you are too late. All gifts are distributed. In fact, there is not much left. I have given the Turks, the Bulgarians, the power to work; His reckoning with the Jews, his sport with the French, his stupidity with the English. ‘ The Greeks were furious and shouted: ‘What kind of conspiracy is this? How can you let us go?’ ‘Well,’ said God. ‘Since you are insisting, I will give you a gift too, don’t come back empty-handed – let your gift be a conspiracy’. “(Bitter lemon of Cyprus)
  • “The farther we want to be, the farther we go.” (clea)
  • “But the habit that comes from culture is not enough to protect a person from his own attraction.” (mountolive)
  • “Religion is nothing but art, tainted beyond recognition.” (clea)
  • You wouldn’t suspect the immorality of the doctor who told you to undress before the test, would you? Why don’t we give writers the privilege of not being skeptical of the same beliefs? (Black notebook)
  • If you go to Kyrenia, do not enter through walls, if you enter, do not stay long, if you stay longer, do not get married, if you get married, do not have children. (Bitter lemon of Cyprus)
  • “… there were some people whose profession was mourning, for them death was like a competition of mourning poems …” (mountolive)
  • “Knowing a language very well meant nothing, only now he understood it, because Layla showed him a void of knowledge that was not based on understanding.” (mountolive)
  • I thought I was living my own life, but my life was always writing to me, without outside help, it took me half a century to realize it. What a blow to my self-esteem. (Sebastian or strong emotion)

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