The baby’s body was found on the site of a Canadian boarding school

Eric Large was in St. Petersburg, speaking on behalf of the Saddle Lake Creation indigenous community in eastern Alberta. He said they searched the site of the Blue Quills boarding school near the town of St. Paul and found the remains of numerous children.

Describing the school he once attended as “one of the most horrific boarding schools in Canada”, Large said the number of baby corpses that did not enter official records could be higher than expected.

So far more than two hundred bodies have been found.

They have so far found the remains of more than 200 children at work, but Large requested the federal government for surface scanning radar and rehabilitation assistance, noting that there may be more remains in the area and that they should be investigated. Local people.

The indigenous community cemetery is located near Blue Quills Boarding Church School, Large said, adding that new cemeteries have been excavated in the community cemetery since 2004, but the remains of countless children have been accidentally found.

The largest. Paul’s Diocese showed that 212 students died at the school between 1898 and 1931, but federal government records put the number at 25.

The bodies of children wrapped in white cloth

In 2004, locals discovered a mass grave in the same area, claiming that a large number of white-clad children had died of the typhoid epidemic and that they had been recovered, as were the remains of many children found at the time. “The number of missing children is much higher. Schools, violence, disease, hunger. He was tortured and killed,” Large said.

There were 12,000 members of the indigenous community at the time and four or five children were forcibly taken from each family, Large said, adding that “we are working to create a complex puzzle about our missing children who never came home.”

The first tombs were discovered in May 2021.

The unregistered children’s graves in Canada’s Old Boarding Church School Garden came to light for the first time on May 29, 2021, with the remains of 215 children found in a school garden in Kamloops, British Columbia.

On June 24, 2021, a grave containing the remains of 751 children, which has not been officially recorded, was discovered in the garden of Saskatchewan’s Marvel Boarding School.

In the province of British Columbia, formerly St.. On June 30, 2021, an undeclared grave containing the remains of 182 children was discovered near Eugene Mission School.

An indigenous tribe of Penelakut in the southern Gulf Islands of the same state also announced on July 12, 2021 that more than 160 “unregistered and unmarked” graves had been found in the area belonging to the Cooper boarding school.

St. Williams Lake First Nation in British Columbia. Teams scanning 14 hectares of the 470-hectare area of ​​Joseph’s Mission Boarding Church School with Surface Radar have announced that 93 new graves have been discovered.

In a study conducted in the Keeseekose First Nation area of ​​Saskatchewan Province, Fort Pelli Boarding Church School area 42, st. Twelve unidentified graves have been found in the Philip boarding school area.

A search of 4 different areas of Gordon’s Boarding Church School in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has resulted in the identification of 14 cemeteries that are not on official records.

The worst child abuse in Canadian history

The first of the church boarding schools, considered “the largest child abuse site in Canadian history”, opened in the early 1880s and closed in 1996.

In these schools, where more than 150,000 local children were forcibly relocated from their families, most were subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse by priests, nuns and other teachers.

In addition to the abuse recorded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission established in the country in 2010, it was determined that some children underwent medical examinations.

The Canadian federal government has formally apologized to the victims for what happened at the boarding church school, where thousands of children died of starvation, cold and disease.

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