The best interests of child policy do not apply

R. Erinç Sağkan, President of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, spoke on ‘Child Abuse in the Legal System’ at the Conference on Prevention of Child Abuse held at Atatুrk University. Sakan, examining 52 case files from 7 regions of Turkey, said that the principle of “best interests of the child” must not be applied in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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The ‘Conference Against Child Abuse’ was held in Erzurum in collaboration with the Turkish Bar Association’s Union, Yusim Sadet Teachers’ Association for Committing Child Abuse, Ataturk University and the Erzurum Bar Association.

At the conference, the president of the Turkish Bar Association R. Erin Saqqan gives a talk on ‘Child Abuse in the Legal System’, Sadet Ozkan, President of the Usim Sadet Association for the Fight against Child Abuse of Teachers, gives a speech against ‘Teacher Abuse’. Child Advocacy ‘. Described his impressions.

Ataturk University Lecturer Professor of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at the conference. Dr. When Ismail Sekar spoke about PCIT and its practice on traumatized children, UCIM Sadet Teachers Association for Commiting Child Abuse, Presidential Counsel, Lawyer Aygul Aydogan gave a talk on ‘UCIM’.

In his speech, President of the Turkish Bar Association Union R. Erins Saccan said they value the training of lawyers who specialize in child rights advocacy and said, “In addition to personal struggle, we need to spread it. People, to our colleagues so that we can manage this field of struggle more effectively. First, I started to improve myself. There is a need to question what is the right attorney or wrong attorney, but the most important thing is to be aware of this, to know the national and international laws very well and to defend effectively. Since 2014, lawyers have been given extremely high quality training. However, the lawyer who has a certificate that he / she has participated in that training is included in the list of CMK children and we choose from them in case of teenagers.

‘The same punishment for adults and children will not be corrected’

Noting that it is not possible to rehabilitate adults and children under the same conditions, Sakan said, “Prison means correction, but if you give the same punishment to an adult and a child, it will not be reformed. Will the child be released from prison as corrective? Or would he be involved in another crime if released? For years, juvenile offenders and adults in Turkish prisons had the same right to opinion. We have to keep going. We don’t have to go to this one. There were 4 visits per month, 3 closed and 1 open. The Bar Association also has a lot of work to do here. We have a lot of instruments in this case. We go to detention, hearings, statements, trials. But our duty is to cooperate with a very strong legal framework. Training people, not just through participation, can be an effective stressor for doing this job properly. Raising awareness through in-service training and internship training and training of really well-equipped lawyers. That is our duty, “he said.

Has published that report

Saying that they have examined 52 case files from 7 regions with their work, Sakan explained that the ‘best interests of children’ policy, which is included in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, has a function that guarantees the rights of children. Child, does not apply to the case files of Turkey. Sagkan said: “We implemented a study last year. We have a project called What is the best interest of the child? We examined 52 case files from 7 regions of Turkey. We have set the principles of the best interests of the child in the decisions taken from the individual appeal to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and we have shown to what extent this policy is best applied in the courts of Turkey. As a result, a valuable report has been published and we have seen that the rate of application of all the criteria laid down in the principle of the best interests of the child is 0 percent. That is, not all the criteria set out in a case file have been applied. We have seen that some criteria are applied and some are not. OK, we can’t say that 3 criteria have been applied here. No matter what the criteria, we must work to ensure that they are all involved in these decisions. This report should be considered while considering what should be considered in these trials. ”

They will pursue abuse cases

Sadet Ozkan, president of the Usim Sadet Teachers’ Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse, announced that they would follow up on the abuse of boys by teachers at a Quran course in Erzurum. “We will be there, we will be their voice. We must show them that it is not their fault, they should not be ashamed, they are a terrible thing,” Ozkan said in a press statement issued after the hearing in the 4th High Criminal Court today. The person we met, but together we embrace their love, there are good-hearted people for whom we fight for those children. In the case of Emen, Laila and Mertkan, we went to court throughout the hearing. We were threatened, but we looked into each other’s eyes and said, ‘Come on, wait, we need a baby smile.’

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