The need for masks and tests in closed areas has been raised in TRNC

Minister Altugra assessed the AA correspondent on the relaxed and ongoing measures regarding the Kovid-19 outbreak, the steps taken in the field of health and the cooperation with Turkey in the field of health.

Noting that he gave his first interview to the AA after starting his ministry, Altuğra said that the Ministry of Health is the busiest ministry and it is very important.

Revealing that there are many problems in the health system that need to be overcome, Altugra said that they will work with his teammates to solve them responsibly.

Noting that they have set a roadmap for health and set long-term and short-term goals, Altugra noted that they have begun to take some steps to address the problem.

Altuğra said: “We will not ignore the problems that have persisted year after year. We will address these issues without panic and pressure. We have taken steps to address them and some of the results will be reflected in the press this week.” Says

The epidemic has affected the entire world as a global health problem and serious efforts have been made by TRNC and the world to overcome it, Altugra said. The strongest example of this is Turkey’s continued support in the vaccination process. Turkey’s contribution to equipment delivery and the implementation of equipment, PCR and antigen testing, and it continues. Individuals have made serious efforts 24/7 and these efforts are undeniable. ” He said.

Altugra said that as a country they had a successful epidemic process and they were over.

“Use of masks in closed areas is not mandatory”

Emphasizing that vaccination implementation and public observance of masks, distance and hygiene rules are effective in alleviating the epidemic process, Altugra said that according to current statistics, the number of cases and patients in TRNC has decreased significantly.

Altuğra mentions the following epidemics:

“The use of masks in closed areas is not mandatory, the rules have been relaxed. People with chest disease, low immunity and chronic diseases should wear masks. It is very important to protect one’s own health and the health of others. The party. And antigen testing is mandatory. Removed. Anyone can do these tests. “

Altugra said the 2022 Economic and Financial Cooperation Protocol, signed between Turkey and TRNC, also provides comprehensive coverage in the field of health. Services to the public. Our goal is hospital construction and equipment

Altugra noted that with the help of Turkey, in addition to completing the Girne Hospital and Guzelliurt Hospital with their equipment, they aim to establish a 500-bed hospital in Nicosia.

Emphasizing that hiring Girne and Güzelyurt hospitals would make a significant contribution to the country’s health, Altuğra noted that the two hospitals would significantly reduce the burden on Nicosia Burhan Nalbantolu State Hospital and health workers.

Altugra said the Nicosia Emergency Hospital, built by Turkey, would continue to be used during the epidemic, and that some services at the Nicosia Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital had begun to be transferred to the full-fledged Nicosia Emergency Hospital.

Emphasizing that vaccination against Covid-19 continues, Altugara called on the public to take a reminder dose and to vaccinate those who have never been vaccinated.

“Of course there must be women in the cabinet”

Altugra said the total number of vaccines given to TRNC to date is 858,000. The number of people who have been vaccinated with at least one dose is 301,000, the number of people who have completed the vaccine series is 313,000, the number of people who have been given the third dose is 185,000 and the number of people who have been given the fourth dose. The number is 83 thousand. And the number of 5th dose vaccine recipients is 11 thousand. The vaccination process continues, the vaccination is not over. ” Says

Asked if she is the only female minister in the cabinet and how she feels about it, Minister Altugra gave the following answer:

“Of course, having women in the cabinet is also important. In some cases, decision-making through the eyes of men alone may not be enough. There are decisions and steps for women that are intended to be implemented. “It simply came to our notice then. Decisions as a mother and a woman are important in terms of action. I believe that being a woman in my cabinet will contribute to a more results-oriented approach. “

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