Thirty-five Olympic athletes and their mothers met at the P&G event

The 35 athletes representing Turkey in the Olympic branch and their mothers gathered for the “Olympic Mothers” project, implemented by Procter & Gamble (PNDG), which is celebrating its 35th anniversary in the country.

Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK) President Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener and PNG Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia Chairman Tankut Turnaolu.

TOC President Ugur Erdoারan thanked Tankut Turnaolu for his generous support for the sport and celebrated the company’s 35th anniversary in Turkey, saying “I am delighted that P&G has a place in our Olympic history. It is one of the 14 major sponsors of the Olympic Games.”

Noting that the project has been running since 2014, Erdener said, “It’s a project that not only takes the athlete alone, but also includes strong support behind it and keeps the athlete focused. Every athlete has the support of a mother in the family. Everything for her. In the new project. We support 35 athletes for the Olympic Games with P&G. I believe that 35 of these 35 most valuable athletes will win their Olympic quota and represent our country in Paris. We try to support. We are very happy to be able to actively support our 114 players. ” Used phrases.

Turnaolu: “The picture here is great.”

Noting that the 8th anniversary of their partnership with TCut Turnaoğlu, chairman of TOC, P&G Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia has come to an end, he said: “The picture here is wonderful. Opens the door ‘. The main protagonist is mother and mother’s love. We have translated it into the language of communication. ” Says

By emphasizing that they are trying to improve the lives of millions of people in a positive way and to contribute to the mercy movement through their social contribution project in Turkey, Turnaolu said:

“We’ve been running social contribution projects for many years. It’s a project. We traveled with Mr. Ugur Erdener, we called it ‘Olympic Mothers’. Athletes can’t come here without their mother, just by doing regular work. We want to emphasize the importance. There is the Paris Olympics in 2024. We support 35 athletes and their mothers. We want to inspire them that mothers here cannot exercise their children regularly. Mothers are very valuable to us and we want to highlight them. An Olympic mother. ‘ “It’s very promising. We want mothers to introduce their children to sports from the age of 4-5,” he said.

National athletes took the stage with their mothers

Olympic athletes and their mothers invited to the stage gave their views.

National boxer Bus Naz Chakiroglu mentioned that he is on a very long journey and this journey requires a lot of dedication and attention. It inspires us a lot. They are spending this moment with us in this difficult process. We don’t always smile, they feel the same stress as us, “she said.

“Like every mother here, I am very proud of my child’s achievement. I feel happier when I see her dream come true. Every mother feels like me,” said mother Duagu Chakiroglu. Made a statement.

Modern pentathlon athlete İlke Özyüksel and his mother Gülcan Özyüksel, called on stage, shared their feelings. Ilke Ozuixel said they needed moral support during the difficult process and said, “Whenever I have a problem, the first person I call is my mother and she always finds a solution.” He said.

At the end of the lecture, the athletes and their mothers were given certificates and a group photo was taken.

Supported Athletes

Supported players and their affiliates within the scope of the project are as follows:

Shooting: Om Akgun.

Athletics: Barke Axam, Ersu Shama, Merem Beckmez, Nekati Er, Pinar Achiol and Salih Korkmaz.

Badminton: Aliye Demirbagh and Nestlihan Igit.

Ahmed Arken on the bike.

Boxing: Buse Naz Çakıroğlu, Esra Yıldız and Hatice Akbaş.

Ice Skating: Furkan Acker.

Gymnastics: Nazli Savranbasi.

Fence: Enver Yıldırım and Nisanur Erbil.

Golf: Marko Ozdemir can.

Wrestling: Evin Demirhan, Kerem Kamal, Yasmin Adar, and Jeanne Yatgill.

Judo: Bilal Siloglu and Mihrak Akkus.

Canoe: Hilal Avcı.

Table Tennis: Özge Yılmaz.

Modern pentathlon: Bugra Unal and Ilke Ozuixel.

Taekwondo: Emre Kutalmış Ateşli, Hakan Reçber and Hatice Kübra İlgün.

Triathlon: Gultigin’s.

Sailing: Dilara Uralp and Isem Guzel.

Swimming: Barke teaches Omar.

While P&G supported 34 athletes in the previous Olympic Mothers project, 29 of these athletes were eligible to represent Turkey at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, and 8 of them returned home with a medal after winning the podium.

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