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The recent excessive rent increase has resulted in a 20 percent increase in lawsuits between landlords and tenants. Although the Justice Department has taken steps to make mediation in rent disputes mandatory, experts point out that tenants who face pressure from landlords have legal protection rights. The biggest disagreement between landlords and tenants is the rent increase. Landlords are also pressuring their former tenants to raise prices or leave because of the extra rent. Tenants, whose landlords were under high rent pressure, began to breathe a sigh of relief in court. Some tenants know their rights, others do not know what to do. We asked experts what tenants should do and their rights against landlords’ illegality.

Rents have increased

Olke Goyem, a lawyer who specializes in lease law and property ownership, says there has been a recent rise in rent fixes and evictions. Evicted to get the rent of his choice. It is seen that he can also file an eviction case by threatening them. “

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According to Elif Altin from Milliyet, Göçüm said that how to increase the monthly rent is regulated in Article 344 of the Turkish Code of Oligarchy and said, “According to this article, landlords can request for an increase in CPI. Rate for the first 5 years of rent. Lawyer Göçüm, who said the regulation in the article is mandatory, said, “In a lease agreement, the growth rate can be decided below the CPI growth rate. However, the growth rate cannot be overstated. When legal controls are considered, landlords cannot claim a rent increase above the CPI growth rate, stating that ‘housing prices in the area have risen, rent has risen’, unless five years have elapsed since the contract began, and additional payments have been made. Can’t ask for.

You can leave a case for eviction

Göçüm added that after the expiration of the five-year term, the landlord can request an increase in the rights and negativity rules in accordance with the previous rental fees in the area or file a rent determination lawsuit.

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Stating that the expiration of the rent cannot be a reason for eviction, Göçüm said that the landlord must have a valid reason for eviction. Noting that it is not possible to claim the removal of a tenant from a real estate before the lease expires, Goyem said, “However, if the tenant does not repay the lease within 30 days despite the warning, the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit before the lease expires.” . “

Immigration says that if the tenant’s workplace or homeowner has changed, the new landlord must notify the tenant of their needs within one month, and after six months, he or she can sue for eviction for himself, his wife, children or dependents.

‘More requests enter threat and harassment’

Turhan Kakar, chairman of the Consumer Rights Association, points out that the CPI rate is essential and that homeowners cannot demand an additional increase in the CPI rate: You can sue for rent determination. Rent increases are increased by CPI. The current terms apply if the price is not mentioned in the contract. Verbal or written demands, threats and harassment of the landlord to exceed the CPI rate and pay ‘higher salary’. Punitive action may be taken against these individuals.

The LIE owner pays 1 year rent

If the landlord wants to evict the tenant on the grounds that ‘my son, daughter, father, mother will come’, they must file it. There is no verbal rationality. When the lease expires, the landlord can evict him if he documents his reasons. However, a landlord who has evicted a tenant for these reasons cannot rent the house to a third party for 3 years. Otherwise, he is obliged to pay one year’s rent (compensation) to the lessee he has removed. “

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