“We are making some preparations to save our nation from this loss.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “No one can deny that we are fighting the most effective fight against tobacco use. It is no different from other so-called electronic cigarettes. It continues to hurt mercilessly. We will try our best. ” We are making some preparations to save our nation from this loss, “he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed a youth meeting on May 31, World No Tobacco Day.

“We have been at the forefront of this struggle since our youth.”

Erdogan said the world has been facing a coronavirus epidemic and its dire consequences in recent years. Despite the fact that 7 million people in the world and 100,000 people in our country die every year from tobacco related diseases, unfortunately, we still do not want to fight this epidemic.

“We have been at the forefront of the fight against tobacco since we were young,” Erdogan said. Starting with our own close circle, we warn everyone against the dangers of tobacco products and confiscate packets of cigarettes, if any. ”

No one can deny that we have fought the most effectively.

Erdoানan said that the fight against tobacco, alcohol and drugs is being carried out effectively. Of drugs. No one can deny that we are fighting against the use of tobacco products in our country, from banning indoor smoking to enforcing higher taxes. Studies further show that there is a partial regression of cigarette use in our country.

“However, there are those who want to get closer to the struggle to lean towards products like hookahs, cigars and electronic cigarettes instead of well-known cigarette brands. But we are all aware of it. We continue our struggle by expanding it to include all tobacco products, and even more so any substance that causes addiction. On behalf of me and my nation, I thank you for your support in our struggle, for those who have achieved success that will be role models for our youth.

“If you have a cigarette in your hand, I’ll try to get the packet.”

“We love our nation, we love our people,” Erdogan said, recalling the recent cigarette show at the presidential complex. That’s why, if he really smokes, we say, ‘Especially we love you, come and quit smoking.’ If I have a cigarette in my hand, I try to take the packet. Because I love my countrymen, all I have to do is take something from him that will hurt him and protect him from it. We have set up a small cigarette museum here. Of course, when I see the painting in front of me, we do very well, ”he said.

“14 years ago you took a pack of cigarettes from my mother”

“I came to Ankara with you when we shot the public. Spot for 14 years. I came with my mother,” Parler said in an interesting dialogue with Berat F. Parlor, who starred in the public spotlight used in the 2008 program “Don’t Light Your Cigarette Or Me.” I asked my mother, ‘Do you smoke?’ When you asked, my mother said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m using this.’ You said, ‘You have to leave now.’ The doctor’s first question was ‘Do you smoke?’ It happened. My mother quit smoking after hearing this question. My mother has not smoked or smoked people since that day. “You took a pack of cigarettes from my mother,” he said.

‘If you have a cigarette in your hand, I’ll try to get the packet.’

Emphasizing that the harm of smoking is more in the indoor area, Erdogan said, “The harm of smoking in the house is much more harmful than the outdoor. The doctor’s first question was ‘Do you smoke?’ Who is he asking this question, he is asking the cancer patient. If he smokes, I say, ‘Come on, quit smoking because we love you.’ If I have a cigarette in my hand, I try to get a package as President. What should I do? Taking something from him that will hurt him. We have set up a small cigarette museum here. When I look at the table in front of us, we do a good job, “he said.

On the floor, pediatrician Durden Marve Ilmaz said, “We feel the situation our friends talk about every day in our hospital. We get a ‘yes’ answer to the question ‘do you smoke at home’ for our patients who are suffering from respiratory infections in our outpatient clinics which are not curable. There are some people who even want to talk on the phone with their smoking parents. We hope that smoking in cars is not allowed due to limited space.

“Smoking in cars is forbidden, but it is not followed,” Erdogan said. But does everyone comply with this ban, unfortunately. On the one hand he drives a car, on the other hand he starts smoking. I’m referring to the ‘horse’ of the car; But he doesn’t care. I took the women to the stadium to get rid of the negative excitement in the stadium. When they see women, men may not rejoice; We said but where? When it comes to cigarettes, both men and women smoke in stadiums without ever listening. It has more than dry and juicy ones. There are those who bring bottles and drink beer and different types of beer despite the presence of the police. Both dry and watery, all of this is detrimental to the car, ‘to see the athletes in that stadium’, to the detriment of my citizens, to create bad excitement. It also causes fights from time to time, ”he said.

“Children need to grow up in a smoke-free environment”

Omar Saidam, a fencer athlete from Om, said that he started swimming to overcome his asthma and thus he overcame his disease. “When I came in contact with cigarette smoke, I was having a hard time breathing. I would say children should grow up in a smoke-free environment,” Saidam said.

President Erdogan said he had come from a basketball game to hang out with young people and said, “I came here from a basketball game too. I scored a lot, I scored 36 points. We have 36 out of 50. We have won, ”he said.

National Athlete Free Diver Shahika Council reports that he encountered a cigarette butt while diving. Fish also eat butt. As an asthma patient and as a national athlete, I know how much smoking affects the air we breathe. “I’m deeply saddened by the planet’s poisoning,” he said.

President Erdogan said: “As an asthma patient, it is very interesting, especially for him to land on a land where breathing is almost impossible. How do you do that? ”He asked.

Shahika Enkumen said, “He has turned the difficulty into an advantage and thank you for the sport. Sport has made it lively. ”

‘Our natural water resources are polluted’

Paralympic national sailor Mire Ulas said, “I am the third in the world to sail. Our lives depend on water. Our natural water resources are polluted. 4.5 million baht are thrown into the earth, most of them end up in our oceans. Filters are among the 10 most common plastic wastes in the world. I found lots of cigarette butt waste in the Bosphorus. During that time when I came in contact with passive smoking, I got sick and could not attend the training.

‘We are making some preparations for hookah’

President Erdogan said that electronic cigarettes also have harmful effects and said, “They say electronic cigarettes and some, these are all scandals. How we make money, all the way. This is no different from the other called electronic cigarette. It damages both the bladder and the body. We will not give opportunity, we will give our best. The hookah thing has been on the agenda lately. Hookah is no less harmful than cigarettes, but much more. We are making some preparations to save our nation from harm, ”he said.

‘In my meeting with Elon Musk I will ask him to spend on fighting smoking’

“In my first meeting with Elon Musk, I would say, ‘Spend it on the fight against smoking,'” said President Erdogan. I would tell him to spend some money on anti-smoking ads. If they spend it, we can achieve it faster. Digital promotion makes it difficult for us, ”he said.

‘Smoking and alcohol addiction bother me terribly’

Erdogan made the following assessment of the tax increase on cigarettes; “We are constantly raising taxes, and they are very uncomfortable with that. We grow it in both water and cigarettes. Surprised, he wanders around hungry, but he doesn’t hesitate to buy, he doesn’t hesitate to buy rookie and beer. He says just take it. Our doctor brothers would be angry with me, unfortunately, their addiction to both cigarettes and alcohol bothered me terribly. When we say doctor, doctors should not smoke in the first degree, they should not drink alcohol. They will set an example, and we will succeed with their example. Especially those who do science on this subject hurt us, we expect very serious solidarity from our doctors, they should take action. With that move, we need to expand our solidarity. We want the number of cancer patients to be reduced. Tobacco on the one hand, hookah on the other, electric cigarettes on the other, and you’re looking at 2-3 year olds with phones in their hands. This phone does not leave, if her mother tries to pick it up, she goes after him. We see mothers fighting it from time to time on television. There are some children who throw the phone at their mother. This intoxication has also become an area we will fight. You see, 3-4 year olds are fighting for survival in this business, they don’t let go, they hit the ground. Our people show the success of saving our children from this addiction through this simple fight in their homes. ”

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