Why do children chew their clothes? Why do children wrinkle?

All parents want their children to be born in the healthiest way and to have the best life possible after their birth. Experts, who say that there is a psychological reflection in cutting clothes in children, have explained with advice and caution. Why do children chew their clothes? Why do children wrinkle?

Parents are responsible for the care and safety of their children. But sometimes, in this general responsibility, it is necessary to consult a psychologist to define their children very well and to find out the cause of their action. Noting that there is a cause and explanation for every problem and abnormal behavior seen in a child, experts have warned about the psychology of children who chew their clothes.

Oral period in children

In the typical 1-2 year old situation, what we call itching of the teeth is a reaction like itching and burning sensation in the palate during the eruption of the milk teeth. But if the child who has teeth still chews the sleeve of his blouse somehow, wrinkles the bottom and you can’t stop it, there may be other situations where the child wants to tell you.

Anxiety disorder in children

Why do children cheat on their clothes?

Experts say that in the case of chewing clothes, which falls into the category of bad oral habits, it also shows that the child has some mental problems. However, it was revealed that factors such as grinding teeth, biting cheeks and lips and biting nails were included in the same bad habit group and indicated that the child had anxiety and stress problems.

Crunchy boy

Chewing and chewing, which are seen in pleasurable habits that are not emotionally long lasting, are usually not harmful to the individual. Noting that such movements are used as a way to escape from intense stress, experts say that they are seen in adults as well as children. It should be treated for this problem, if not it can lead to a picture with more detrimental consequences due to tooth loss.

Anxiety in children

Why do children spend the night?

Children may try to relieve themselves for a short time by chewing on things like clothes, pens, etc. Noting that in this case it is possible to say that the child is dealing with anxiety and stress disorder, experts say that parents should be careful and consult their doctor in case of other symptoms of anxiety disorder. For these bad habits, which are common among silent children or those who have difficulty expressing themselves among children, it is necessary to increase parental verbal communication support, check school life outside the home and check if there are such factors. As peer bullying and exclusion.

Anxiety in children

Methods to reduce children’s anxiety

  • He can compare anxiety to an animal and ask, “Why is the puppy upset today?” You can contact. Remember that the most important thing is communication.
  • Prepare a farewell box for the concern and ask the child to write or draw something that he is afraid of or worried about. Use phrases and repetitions to say goodbye to that concern when he throws it in the box.
  • Encourage him to engage in sports-like activities by doing lots of breathing exercises.
  • After throwing the anxiety in the farewell box, do not let the child run away no matter what he is worried about, try to support him with the sentence that he is no longer afraid and may face it.
  • Use the “Socratic question method”. Whatever your child is worried about, ask him the following questions, stay in the moment and make him aware of what is happening. “What’s on your mind when.”

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