World Tobacco Day is not together

Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University (BAİBÜ) Faculty of Health Sciences, BAİBU Commission on Combating Addiction and BAİBU Young Office Bolu Youth Center organized a walk on May 31, World No Tobacco Day with the slogan “Promise your loved ones, quit smoking”.

Article: Cansu Gürz

On May 31, World No Tobacco Day, a march was held at BAIBU to draw attention to the dangers of smoking and tobacco products around the world. The event, which started in front of the Bolu Abant Izzat Besal University Student Center, was attended by Vice Rector and Head of Combating Addiction Commission Aydin Himm, Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Dr. Selami Ojsay, Expert Psychologist Evgin Mikugullari, Head of the Department of Public Health Nursing Maqbool Tokur Kesgin, PhD Lecturer Songul Kaglar, Lecturer Hasar Alptekar, Lecturer Seher Jengin and students were present.

Natural walking on World No Tobacco Day

The forest path becomes a hiking route on foot and ends with the arrival in the activity area in the forest. In the ongoing program with the presentation of nursing students in the scope of the fight against addiction; Information is given on the content of tobacco products, its harms and ways to get rid of addiction.

“The Commission Against Our Addiction was established on the basis of Yok’s instructions.”

Vice Rector and Chief Professor of the Commission for the Prevention of Addiction. Dr. Emphasizing that they are fighting many addictions besides tobacco, Aydin Himm said, “We have also set up an addiction-fighting commission at our university. During the year, we organize a number of activities related to tobacco, alcohol and behavioral addiction, this is one of them. Today, we will have an event with our students to coincide with World No Tobacco Day. There were two groups of students working with tobacco addiction in our nursing department. They conduct year-round activities within the scope of their course. Today they gave some information about tobacco addiction to their friends. Then I will end the day with some social activities.

Fighting addiction protects the health of the community

Bolu Abant Izzat is the head of the Department of Public Health Nursing at Basel University and a member of the fight against the Addiction Commission. Dr. Expressing their main objective of protecting and improving public health, Maqbool Tokur Kesgin said: And improving the health of the community. We define themes every year. This is one of the themes of our ‘addiction’, fighting all kinds of addictions. One of them is to fight against tobacco and its products. Our main goal is not to start at all, if it has been started it should be stopped immediately, or we are taking some steps to learn what is the way to leave those who have started, “he said.

“We know what they want to try.”

Kesgin said children are interested in using tobacco products, so they should not come together and said, “We are the most important audience; Children and youth. We understand that they are a very risky group and they are jealous and want to get together and try tobacco products, and we have trained these groups not to start at all by addressing and saying no. We continue this kind of education in schools. In addition to adults, employees, the loss of passive smoking in many organizations at work, 3. We continue our work by providing training on the harm of hand cigarette smoke and how to get rid of the addiction. We will continue our theme like this every year. ”

“2022 has been declared the year of the fight against addiction”

Evgin Miçooğulları, an expert psychologist at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal Medico Social Center, says that addiction is not limited to substances, it has different forms, such as behavioral and technological addiction. Of course, when it comes to addiction, chemical addiction always comes to mind. In fact, I would like to draw your attention to behavioral addiction and technology addiction. Because this is an area we are really struggling with. Once you become addicted, the hardest part is struggling. Treatment is really difficult, demanding, and it is a situation that forces people economically and the health system, because public health problems occur here, “he said.

The treatment process is explained

Explaining the mechanisms of treatment against addiction, Miçooğulları said, “The main thing we need to do here is what we call the initial level of resistance, what we call here as commission, to prevent such addictive substances or activities, behaviors or how to prevent them before they become known. To be able to have a strong will on. Being able to do this through first-level preventive interventions by providing the necessary support. At the second level, we are talking about a study that could support people who have been exposed to this addictive substance or behavior, reminding them that they can give up and come back when the road is closed. At the third level, the studies are already in a shape that requires treatment. When we encounter these cases at a health center, we may refer you to a smoking cessation polyclinic at our university’s training and research hospital, such as the Refica Basal Community Health Center, which is associated with AMATEM mental health. We, as the Commission on Fighting Addiction, are working on these issues in the course of the course I myself have given the opportunity to fight against addiction, “he said.

At the end of the presentation, the students of the university had fun with various games and activities.

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