7 Big Mistakes Fitness Newcomers Make

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Mistake 1: You’re trying to move fast

Of course, everyone wants and wants to get quick response from sports. However, this ambition often leads us to failure. Unfortunately, according to industry data, 9 out of 10 people registered at the gym cannot continue playing for even one month.

We don’t want to start fast and leave fast. Sport will only add to our lives when continuity is ensured. We don’t have to do everything at once, take your time! You probably won’t be able to lift very heavy weights right now, your diet won’t work well, the day will come when you can’t go to sports with enthusiasm. These are things we can only gain over time. Also, you will not be able to achieve your desired body in a short time. You will probably need to focus on your regular sport and at least 6 months of nutrition for your body that you want. Enjoyment and durability should be the most important points you should pay attention to.

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Mistake 2: You do not have a conscious program

You never know when you’re going to the gym. Even if you do something, you don’t know how to change when things don’t go your way. You don’t follow your workouts, you do the same exercises more or less the same every week and leave the gym.

If we don’t follow, we guess. According to exercise psychologists, our predictions are usually very bad. Therefore, we must have a program that consciously adheres to our quality of life and motivates us more, according to the adaptation principles of exercise physiology. Which exercise to do on which day and how to do it should be decided in advance. We need to practice, not exercise. You can find the necessary programs and exercise videos for this. From here You can follow. You don’t have to pay anyone for the program!

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Mistake 3: You are not doing weight work

You think that just doing cardio on a treadmill or bike is enough for an athletic and aesthetic body. You think weight training is somehow harmful or you are worried about getting injured. However, not doing weight training is more harmful.

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From the age of 30 we start losing muscle. Lack of muscle mass increases pain and disability in our body. Having an aesthetic line in our body comes with our muscle mass. However, cardio exercise consumes energy instead of increasing our muscle mass. There are benefits to burning fat, but since weight training develops our muscles and speeds up our metabolism, over time we absorb calories wherever we sit. Therefore, we must work for an aesthetic and healthy body. If you want to know more about this topic, Ağır Sağlam has a textbook for you. Directory Existing with what you learn here you will be able to play sports more efficiently.

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Mistake 4: You are not performing the exercises properly

Your spine is wrinkled, you can’t use your hips, you work without concentrating on your technique. You don’t have the patience to learn exercise. Let’s face it – it may not seem like much at first. However, if you try to learn right from the start, you don’t have to worry about the rest of your sporting life.

If we do not exercise properly, some of our muscles do not develop even after a few months, because we do not notice them. More importantly, we can damage our joints or soft tissues. In order to learn the exercises properly, we should give ourselves some time and keep our ego away. You can consult an instructor, record and watch the video yourself. You should not go over it, especially if you feel discomfort or pain in one part of it. To get better skills from sports, you should contact weight training with an industry discipline, you don’t have to do anything to get your body to wear.

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7 Big Mistakes Fitness Newcomers Make

Mistake 5: You think recreational coaches are good

A rich world of fitness, where every day a new method or equipment is popular. Almost every method has an argument. But constantly changing methods and applying those new and “revolutionary” practices without allowing adaptation policies will do us more harm than good.

Whether you train on your own or with your trainer, your goal should be to achieve better performance in each workout. Every day you need to be faster, stronger, more energetic. You don’t have to wait a few weeks for this, or the things you apply don’t have to be fashionable If you are getting better with each workout, you can have fun the way you want. If you are not good with every workout then something is wrong.

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Mistake 6: You are looking for a fat-burning, farming exercise

Exercise has 3 effects on our body: we expend energy, our muscles get stronger, our muscles grow. Our muscles are not “tight”, or working abs do not melt our belly fat.

Fat is our body’s source of energy. Our fat burning also occurs when our body feels the need for energy. Through exercise, our body begins to burn this stored fat because it needs extra energy. These fats are not burned around the working muscles, they are burned wherever our body wants. In general, where it is high, it starts to burn.

Tightening is achieved by burning our fat and making our body thinner and firmer. Therefore, an exercise does not directly tighten our body. Exercise increases muscle mass, but they burn fat, so we look tighter.

For this reason, we don’t need to look for “tight exercises” to burn fat from a specific area. This method can sometimes make the area more dense. All we have to do is help our body burn calories and eat the fat in that area. We can do this with nutrition.

Mistake 7: Your diet is blinding your life

We mentioned that the most important thing is sustainability. If you do not believe that you can follow the diet for life, you are probably on the wrong path. Nutrition is limited and seeds do not have to be. Unless you have health problems, you don’t have to eat certain foods and avoid others.

7 Big Mistakes Fitness Newcomers Make

Most of the time, when we do not realize what is really important for us to change our body, we can make unnecessary efforts and even get nothing in return. You don’t have to follow that popular but unfamiliar diet. Fat or carbohydrate enemy, protein is not a miracle.

All you have to do is eat a balanced diet with healthy cooking techniques such as living close to life conditions. Unless you are overly involved in a particular food group, you are probably on the right track. So sugars are not the enemy, much more carbohydrates. Sugar is not bad, too much sugar is uneven. Fast food is not bad, eating fast food all the time is bad. There are probably many problems with nutrition, the answers are in Ağır Sağlam. Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions You can find in

We have examined the most common mistakes in 7 items. When you pay attention to these mistakes, the sport will become more efficient and more importantly enjoyable. The easiest and most effective way to improve our quality of life is to exercise regularly. I look forward to hearing from you.

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