At the Agriculture and Children’s Workshop, the children ask for a modern agricultural village project.

In the final announcement of the Agriculture and Children’s Workshop held at Jetin Park, in collaboration with Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB), Antalya Agriculture Council (ATAK) and Antalya Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry Is done, where children can learn while having fun. He wanted cities to be established.
After the training, where the children receive training in many fields from animal husbandry to plant production, from fish farming to ecology education, an environment where they can discuss agriculture and nature is presented to the children. The final announcement of the children’s solution counseling workshop for a livable world has been reflected. Ali Kandir, President of ATB and ATAK, said that children share their views and suggestions about nature and agriculture with their observations and imaginations, adding that future owners who have children should take their suggestions into consideration by policy makers. Gokhan Karaka, director of agriculture and forestry, said the workshop had created awareness among children and added, “We will conduct research considering opinions and suggestions to further strengthen the research in line with the vision of the new generation of children mixed with technology.”

“Children’s agricultural lessons”
In the announcement, the children expressed their views and suggestions on agriculture. The declaration, which called for the preservation of natural life during agriculture, called for the reduction of pesticide use, the development of biological control systems, and
Organic and sustainable agricultural promotion was requested.
In the manifesto, children have paid special attention to the use of domestic products. Children who want to encourage the use and production of household products emphasize the need to be more careful about genetically modified organisms. The children demanded to build model agricultural villages and agricultural towns, where modern farming techniques and technologies are used and where children can learn by having fun. The final announcement of the workshop reflected suggestions for incorporating applied agricultural education in primary and secondary school curricula, conducting studies for climate change resistant agriculture and increasing social opportunities to encourage children to live in villages. The children who participated in the workshop wanted to raise awareness that the world is not just human, and to protect and develop biodiversity. According to the children, the forest needs to be further protected and afforestation efforts need to be accelerated. The declaration called on children to classify waste, reduce the use of plastics and use recyclable packaging.

“Water Conservation”
The circular recommends that sink and bath water be purified and reused as siphon water, where water use should be avoided, unnecessary use of water should be avoided and stored. Kids, Rainwater Harvest
And wanted to increase its use in agriculture. The children, who did not want to install solar panels on agricultural land, drew attention to the need to expand the use of electric vehicles, install filters in factory chimneys and control them. Although the children felt it was important to prevent the use of poor quality coal, they wanted to encourage the use of rechargeable batteries.

“Water resources should not be polluted”
Declaring it essential to prevent degradation and contamination of freshwater resources, the emphasis was on avoiding excess fishing for sustainable fishing. The children further suggested that the habitat of aquatic animals should not be disturbed, oil tankers should carry their load very carefully and noise and noise pollution should be minimized for Cereta carats.

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