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SUBU Career Summit in 2022

Meet students in the business world

The ‘SUBU Career Summit 2022’ was held, which brought together students from the business world for 3 days in all the faculties and vocational schools of SUBU. Speaking about the summit, Rector Professor. Dr. “We want to bring this summit, which we started again at our university, with our public institutions and non-governmental organizations, in the city center called SAGIF, as it was before the epidemic,” said Mehmet Saribiik.

Sakaria University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) Career Planning and Human Resources Application and Research Center (KARMER) has organized SUBU Career Summit 2022 based on 6 faculties and 12 vocational schools of the university. There were 54 presentations at the 3-day summit, where business representatives met with students. The Sakaria Machinery Manufacturers Association (SAMİB) teamed up with students at the open stand at Sakaria Vocational School to display robots and introduce the profession. At the end of the activities in the Faculty of Agriculture, saplings and saplings were planted together with the participants from the business world. A platform was created in the Faculty of Technology for business and internship interviews with companies and students. In addition to these, each unit showcased technology and products developed by students within their course and study opportunities.

Focusing directly on career goals

Referring to the Sakarya R&D Entrepreneur and Employment Fair held earlier, SUBÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Sarabiik says, “There, we have started a serious initiative with the important actors of our city. It was very popular in the city center. We took a break because of the epidemic. In fact, our career summit is a similar event. We have introduced it in all the units of our university. Our students are already meeting the business world according to our +1 education model However, with Summit, we have created a meeting environment that focuses directly on career goals. We have academics and staff who have contributed to the organization of the summit. There is a significant interest and support in the business world. We are also indebted to our business partners and traders, who have always stood by us from the very first moment of our model. In the near future, we would like to take this summit, which we started at our university, in the city center called SAGIF, with our public institutions and non-governmental organizations, as it was before the epidemic. Our partnership with the business world is going to be even stronger. “


Faculty of Health Sciences and Akyazı Health Services Vocational School

Fatma Aydogdu, board member of Tejmaksan Makin

Seyfettin Kılınç, Deputy General Manager, SUBOR Pipe Industry

Turkish Physiotherapist Association Sakaria Provincial Representative Physiotherapist Seda Turkilamaz

Sedat Kaya, head of support services at the Sakaria Provincial Health Department

Assoc., Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Sakarya University. Dr. Eve is hard

Faculty of Sports Science

Ilhan Sheriff Ayakak, Head of Sports Services at Sakaria Metropolitan Municipality – Sports Services in Local Government in the New Era

Hendek Vocational School Instructor. Metin Sengel – Metaverse Simulation

Entertainment expert Musa Syncilic – vertical dance and music show

Manisa Selal Bayer University Faculty of Sport Sciences Lecturers Association. Dr. Suat Yıldız – Use of elastic resistance in effective training

Faculty of Technology (if 3 together)

Eczacıbaşı IT Manager Hakan Duran – Career & Life at Eczacıbaşı

Migros Web-Based Solutions Manager Emrah Kalkan – Technology Development and Research and Development Activities in the Retail Sector

Tekiaz Education Project Manager Esra Plevane Chest – Engineering 5.0 and 3D Experience Platform

Tekiaz Human Resources Manager Gunul Acker – Future Tekiaz

Tekiaz Sales Support Officer Sonar Mekuk – Advanced SolidCam Solutions

Tekiaz Simratron Technical & Sales Support Ismail Ozkan Din – New Generation Mold Solution

Fatih Urhan, Founding Partner of Robo Automation Company – Career Opportunities in Robotic Systems and Processes

ASAŞ Organizational Development Manager Sejen Epek – Awareness adds value to your career

RES Regional Manager Yalçın Acar – Career opportunities in sustainable energy

Ersan Centurk, Regional Manager, Eastern Marmara Machinery Manufacturers Specialized Organized Industrial Zone – Industrial Zone and Opportunity Development

Ramle Project Manager Sonar Kuzuku and Remle Architect Sihan Kandaj – Construction Industry Information

Gune Eskigulek, Chairman, GLK Project Management Board – The importance of project management in increasing costs

Medipole University faculty member Professor. Dr. Jakai Sen – Geometric Thoughts in Career Development in Engineering

Faculty of Tourism and Sapancha Tourism Vocational School

Hakan Balkan, General Manager of Richmond Nua Sapanka Hotel

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Kaynarca Seyfettin Selim Vocational School

BAUSEM Brain Trainer / Founding Director of Forbren Learning Center Dr. Fanda Demirel

Tuna Tantu, provincial president of the International Agriculture and Food Confederation Istanbul / founder of the Perfect Corporate Ideas Agency

Tolgahan Akar, co-founder of Pantech Technology and Innovation Solutions and Takkak

Seminar factory founder said. Yasmin is human

American Life I Hit The Horizon Board Chairman

Hashim Usel, General Manager, Newtech Pharmaceutical Industry

Kosek Corporation Mostafa Semal Sebi

Mehmet Ayan, Production Manager, ASAŞ Aluminum Industry

Faculty of Agriculture

Ozgur Ugur, Chairman, North Agricultural Development Cooperative Board, Parali Village

TARSIM Sakarya Regional Manager Erhan Karakus

Olam Food Ingredients Agricultural Engineer Hussain Nayan

Arifiye Vocational School

Irfan Serkan Ozkaya, Toyota Sandy Plaza Service Manager

সহায়তাağatay Calislar, Marm Support Operations Manager

Eray Kırgöz, OTOKAR Human Resources Operations Unit Manager

Erkan Worley, Branch Manager at GI Group Holding Gabes

Maritime Vocational School

Composite Boat – Onder Gazgin, owner of the Zelex Yacht Company and an industrial designer

Owner of wooden boat company – Sihat Tan

Fatih Kose, Operations Manager, IC KaraSupport

AFAD Provincial Director Hüseyin Kaşkaş

Owner of the Samar Agency and Marine Service Company and Captain Reshit Tunka

Ferizali Vocational School

Educationist Ilmaz Sigdem

Gave Vocational School

Kerem Shahin, head of Toyota Bosoku’s human resources and occupational safety department in Turkey

MYO Graduate Financial Advisor

Hakan Karail, OTOKAR Finance and Risk Management Manager

Hendek Vocational School

Emre Atmaca, Provincial Director of Commerce

Karasu Vocational School

Educationist Ilmaz Sigdem

Pamukova Vocational School

Sakarya University, Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Hussein Altindag

Serdar Ilmaz, the founding partner of Surfe Bakery Products

Sakaria Vocational School

Muammar Unlu, a member of the executive board of the International Transporters Association

Tansel Cavit Year, owner of Optimac STU Company

Ali Kovan, Store Manager, BIM Headquarters

Sapanch Vocational School

Certified Public Accountant Orçun Aytekin

Erdal Kaymak, store manager at Boyner Sardivan AVM

Turkey Finance Sardivan Branch Semih Keles

Oguz Gida Foreign Trade Specialist Deniz Ozkan

Suleiman Kabaki, director of the Sapanka District Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Plant Magazine franchise and rated president Remji Adiyaman

ARMA Filter Officer Fatih Gulep

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