The age of puberty in girls has come down to 8

The age of puberty in girls has come down to 8

The average age of puberty in Turkey is 12.5, according to gynecologist Op. Dr. Özlem Özyılmaz said, “Adolescence has declined in recent years, especially in the United States and Europe. Although it was reported in a study conducted in Turkey that breast development began to occur only at an early age, the number of cases appealing to gynecologists alleging ‘early menstruation’ increased significantly during the epidemic. This problem will be shown in the research to be done in the near future. ”

Families monitor their children’s development very carefully

“An 8-9-year-old girl describes a gynecological complaint similar to a 20-30-year-old woman’s complaint. This situation causes serious trauma, both physically, emotionally and socially. Contact,” Ozilmaz said.

What causes early puberty?

Revealing that many of the factors determining the age of puberty have genetic and environmental factors, Özyılmaz goes on to say: “The most important risk factors for this dramatic increase in antiquity are air pollution, especially plastic products, especially toys. Harmful. Additions to chemicals, food and beverages, fast food-based diets, obesity, technology addiction and consequent addictive life. Obesity is on the rise as the use of supplemental foods intensifies in life, as well as chemical exposure due to contact with both household cleaning products and toys.

Brain tumors can occur in early adolescence

Noting that the risk of brain tumors, hydrocephalus, neurofibromatosis, adrenal gland disease, and ovarian hyperplasia increases with age, Özyılmaz said: These children cannot reach the potential of existing heights in their genetics. Although they are considered as children in terms of age, they are younger than their peers and despite being of adult fertility, they are considered to be physically disabled affecting these children emotionally and negatively. Socially, ”he said.

A procedure that requires initial adolescent treatment

Zyılmaz said, “Adolescence is a stage of maturity; In other words, it is a time of physical and emotional change between childhood and adulthood. Although this critical stage of human life lasts about 3-4 years, it shows its effects up to the age of 20-21 years. If we consider the issue of puberty in the case of girls; We can say that this is a period of multifaceted change where he is physically and spiritually ready for fertility. During this time, some parts of the body, such as the chest and buttocks, grow and expand. The body of adolescence begins to take shape in the body of an adult woman. Egg production and therefore the menstrual cycle begins in the ovaries of adolescence. Hair grows on other parts of the body, mainly on the groin and under the armpits. If breast development, armpit and pubic hair begins before the age of 8 and the first menstruation occurs before the age of 10, this condition is called premature puberty. The pituitary-hypothalamus is called ‘central puberty’ when it originates from the brain, ‘peripheral puberty’ if it originates from the hormone-producing ovary and ‘peripheral puberty’ if it originates from the adrenal. Glands

Özyılmaz says the situation that worries parents the most is the small size of their children and says: “Hormone tests, bone age determination, ultrasound and MRI for uterine ovaries, adrenal gland and brain tests are taken at the stage. The cause of premature puberty is brain tumor. , Hydrocephalus, adrenal gland disease, ovarian mass surgery requires ovarian mass generally normal cystic structure and surgery should not be rushed, it is important to follow. Frequent ventilation is important. To avoid chemical products: If there is a premature puberty that requires hormone therapy, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog is given with monthly and quarterly injections. Should.

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