The road system of Selahattin Demirtaş, the future of the country and the children …

Murat Sevin

Why do we keep writing, for what, for whom others are doing this, for whom, society, ourselves, children, country? Is there anyone who lives only for some vague values, not thinking about himself, not thinking about his personal happiness? Doesn’t the socialism of most of us find happiness, freedom and ultimately our own peace? Why am I, a small number of readers, claiming freedom and equality that being able to breathe and live humanely is not a condition of my well-being?

He ‘The other’ How can a person achieve individual happiness without caring? Is a good life something that only those who claim life can achieve? Our main quality, is not our social entity? For example, suppose someone wins or inherits a lottery jackpot and makes a fortune without a job. For that person, it will be a moment when the most important services like social and union rights, struggle for rights and bread, education and health are no more important, a moment when everything can be done with money. Maybe you will move abroad with your own wealth and establish a comfortable life there.

So, is it possible to get rid of all the problems caused by poverty, income gaps, brutal administration, various socio-political pressures and discriminatory politics, wherever you are, even in the life that seems most indifferent? Of course, such a luxury of indifference and isolation is available to a very small group. In the epidemic, so many people lost their lives, while workers struggled with extreme anxiety and poverty, they posed on the roofs of their palaces with fitness bikes and greeted their followers. ‘You can sit at home’ There are very few people in a country who can act as financiers. Except for minorities who don’t care if the world burns, who they are and who are not affected by what is happening in their country (actually, in its geography!) ‘In the middle’It’s just ‘Others’ Specific places can be reached. To separate millions of people from the handful of barbaric colonies that live by their labor, ‘In the middle’ I underline the adjective adjective.

What we don’t think affects our lives to a greater or lesser extent. Whether even the most sensitive-careless person needs social conditions and laws that allow his mentality as much as possible, whether he is aware of it is another matter. Without that social status and legal system, if one does not fight for it, the other cannot live as he pleases. To live a carefree life, one has to take care of what is happening.

We have been talking about the government and its policies for a long time and we are expressing our fatigue. Eventually, there will be an election, although it is quite difficult, that election process will be over, and given the current voter turnout-general situation, there is a strong possibility of a change of government in Turkey. What will or will happen after that, is it a radical change or reform, the speed of change, the bump in the road, and so on. Need some fortune-telling, conjectural but still unknown. On the other hand, it can be said with peace of mind: the millions of citizens who existed on the day before the election, will remain on the day after the election, with all their differences, similarities and differences.

In the 19th century Ferdinand Lassalle wrote last month ‘What is the constitution?’ I wrote two articles in the article. The articles raise two questions that we can ask; What will we do if one day all the politicians evaporate and one day the law disappears? The reason for the questions is that if an element that has always existed, which we cannot imagine its absence under normal circumstances, does not exist one day. ‘New’ It was a little more independent thinking on how to set it up. If politicians evaporate, politics and people will not disappear, or the law. Someone will volunteer to make new laws that have disappeared, and all this will be done by those who are there again, the people of the complex human-social-political network woven into them. The dream of absence lets the rest see all her nudity.

Yes, in the end the government in Turkey will change, and yes, when that day comes, the new government will be alone with the millions of people who went to the polls the day before, with many problems and complicated relationships. Advantages based on power and arrogance, arrogance, unspoken attitude etc. It should not be difficult to predict that it will disappear in a short time; In any case, those people will be there with their mentality and everyone will be somewhere with their own opinion.

For example, in some places people wearing turbans, people drinking beer make fun, in some places secularists talk and emphasize the value of secularism, in other places the desire for religious life is expressed, in some places a man commits violence against women, in some places a schoolboy suffers. Of course, somewhere someone is leaning towards asylum seekers. He swears, in another place he has embraced another asylum seeker, in one place the Kurds and Alevis want their rights, in another place some Turks ‘Our Oath’ When the capitalist is calculating how and with whom he can increase his profits in any situation, he is trying to organize the class struggle, it will be that political, social and human relations with all their complexities will exist. Of course, the balance of power will determine which policy, rule, law and relationship will become acceptable. The strongest and weakest push, those who live on the same land, in completely different parts of the ship, although they do not see each other, will drag everyone to a place where they did not stop at the beginning, the biggest armpit with the weight of the ruling class ambition.

If the politicians and the law, who live on the same land and need each other more or less, evaporate in one day, if the rest have to make new laws through politics, a bond is formed. A bond that helps them be aware of each other’s lives and desires. Language, style is the only means of establishing these innumerable bonds, but its power cannot be ignored. It is very foolish (in a positive and negative sense) to argue that language / style will be the determinant in solving big and small stagnation, but it would be equally wrong to ignore its value.

If some relationship needs to be re-established, if we want our children to be on their land at the first opportunity, if possible, if possible, if we can live like a little human, we will solve. Essential problems that are not easy at all and some of which may not be completely solved. ‘First’ We should be able to speak, create the conditions to speak without worries and ensure freedom of thought whose values ​​are not secret. In a country where there is no freedom of thought, nothing worthy of human beings grows. ‘Say’ And ‘Say’ What I mean is that I will leave out the various barriers to speech and expression in Turkey (caused by the opposition) in the following articles, for now it is the work of Tanil Bora. ‘Hear’ I recommend the last post of the title. Description of Bora ‘Hear’ The situation is closely related to the narrator and the narrator.

Selahattin Demirtaş is a person and a politician who has the necessary qualities for this country and society. His inclusive and intelligent style, his ability to self-criticize, his ability to talk about problems, or rather his ability to feel that he is trying to say a problem when talking about Kurdish questions ‘The rest of the country’ The desire to include everyone in the discussion without ignoring it, etc. In fact, I think that’s why he’s been in prison for so many years. My guess is everyone knows every line now ‘Letter’ This strengthens the opinion about Demirtaş. I do not need to quote the content of the letter once again, everyone knows, it is for those who can hold the pen. ‘To live together’ Make a call to do your part. It is an encouraging call that is aware of the situation in the country and does not accept accountability, does not judge, does not blame, but again reminds us of civic responsibility. A politician whom some have accused of separatism, of living together and for free. ‘Shared future’ If the goal is to live together as equal, free and responsible citizens, the value of Selahattin Demirtas’ efforts, personality and style should be appreciated …

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I have put here the last article of Arti Gerke’s Selahattin Demirtas. I believe that Demirtas is largely correct in his criticism of his opponents. However, this time, I could not help but wish that he would express his justice in different words and phrases. Here I write all his good as well as a little critique of him.

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