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The title of the book The clock stops that time (Dogan book) Content Ilmaz BuুkarsenThe River Interview book is 510 pages long, with a comprehensive index. This book goes beyond a classic river conversation. This interview is important Cemalettin N. Tasci Done.

This book is the story of the creation and history of modern Eskişehir, especially since the 1960s. The book tells the story of building two universities from an economic and commercial academy and rebuilding a contemporary city from rural Eskihir. Modern Eskişehir and the creation of an outstanding manager Ilmaz BuুkarsenYou are reading the story of life like a novel.

I don’t like to use foreign words if I have Turkish language. Even that a “Practicality”A “Reading” I’m counting. But I leave it for Büyükerşen; He is a complete “Visionary”.

A dreamer is a future-oriented person who is not limited to the past and the present, but pursues goals with a plan. He is a person who sees the future, dreams of the future and plans and realizes the future.


Buickersen She comes from a family of immigrants next to her parents. Her father is a Crimean Tatar, her mother is a Bulgarian immigrant … Büyükerşen has won every success and position at every stage of her life with her efforts, hard work, determination and nails.

Buickersen He started his life as a young cartoonist and a journalist. Later University Lecturer, Academy Presidency, University Rector, Presidency of Radio and Television Corporation Has fulfilled their responsibilities. Uninterruptedly for the last 23 years Mayor of Eskisehir.


Buickersen Similarly, he is a pioneer leader who created the first. Eskişehir Academy of Economics and Commercial SciencesThe struggle for life, which began in Istanbul, continues with the first open education system, the first faculty of communication science, the first cinema and television school, the first civil aviation school, the first printing school …

The creation of two universities from one academy, this event alone is a remarkable achievement. But Buickersen A start for this.

It is also interesting to note that the first airport of a university was built during the rector of the university.

Political life

Buickersen 62 years old University Lecturer, Rector, RTÜK PresidencyAfter that, he faces a whole new life. EcevitFor him Eskiehir Mayor’s Office Recommended, “You made a modern university, now a city.” Says

Buickersen In 1999, Eskiehir Mayor’s OfficeHe was nominated. When he ran in the election, the main slogan of his campaign was: “To make Eskiehir great again in the 21st century”.

For 23 years since 1999, Eskişehir has been transformed, the basic cultural structures have been preserved, old buildings have been restored … Eskişehir has become a museum town (Kuvai Mille Museum, Mummy Museum, Odunpazari Modern Museum As …). Eskiিশehir is becoming a cultural capital in central Anatolia.

Eskisehir “Big city” And a modern city. From a small town of Stepp where there are 3 universities and 65 thousand students, ancient monuments have been restored; A contemporary city was born with sports halls, cultural parks, cultural centers, theaters and concert halls.

Venice has spacious and green parks, playgrounds and gondola tours, as well as arrangements for the Porsuk Stream and the creation of a modern beach in the Porsuk Stream …


The book details the decisions and practices of a planner and a public administrator in the form of a story.

A pioneer manager emerges who first plans the project he dreamed of during his 23 years as mayor, then makes it a reality and firmly realizes it.

National struggle‘Also Western Front Commander Ismet InoThe ruined house used as Istanbul’s headquarters was restored and given a contemporary style. Museum in Kuwait Being done.

Odunpazari Modern Museum Extremely influential Japanese architect Kengo KumaIt brings a world-class museum with a mix of local and Japanese architecture, perfect for the city’s texture.

The science of public administration

This book is a life story. The Faculty of Public Administration explains how many difficult projects have been planned and implemented. “Case Study” (Case study) Must read.

There are many project stages in this book. First the visualization phase, then the planning and then the project implementation are discussed. For this reason, in my opinion, it should be used as a textbook in the Faculty of Management Science (Public and Business Administration).

This book is the story of the extraordinary achievement of a child from a poor immigrant family in the Anatolian steppe.

Born in the first 10 years of the Republic BuickersenHe attended public school and grew up. In fact, he RepublicThis is its product. By what they have done, RepublicThen AtatুrkHe emerges as an intellectual who pays off his debts.

Ozdemir InceHe talks about the development of Eskişehir. “Utopia and Reality: Eskiেehir” In the article entitled (Republic, 17 April 2022) Says:

“Eskişehir is a contemporary city thousands of years ahead of AKP thought. A model for Turkey … I saw the urban utopia of the republic being realized before I died. Those who have seen or not seen Eskişehir should read ‘The Clock That Stops Time’ to explore and enjoy the Eskişehir Museum. In the same way, this book is the story of an extraordinary ruler who dreamed of a small steppe town, brought them to life and built a city. “

The Clock That Stops Time / Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Cemalettin N. Taşcı / Dogan Kitap / 5th Edition (2018).

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