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I couldn’t understand whether I would laugh or cry when I saw the news.
Ayakut was a 10 year old boy. He decided to cross the road suddenly while playing in the street. At that moment, a speeding car hit him. What do you want to say as soon as Ikut wakes up in the hospital? “Did I show up at Show Haber?”
Can you look at the point where this encouragement to mediate is based? However, as soon as the child regains consciousness he should ask his mother, father where he is, right? No, no, not anymore. I’m sure he shared the video of the accident “proudly” on social media …
The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The next day, he went to see her at the hospital and said in an interview, “Take this, you’re at Show Haber now.” But Aikut’s mind was still on the news. “Would you like to capture that moment of accident at the beginning of the interview?” He also worked as an editor ..!
Wonder my Almighty God at the end of this condition! ..

Oh my aunt Gulsen …
Who is Aunt Gulsen? ATV, Professor. Our grandmother, who hurt our hearts with what she said in the Quran and Sunnah program presented by Nihat Hatipoglu … After burying her husband and then one of her sons in kidney failure, she left her two children in an old age home. What did they ask?
Aunt Gulsen, in tears, scolded her children, whom she had not seen for 11 years, in the most foolish way possible. “Come and show them their faces at least once. I want to see them before I die …”

Our aunt Gulsen carves all the emotions in the face of her handmade doll. Some jokes and pouty. Someone is crying, someone is looking away. Apparently, there is no one else to talk to our aunt … even if this interview does not bring conscience to her children, woe to them …
I know from my own life that the most precious inheritance from parents to their children is their blessing. Fortunately, my brother, my wife and my dear aunt together, we saw our parents as roses until our last breath and we did not leave the slightest “desire” inside us.
My humble advice is to praise them for surviving. Otherwise, these “if” things will not fall on the shoulders of people in this world and in the hereafter. Aunt Gulsen, please don’t make me cry …

Igido’s wife: Riza Kalimbe
Followers of our column know that I was born in the Hafik district of Sivas during my father’s civil service. Even though I was only 2 months there, I consider myself an Igido of Sivas because I drank its water. Everywhere I am proud to say that I am from Shivas. So much so that I was considered worthy of the Best of Sivas award.

This is why I am one of the people who are happiest for Demi’s group Sivaspor to win the Jirat Turkey Cup this year. Because on a bad team day in the second league, I called a lot of Sivas businessmen from this corner and told them to take care of their team. Finally another dream came true.
Coach Riza Kalimbe, a true Igido, was also a big part of Sivas’ business, bureaucrats, team management and dedicated fans who took responsibility for this success. Knowing the power of the land in which he was born, he must transmit this ancient consciousness to the team. Eventually he succeeded.
A few years ago, rival teams hung banners saying “Riza Effendi, two loaves, one milk”, Riza’s father, who plays in Besiktas, who is the doorman. Years later, the first two words of that banner came true. “Riza” has become the “master” of the cup! ..

Wrong bench
Show reporter: You turned red, didn’t you? Pedestrian: Yes, I did. Reporter: Then why? Pedestrian: From the donkey.

Young people living in Japan alone will be paid 300,000 yen (27,000 lira) to go with their elderly parents. Finally, the price of “having a child” has been set, so I’ll fall for it … (Let it ring in my aunt Gulsen’s ears! ..)

What did he say?
“When the dog shows teeth, the wolf does not kneel.” (From ATV Series Destan)

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