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Finally, in the Fenerbahce, which is at the top of the Super League in the 2013-2014 season under the management of Ersun Yanal, wants to take the championship experience again after an 8-year hiatus. For the first time in history, the yellow-and-dark blue team will hand over 67-year-old Portuguese veteran coach Jorge Jesus to break the negative series for themselves in the new season. .

Jesus; It would not be wrong to say that he would be the highest profile coach to run Fenerbahce after Zico and Aragon. That is why the days of football and the game of Portuguese coach of Turkey are eagerly awaited. Let’s examine the partnership between Jesus and Fenerbahce and its potential benefits together.

The first question that comes to mind is; What is the correct name of Jesus in Fenerbahce?

In fact, the shortest answer to this question, which can be explained in technical and tactical language with a long paragraph, should be a very clear ‘yes’. The reason is very simple. Like the legitimacy of the generalization that ‘good football is played with good footballers’, it is clear that a good coach is the first and foremost cornerstone of success.

In fact, the Fenerbahce community ate the fruit for many years in our country and in the European Cup, by offering a good worker to Obradovich. For this reason, the yellow-dark blue club, which is far from local success, is a very wise decision to hand over to a coach with an over-player profile like Jorge Jesus.

Also, if you are one of the biggest football clubs in the country and the team you set up personally has one of the best squads in the league – without a plan – a coach like Jorge Jesus who is in a very important place in world football, an influential character and a winner. Suitable for you, with practice.

Can he succeed in Fenerbahçe?

Like Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor, the only measure of success in Fenerbahçe is the championship. Just as in the eyes of the fans, success is not seen from the window of Jesus at any step of the ranking except the top. In addition, Fenerbahçe has a longing for the championship for many years, which we often talk about.

Daum, who lost 3rd place in the last match after 2 championships, Zico, who reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League the year after the team’s happy ending in the 100th year, and Ersun Yanal, who led the team to the first championship, survived. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Will it put pressure on the Portuguese coach? No. George Jesus is not a person who has just started his career or dreams of using Fenerbahce as a stepping stone to work at a higher level. He is a top-level coach who has proven himself over the years and has won trophies in the country where he has worked.

For all these reasons, the success of Jorge Jesus ends with the first steps that management will take. In Fenerbahçe, which will start the season much earlier than other teams competing for the top spot due to their pre-qualification in the Champions League, first of all, the mistakes we have been familiar with over the years should not be made at the outset. This season.

The first task here is to train the strength in the pre-season camp in line with the needs of the Portuguese coach and the current staff of the yellow and dark blue team. In other words, Fenerbahce should not compete without a striker, left-back or scorer winger.

In fact, the yellow-and-dark blue squad needs to be strengthened, as well as reduced to certain areas, such as central midfield. For this reason, the roadmap that management will follow for success in the first place is far more important than the performance of team leader Jorge Jesus.

‘Managers who know the league’

One of the most important features of Jorge Jesus that will give him an advantage in his days in Turkey is the dismissal of his ‘League-Knowing Coaches’ thesis, which finds a place in our football literature but has no real meaning in reality. Life Apart from Portugal, Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia and Flamengo in Brazil are the experienced coaches who have achieved average rate-catch points (20 matches 2.45 in Al-Hilal; 50 matches 2,42 in Flamengo) and significant success. It is out of the question that the success of a good trainer lies only at the local level, without his own choice.

Of course, both Jesus’ personal skills and the quality of his team contribute to this success: the analysis of opponents, the most efficient use of staff, quality of training, player management, transfer success … so every news about Jesus in our country from day one. The annual cost of an experienced trainer was stated as ‘including his entire team’. Because besides the Portuguese coach, his team is also doing valuable work.

Short sentence What Jorge Jesus does not know about the Super League is not an obstacle for an experienced coach like any other. Just as it is not possible to reach the generality that ‘this cannot be done with the Portuguese in Turkey’, based on other Portuguese coaches who have worked in our league over the years but failed (Carlos Carvalho, Vitor Pereira, Ricardo Sa Pinto).

Key; Proper staff planning

The average points that Jorge Jesus coached the team, especially since his first Benfica tenure, were enough to fight for the top spot on the road to the championship and take the lead most of the time. However, like every country, the dynamics of each league are very different. At the moment, if we say that one of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of Jesus is that he will coach Fenerbahce.

Why both an advantage and a disability? Because the only thought in the minds of the yellow-dark blue supporters and the people is to win the championship in the Super League after 8 years. So short-term success. Because of this, potentially losing points in succession can sever ties with Jesus’ followers, who already have low levels of patience. In the opposite situation, Jesus, with his millions of supporters, could turn Kadikoya into an impregnable fortress for Fenerbahce.

In terms of strategy, tactics, team management and leadership, George Jesus will give more than is expected under normal circumstances. The key point here is that in keeping with Jesus’ expectations, who is said to be the sole ruler of Samandira – this would be a very wise decision – related to his character – to augment the personnel’s engineering skills and remove existing swollen areas in the squad.

The name Jesus facilitates the transfer

Finally, the transfer to Fenerbahce, Jesus being Portuguese and working in Brazil will strengthen the hand of the yellow-dark blue club. Similarly, the stars he has gifted in his career and in football will make Fenerbahce a center of attraction for many athletes. I am sure Fenerbahce management will eventually take advantage of this.

2. It is quite exciting that our country is a new stop for the Portuguese, who did not hire a club for about 1.5 years after the Benfica period and worked selectively. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is clear that an experienced coach will add a lot of color to the country’s football with his ambition, coaching skills and influential character.

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