Electoral tensions in 9 areas of Istanbul

Mukhtar’s by-elections will be held next Sunday in Istanbul for the Mukhtar seats in the nine districts that have become vacant due to various reasons.

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A by-election will be held in Istanbul on Sunday, June 5, for the nine neighborhoods vacated by death or resignation.

The excitement of this Sunday’s election will be felt in Fatik Atikali District, Atatর্কrk District in Sankaktepe, Mehmet Akif Ersoy District in Arnabhutko, Atatর্কrk District in Buুকেacoma, District in Essenর্t Balarsসs, Feneriol জেলা District in Cাদdiko এবং, and Kartালlভv তো in T্তrviস. Ballot boxes will be created and the surrounding area will vote to determine the new headman.

“People were sad when I learned that I was left.”

Ibrahim Hakki Gurel, 50, head of Fatih Atiqali district, one of the constituencies where the election will be held, will step down as headman, which he has been observing for eight years due to his health problems. It is learned that the sole candidate in the vacant Mukhtar constituency in Atikali district will take part in the election of 9,644 voters. Fatih Atikali Neighborhood Headman Ibrahim Hakki Gurel said, “I have been working as Atikali District Headman for about 8 years now. Since I have to quit my job, there will be an election in our neighborhood. Decided ৷ “We are your servants There must be many things that I will miss There were some people who were upset when they found out I was leaving, “he said.

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“Election Tensions”

Ahmet Beazelik, one of the voters in Atikali Mahalesi, said: “They announced us with brochures and banners. There is tension. “

“The first time they saw the toy, but I broke the idea.”

Atatুrk’s district chief, Sen. Takildiz, has resigned due to health problems. After his resignation, the first member, Kansu Akdag (26), took over his duties by proxy. The 5 Mukhtar candidates, including Akdag, are competing in the Atatর্কrk district with 21,963 voters. Kansu Akdag, Atatুrk’s district chief and candidate in Sankaktepe, said: “We will have a re-election since taking office as a proxy. Mrs Senate was one of the founding chiefs in the area. She was elected in 2009. She had to resign for a third term due to health problems. I was his first member. I “took charge but there will be re-election. We are also candidates. I was just 26 years old, they were stupid at first, but I broke down. This realization. We like it because we are young, dynamic and innovative. “

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“My father was a candidate before”

Ibrahim Mentes, Headman of Mehmet Akif Ersay Neighborhood in Arnabhutko died on December 20, 2021. Where there are 4,540 voters in the vicinity, 6 candidates will contest for the main post.

Mehmet Akif Ersay Neighborhood Headman Candidate Mustafa Kelesh said, “Ibrahim Mentes, who served as Headman for 12 years, has died. I am also a candidate for re-election. We have made the necessary announcements around us. We all hope. My father was also a candidate, he lost to the late Mukhtar by just a few votes. He wanted me to be a candidate in this election, since I was a young man in the neighborhood, and I was a candidate, “he said.

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Electoral tensions in 9 areas of Istanbul

“We have 2-3 featured candidates”

Hashim Kirmanolu, one of the voters in Mehmet Akif Ersay neighborhood, said: “Ibrahim Mentes, the headman in our neighborhood, has died. He has contributed to our neighborhood. I believe our fair and democratic neighborhood will have a transparent face. Sunday, June 5 There are 2-3 prominent candidates. The headman in our neighborhood is temporary. Now the mayor, “he said.

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