“I want to see myself in the Premier League one day” – TRT Spor

Erin Elmali told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that “For the first time, I am proud to be a national. It is truly an indescribable feeling. The biggest dream of every Turkish footballer is to wear his country’s jersey. It was also my dream. Fortunately, it has come true. Welcomed very well. I think it will continue. We are thinking of reflecting our beautiful environment in practice and field camp. I hope we will. Portugal match was a result we did not want. Now our goal is Euro 2024. Before that, we We will play 4 very important matches. I think high difficulty level matches, no easy matches. We are aware of it, we are aware of it, we are working on it. I hope it will reflect the game we want on the field. ” Used expressions.

“There is a lot of transfer news about him. What is the latest status of your transfer?” Irene asked, “The latest situation is as follows: I have a manager who takes care of me off the field. If they meet a club at the moment, they are talking to me. At the moment, I do not know much. Because at the moment I am focused on the national team. There are 4 very critical matches. My work is on the field, for me it is off the field. Interested people talk about transfer if necessary. He replied.

“I want to see myself in the Premier League one day.”

The young footballer said that his goal is to play in the Premier League one day. “Of course there are some leagues I want to play in. Of course, I want to see myself in the Premier League one day. It’s a league where there’s a lot of difficulty. Can I see myself closer to that place?” Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Looks like BT aint for me either.‘He said.

Erin Elmali says she has watched many Premier League matches. “Which team do you prefer in the Premier League and whose style of play is right for you?“In question, “I see all the teams. Liverpool, Manchester City are very big teams. If we compare them according to our country, they play very different football. Liverpool and Manchester City seem tough right now, but I think they can grow slowly. They Slow down. Why not? “ Replied.

“I want to be an essential name for the national team.”

“He wants to prove himself in the national team,” Eren said. “I am 21 years old. I became a national for the first time at the age of 21. I have many years ahead of me. Of course, I want to be an essential name in the national team. We are working. For this we perform in our team. Accustomed to everything. I hope it will be very good. And I will be one of the essential names of the national team. “ Evaluated her.

Noting that he is aware of expectations from the Crescent-Star team, the young footballer said: “Expectations certainly don’t put any pressure on me, but it inspires me in a very positive way. Some people’s expectations affect me positively. I want to return those expectations in the best possible way.”‘He said.

The national football player said that he has a very good relationship with the coach of such a team, Stefan Kuntz. “We certainly got a lot of positive energy and feedback from him. He is very interested in us, he always chats with us. He tries to talk to us in Turkish. There is a very nice atmosphere. I hope it will continue like this.” He said.

Erin Elmali also talks about the competition for her position in the national team. “Of course there are big names, there are promising names. I think it’s a good competitive environment. I’m very happy with it, to be honest.” Evaluated her.

“My favorite left back Theo Hernandez”

Noting that he has watched many matches and followed very important names in the left-back position, Eren said, “Today, my favorite left-back is Theo Hernandez. He is in incredible form. I can see myself closer to his style of play. One of the best players I’ve seen today.” Used expressions.

Eren, “You’re one of Transfer’s favorite names. What does it mean to you to play in the Champions League?” Question, “I don’t think it can be explained. I can’t express my feelings at the moment. The current Champions League music or something. It’s incredible. I hope I get a chance to play it. Even when I get goosebumps I’m talking.” I hope I get the chance. When I listen to the Champions League song, I think there will be a huge explosion of emotion. The involuntary side. “ He replied.

Evaluating Cassimpassa’s performance last season, Erin said:

“After our first half was unbeaten, we exceeded our expectations in the second half. We really started the second half very well. There was a sense of unity with the arrival of Sami Hodge. I think we reflected that on the field. We were one of the most talked about teams in the second half. The goal is the leader of the second half. “But we were second. Of course, we are proud of the work we have done and the results we have achieved. There was a very good unity and solidarity, we reflected it on the field and we were rewarded for our efforts. “

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