Ramen Nadna Ilik in Israel Vahetin! Fundraiser for Hope Bridge School for the Disabled in Gaza

With the number of children with disabilities increasing after the brutal and illegal attacks in Israel, the project to close the education moment has come to an end.

Inadequate number of schools in the city that can accommodate hundreds of children with autism, physical disability, hearing, vision and hearing impairment has shaken the authorities, the system has come to a standstill as the current operating institutions. Can no longer run their activities.

“FLSTN-Gaza” Umuda Kwan Children with Disabilities School “Project

In Palestine, where the situation is extremely tense, we feel the excitement and excitement of launching a project that will be a source of new hope in education for children, especially children with disabilities.

The Lighthouse Association has taken steps to build a state-of-the-art school for the disabled in Gaza, where, under extremely difficult circumstances, children with disabilities can be expected to embrace life and start a new life, with 250 disabled children receiving education and rehabilitation services.

She rolled up her sleeves to create a school that would give hope to children who had hope and it would be a bridge between hope and life.

The dreams of the Palestinian children, who have broken through the barriers of their minds with hope, extended their hands of mercy to Turkey with their hearts, their dreams will come true.

NK Kids is optimistic …

Respecting their differences, accepting children with disabilities as they are without any discrimination or discrimination, educating, equipping, rehabilitating and reintegrating them into society; Creating a fully-equipped school that educates students who can lead their lives with confidence in the next life and who will lead their lives with dignity like other members of the community is a project where your biggest goal …

In Gaza, with a population of 650,000, in an area of ​​1050 m2 with a capacity of 250 students, education will be provided in 18 classrooms for boys and girls at primary and secondary school level.

The total cost of the project, which will be managed by Jucer Al-Amal, will be 390,230 euros.

And this huge project was adopted by the Self-Health Syndicate, affiliated with the largest labor confederation in Turkey, HAKK.

The Z-Salk Syndicate, which will bear the full cost of the project, has shown that it stands by the Palestinian cause and the oppressed people of Gaza.

The school for the disabled project has a cafeteria, library, administrative office, classroom, rehabilitation class, therapy class, computer class, sink and toilet.

The Z-Salk Syndicate Gaza, Denz Fenner Darne, and Hawke’s School for Children with Disabilities have signed up with the participation of the Nasi Protocol.

General Minister Devlet Sart took part in the protocol signature train for the Palestine-Gaza Hope Children’s School for the Disabled, which will be held with the Deniz Fenri Association, with HAK-Confederation General Minister Mahmoud Arslan.

“Children with disabilities will survive”

z Salak Syndicate General Minister Devlet Sart; In Gaza, they will build a fully modern school where 250 disabled children will receive education and rehabilitation services, he said, adding that they have partnered with the Lighthouse Association to build the school.

As soon as the school is built, children with disabilities in Gaza will be able to hold on to life and make a new living, Sart said, adding that they want to finish the school as soon as possible through cash financing.

On the other hand, Deniz Fenri Association Minister Genghis said that he also has a disabled father and they are happy to sign a cooperation protocol for “Children with Hope in Gaza, School for the Disabled”.

Emphasizing that the school to be built will not only be a learning center but also a rehabilitation center, Genghis said, “This great project will do a great job in liberating not only our disabled children, but also their parents. Says

Lion; This project will spread oppression, fire …

HAK-General Minister Arslan said, “This school does not solve all the problems in Palestine and Gaza, but it is necessary to light a candle instead of blasphemy. We are lighting a candle with this school. Hopefully there will be more candles. “

HAK will always be with the fraternal Palestinian people and will continue to do so until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian land, whose capital is holy, “said our self-health union and the Deniz Feneri Association. I am very happy with this school. “Not all problems in Palestine and Gaza are solved, but a candle needs to be lit instead of blasphemy. We are lighting a candle with it. School. I hope the candles will grow there and end the oppression of the oppressors, “he said.

After the speech, a cooperation protocol was signed for “Children of Hope in Gaza, Schools for the Disabled”.

Our General Minister Devlet Sart, HAK – General Minister Mahmut Arslan, Lighthouse Association General Minister Mehmet Chengiz, Deputy Minister General Mustafa Zepak and Remji Karata, HAK – Secretary General Ada Guner and Secretary General. 1, 2022. Assistant Erdogan Sardengeti was present.

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