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Education consultant Barış Balcı has advised the families of the students ahead of the LGS and upcoming university exams to be held over the weekend. Explaining that it is normal to feel stress and excitement on a test, if it is moderate, Balsi said, “Excitement keeps a person alive and well. Therefore, it is not something we want to completely disappear. It is for the student to balance and excite It is important to know what to do. ”

Family; Balki, who wanted the student to avoid rhetoric and behavior that would increase his stress and upset his morale, said that bad situations, incomplete studies, and talking about anxiety and fear would negatively affect the student on the test. Balsi says positive conversations about the future will inspire students.

Educational counselor Barış Balcı gave families the following advice before the exam:

You feel unconditionally by your side

Appreciate his efforts and work regardless of the outcome. Make them feel that you are with them unconditionally, in all situations. Even a few nets are very important in this test. “Whatever the outcome, we are with you” attitude makes the child feel safe and turns the sweetie to the positive. If the student feels good and is under less pressure, it will positively affect his test results.

Keep her hope

In this process, the student wants to hear good things from his family. Reminding her of what she could not do during the test, talking about her past failures, her flaws and negative aspects will frustrate her and put her under stress. Regardless of the test results, it would be wrong to talk about the situation that will happen in case of a bad pass in the test and to talk about worries and fears. In this process, one has to be optimistic, be optimistic that the test will be good and keep this hope before the test.

Do not project your own stress on the student

You should be at peace with your child. Do not reflect to the student the pressure you feel inside yourself. Your nervous and anxious attitude will negatively affect his success. Remember there is nothing more important than your child’s health. Tests are important, but life is not a process that can only be associated with a test. You should be with her in the process and help her overcome the difficulties.

Do not take on the role of a teacher

Sometimes we step out of the role of parents and into the role of teacher. Sometimes we act like watchmen or followers. This kind of attitude will not work and will ruin our relationship with the child. The most important thing is to maintain healthy communication between you. Enjoyable family activities such as going on a picnic, walking together, shopping and painting together will strengthen the bonds between you.

Do not break students’ routine before exams

It would be wrong to change the student’s routine, sleep time, waking time and nutrition process on or before the day of the exam. It would be more appropriate for him to go to bed at any time of the day. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Going to bed too early or having an exaggerated breakfast can negatively affect the student because his metabolism is not accustomed. It is advisable for parents to behave normally before the test, not to change their attitude towards their child and to avoid showing excessive attention.

Relative interests should be taken under control

One or two days before the test, usually relatives such as uncles, aunts, cousins; They call the student to inspire or wish them success. While such approaches motivate some students, others do not. In this case, the opinion of the student is important, it will be appropriate to instruct him in accordance with his wishes.

Important one day before the test

Being in the open air all day before the test or in public all day can have a negative effect. For this, activities like picnic and shopping should be avoided throughout the day. Having a computer-tablet-phone all day will not be very healthy. It will make him better to read a few pages of a book, watch a funny movie or spend some time with a friend or two.

Students should not wear new clothes on exam day

Students can choose a comfortable outfit for the exam. However, it would not be right to wear very attractive colors so as not to confuse other students. We do not recommend that a student wear a new dress or shoes on the day of the test. Their eyes may fall on your new shoes or clothing during the test.

It can be confusing when you think about “I wonder how it stopped”.

Walking 10-15 minutes before the test is good for you

Since the student will be sitting for a long time in the exam, it will be better for him to walk 10-15 minutes in the open air before the exam. It is ideal to leave the house at 9 o’clock to stay at the examination place. LGS students will take the test at their own school, but university candidates who have seen the test site before will also feel safe.

Study speed should be reduced a few days before the exam.

Some students drop out a few days before the exam, while others want to study till the last day. Student choice is important here. I advise my students to slow down their learning a few days before the exam. Solving 10-15 questions on the morning of the exam will prepare your mind for the exam. Even if you do not see the answers to the questions.

What to do in the test

While waiting for the test to begin in the hall, take 4-5 deep breaths through the diaphragm, while doing this, relax the person imagining that you have successfully completed the test and handed over the booklet and prepare the brain for the test. In trials, the experiments should be solved in the order in which they were solved and, if possible, the same type of pencil should be used. I recommend that they mark the answer key at the end of the page or at the end of the section. Marking all of them at the end of the test can sometimes be scrolling. It will be more effective to go back to that question later in the rounding method without being stubborn in difficult questions. I recommend taking short breaks during the test. If the windows are closed, look outside, otherwise if you look at the farthest part of the hall, your eyes will rest. Small stretching movements will relax the body. It is better to drink a sip of water.

I hope our students will be rewarded for their efforts. My love and best wishes to all of you.

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