First Class Excitement at Refreshment University – RHA Azans

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Malta Turgut Ozal University, the first university in the region of Eastern Anatolia to participate in the “60+ Refreshment University” project run by the Ministry of Family and Social Services for the elderly 60 years and older. A healthy and high quality aging, felt the excitement of the first lesson. MTU University Rector Prof. Dr. 35 senior citizens participated in the first lesson. Dr. Aysun Mr. Karabulut. Emphasizing that the “Refreshment University” protocol was initiated between MTU and the Ministry of Family and Social Services with a view to creating a university model for the elderly, Rector Karabulut said the following. For seniors attending the lecture: “As a result of the protocol of Minister of Family and Social Services Daria Yannick, we have signed a memorandum of understanding between our university and Orhan Coke, general manager of the Ministry of Family and Social Services for the Disabled and Elderly Services. Of course, with our specially designed curriculum focusing on your needs and interests, your curiosity and desire to learn will not only be stimulated, but you will also be an added value of this new initiative as an independent and participating person who can still benefit themselves and society. Malatya Turgut Ojal University maintains the ideals of an international university that delivers universal values, local values ​​to locals and universal values ​​without detachment from local values. In this sense, we are proud to be the first refreshing university in Eastern Anatolia. Our cities, regions and mangoes Integrating with the society in which we live and serving the society in every sense. The youth of our campus will also be a big factor in this project. While they benefit from the experience of our elders, our elders will spend more productive time with their support. The most important feature of lifelong learning is protecting and developing your reserves and enhancing your skills. In this sense, you will learn again for 4 years and share your experience with our young friends on campus. This interdisciplinary approach forms an important model. Dr. Ismail Tufan says: “The 60+ Refreshment University has created educational opportunities for thousands of our seniors and will undoubtedly be a beacon of hope today and tomorrow. With Refreshment University, we have shown that those whose personal development continues uninterrupted should be supported in old age. Our Honorable Rector Prof. Dr. Isun Bay Karabulut, Dr. It will continue in support of its member Nash Caracas and my colleagues at the instructor Malatya Turgut Ozal University, a situation that delights our Aqden University and Refreshment University campus. Refreshment University is a very important factor that enlightenment with knowledge is an ongoing process and it creates opportunities to present new evidence. In that sense, the Maltese Turgut Ozal University offers this opportunity to our Maltese citizens is extraordinary and will set an example for other universities. ” One of the other faculties to take part in the online course, Professor of the Faculty of Health at the University of Akdeniz. Department of Science, Gerontology. Dr. Hassan Hussein Bashibuyuk said: “It is a source of pride for me that such a structure has emerged in the country where I was born. Refreshment University has many facilities for our seniors. Most importantly, it actually creates a new social environment, it creates new friendships and it enables our older people to rediscover themselves and participate in a new social environment. I believe that Refreshment University will add a lot to Malatya. Participation in the realization of refreshment university organized by MTU, especially Rector Prof. Dr. I sincerely thank the whole team, Aysun Mr. Karabulut. ” One of the first online participants was Erdal Tarker, a student at Antalya Refreshment University. Turk shared his experience with older students and said: “When we were thinking of hanging our sieve, we came to 60+ Refreshment University. We started a new life with new vigor and enthusiasm. We have our sieve in our hands and we have no desire to give it up. 60+ Refreshment University has two goals. The first is to prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia by keeping our aging brain active and dynamic. The second is to raise awareness among our people over the age of 60 about the diseases they are currently experiencing or are at risk of contracting in the future, thus enabling them to spend less time in hospital due to less illness, thus reducing state health costs. ” He listened to her thoughts.

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