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The 14-year-old SA, who lives in Gbagbo, heard an elderly man, who was a parking attendant, say “good morning” as he walked to school. Ignoring this situation, SA realized that in the following days the old man was constantly appearing in front of her and trying to talk to her. Annoyed by the man’s obstruction and praise, SA informed his mother about the situation. Then, FS (42), a mother of three, decided to take her daughter to school on her own. Mother FS, following her daughter’s lead, saw the old man trying to approach her again. Then, a quarrel broke out between the FS, who responded to the situation, and the old man. FS, who was harassed during the fight, fainted. Those moments were captured on the camera of a citizen’s mobile phone who saw the situation while crossing the road and tried to help his mother. After the incident, the mother went to the police station and lodged a complaint against the FS old man. Saying that they are scared even when they are out of the house, FS wants the person who created this experience for them to be arrested.

“I wanted to take my daughter to school on my own so I could do it with red hands.”

FS, a mother of 3, said her daughter was verbally assaulted by a parking attendant on her way to school a month ago. I didn’t think of anything at first, I innocently thought ‘good morning’. One day I was at home when there was no work, my daughter’s twins did not leave the house. My daughter went to school by herself. The attendant of the parking lot blocked his way and said, ‘When you come, the sun rises on my earth, it is shining here’. When my daughter told us this, I immediately called her teacher and told her that I would come to school. My daughter’s teacher told me not to go to school, if I go to that person and tell him, he will refuse. I wanted to take my daughter to school on my own so I could do it. As I was leaving, I told my daughter, ‘Go ahead, don’t answer what she says, go your way’. I came out of the hut and saw a man of 50-60 years. My daughter is only 14 years old. I was shocked to see him like this. I approached and said, ‘Uncle, aren’t your hair and head ashamed? I said, you are blocking the way of a baby like a hand every day. “I did not say anything like that,” he said. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.

“She started harassing me while I was wrestling with her there.”

Noting that the man saw his daughter and immediately left the hut and started walking towards the young woman, FS said, “He put his hand behind his back and walked towards my daughter. Seeing him like this, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed him by the collar, I wanted to punch him. It didn’t come out of his mouth. He started harassing me while I was wrestling with him. She was touching my chest, pinching my arm. On the one hand I was trying to save myself, on the other hand I was trying to shoot. I told my daughter’s father the night before, ‘Come and stand by your daughter’, he was there too. As soon as a punch was fired, the man was shot and fell to the ground. He began to sway on the ground. Just then a young man came to us. He told the baby’s father, ‘You’re in court, don’t do it.’ At that moment I said, ‘He has harassed my daughter.’ Fortunately, he kept the man from escaping. At the same time, he tried to record it. At that moment my breath stopped. I got so bad I passed out. Someone called me, they tried to get me away. “I wanted to kill him at that moment, but I couldn’t,” he said.

“I want to go to work without fear anymore.”

Explaining in tears that her only wish from the authorities was to arrest the man, mother FS said, “I want the man arrested. I lost my job, I take my daughter to school every day. I go as soon as the wage work is over, I try to provide my house somehow. I can’t calm down until he is arrested. My mind is always on my daughter. Let him be arrested, that I may go to work in peace. Let me breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t let my mind be on my daughters. Today I closed it before going any further, but it will do tomorrow, the next day with the other kids. I am scared too, my daughter is scared too. Maybe he knows my home address, maybe he’s looking for my daughter, I don’t know. Arrest immediately. I want to relax now. Now I want to go to work without fear. My mind should not be with my children, my mind should not be with my daughter.

“That’s how he looked at my friend.”

A 14-year-old 9th grader was passing by a parking lot on his way to school in the morning, SA said, “There was a brother there. He was constantly trying to talk to me. Then he started blabbering on. This situation bothered me. First I called my brother. Then my mother and teacher intervened. When my mother found out, she went to the man and started arguing. I ran to school scared. I was afraid to go there. I didn’t think it was right for him to say that. The 50-60 year old man said, ‘When you go through here, a sun rises inside me’ I did not understand. I was afraid to go there. I changed my way to school. I started going with a friend. He looked at my friend the same way. Later when I start to walk through there alone, he tries to talk to me. I’m afraid to go to school now. That’s why I started going with my teacher. I can’t go there, “he said.

04 June 2022 – 10:45

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