# 1 song after 37 years

“Running Up That Hill” is currently number one on the Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes charts in the United States, the United Kingdom and 10 other countries. It is likely to reach number one worldwide soon, as it is already number one on the global Shazam charts. In other words, the most intriguing and compelling song in the world is currently Kate Bush’s 1985 hit song “Running Up That Hill”.

I still can’t see what’s going on. Soon there will be a big movement. The song began its second or even third spring after appearing in the new season of the TV series “Stranger Things”.

This very famous, dramatic and emotional love song by Kate Bush was featured on her 1985 album “Hounds of Love”. Honestly, I don’t care about the chart’s success, which peaked at number three on the UK singles chart when it was released, because it’s a pop classic. Listing success is an insignificant detail. It’s one of the most beautiful songs in 80’s and pop history. Bush had to make a statement about the song, which was discussed and explained the year the album was released.

“The song is about a man and a woman falling in love. I wonder what it would be like if they moved. Would they have understood each other better if the man had been a woman or a man? In a sense, the song is about the difference between men and women. If we were in our wife’s shoes, if we could see the world through her eyes, if we could understand her better, would that help us solve the problems in this relationship? ”

There is a level of empathy and Kate Bush has extended the limits of her song. How does it feel to wake up one morning as the person you love? The men of the country need it very much.

After all, “Running Up That Hill” is a good example of the power of social media to spread the word. There has been a similar situation before, the songs of the channels that no one has seen the light of day again.

There are many wonderful songs in the music archive that are unknown to the new generation and can be meaningful in today’s context. The hidden treasure is awaiting excavation, discovery and discovery. Streaming platform archives are the best place to do this, but it’s not enough. Visiting record stores, browsing through books, watching old movies, in short, a comprehensive cultural survey is required. It sounds weird, but good DJs do it. Mixing old and new archives and giving people music of their choice.

Today I only see such good programs on BBC. Outside of prime time, every show on BBC Radio 6 is a treasure trove. I suggest you be interested to hear it online. Special attention should be paid to the programs of Cillian Murphy’s, Jarvis Cocker’s and Iggy Pop to discover old and new songs.

What would your murder novel look like?

I just finished the book “Honjin Murders” by Sesi Yokomizo. It was on my vacation list. The taste of murder and detective reading on holiday is different, especially if it is one of the classics. On this occasion I began to think about my favorite type of murder and what the detective was. Honjin Murders is the story of a typical closed house. Crimes that seem impossible to commit. The riddle of “the door to the house is locked, no one is coming, how did this murder happen” is a classic genre and I think every classic writer has this kind of story. Some stories are disappointing with their finals, others pure intelligence. These are the books I like because they hold on. I don’t like the end very much. Especially on vacation.

In the classic detective novel, the reader gradually mastered the phenomenon. The protagonist is always one step ahead of the reader and solves the murder. Such is the case with Honjin. But I also like psychological thrillers where the reader knows more than the protagonist and is always worried about the protagonist’s situation.

I think the only thing I can’t stand is the dream. These are nightmares. To me the stories seem incomplete, whether they are dreams or real, left to the discretion of the reader / viewer. I see it as a bit of escapism to connect the open edges of fiction. Domestic crime novels I read the least. I know very little about this. I am improving myself.

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