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Who works with relationships? Who is the author of On Relationship? What is the subject and main idea of ​​on-relationship? What does the book On Relationship Say? Is there a PDF download link for the relationship? Who is the author of On Relationship Jiddu Krishnamurti? Here’s a look at the book’s summary, words, comments, and relationship reviews …


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Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

Translator: Bride Vulcan

Publisher: Mirror Publications

ISBN: 9789758297047

Number of pages: 190

What does it say about relationships? Subject, main idea, summary

In 1950, Krishnamurti said: ‘If we understand our relationship with others, we will create a new society: otherwise we will only perpetuate the existing disorder and confusion. “On Relationships”, which provides a broad basis for resolving many of the world’s crises, includes Krishnamurti’s most basic teachings about the individual’s relationship with other people, society and life. This famous teacher makes it clear that the way we handle personal crises and relationships connects each of us to the problem and has a broader and more universal meaning. For example, we cannot begin the process of eliminating the causes of conflict without realizing that we need to have genuine respect for the family and others.

Relationship Quotes – Lyrics

  • Only an intact mind is a mind that can love.
  • “The important thing is to understand yourself with others.”
  • The important thing is to understand yourself with the other person.
  • “We are all trained to memorize, but it is not like learning. Learning is about observing and telling your own story of what you observe.
  • Living in ignorance to avoid the truth that can never really make the right relationship.
  • Because no matter who you are, you make the world with it.
  • One should not rely on an expert, role model or new leader. Hope you.
  • “We will see that ideas do not unite people. An idea may be helpful in forming a party, but that party opposes another group who have adopted a different idea; This goes on until ideas become more important than movement: ideology, belief, organized religion divides people.
  • There is a great smile in the seriousness and seriousness of life.
  • We try to make a connection, to connect with someone else, or to communicate with an object or thing in order to realize that we are alive. We bought furniture, clothes, cars; We try to acquire knowledge or we fall in love.
  • Because the inner always suppresses the outer.
  • You will never face it because it goes your own way, it goes its own way, because you are ambitious, you compete, you need more money, a better job and so on. You want it, it has its own ambitions, its own ideals. There is no relationship when two people are in balance.
  • “Some might say they don’t have time to notice, they’re too busy, but it’s about care, not time.”

Relationship Review – Personal Comments

I think it’s a difficult book to understand, it forces us to question our relationship. It provides a different perspective. I have benefited a lot from your feedback. But I’m not sure if the arguments made in general apply … (Dilara Ergun)

J. Krishnamurti; It’s been a long time since I’ve finished the book “On Relationships”, which consists of conversations, interviews, newspaper articles, and letters, and for some reason, I’ve read this book before and picked it up again to see if it would add up. I have some but now that I have the knowledge and experience, I do not know that I have said many things about the relationship that I do not know. (Yusuf Zia Day)

It is a book on interpersonal social relationships in social life and family life. I think it can be useful for those who work in communication. (Yahya Academy)

Is there a PDF download link for the relationship?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Jiddu Krishnamurti – On Relationship is the On Relationship PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet are in PDF format. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Jiddu Krishnamurti?

J. Krishnamurti, whose life and teachings span most of the twentieth century, is seen by many as one of the most profound influences on human consciousness in modern times. As a scholar, philosopher and thinker, he has illuminated the lives of millions of people around the world, young and old, whether intellectuals or not. It brought a new meaning and content to religion, pointing to a way of life that transcends all religions. He fearlessly tackled the problems of contemporary society and analyzed the workings of the human mind with scientific accuracy. Announcing that his only thought was to “liberate man completely and unconditionally”, he set out to liberate man from the deep condition of selfishness and suffering.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Book – Composition

  • Escape from acquaintances
  • New life
  • Consider these
  • Love, sex and respect
  • Internal revolution
  • The light of awareness
  • You are the world
  • Emotional liberation
  • Internal freedom
  • First and last freedom
  • Be human
  • About love and loneliness
  • Fear
  • Education and the meaning of life
  • Is there such a thing as security – being exposed to the unknown – the problem of fear?
  • About us
  • Why should we train?
  • Book of life
  • The world is suffering from depression
  • On freedom
  • On the mind and thoughts
  • What is the problem we call? Life is a conflict-free end of sorrow
  • On the living and the dead
  • On the truth
  • On the relationship
  • On God
  • Letters related to education
  • Individuals and society
  • Meeting with life
  • Changing yourself is changing the world
  • Great freedom
  • Eagle flight
  • Thought Network
  • Comment on Life Volume 1
  • On learning and knowledge
  • Knowing yourself – on relationships – learning to enjoy
  • On the conflict
  • Towards peace and tranquility
  • On nature and the environment
  • Book of life
  • Don’t you want to work with your life?
  • Don’t trouble anything
  • Time is up
  • Krishnamurti’s diary
  • Internal freedom
  • Learning fever
  • Life Volume 2 Comments
  • Awakening of the mind
  • Full consciousness / full life
  • Out of violence
  • You are the story of humanity
  • In the right profession
  • Can humanity change?
  • Krishnamurti’s notebook
  • The limits of thought
  • Krishnamurti’s last diary to himself

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes – Lyrics

  • Why are we psychologically connected to something else? Obviously because we are inadequate, poor and empty within ourselves. We are quite alone in ourselves, and this loneliness, this emptiness, this amazing inner poverty and self-loathing makes us dependent on one person, knowledge, property, ideas and much more that is necessary in our eyes. (About us)
  • “Have you ever gone out and walked alone? Going out alone, without a book in hand, without a friend, sitting alone under a tree watching the leaves fall, listening to the splash of water, fishermen’s songs, birds ?, your thoughts chase each other in your mind It’s important to see your flight … “(Consider these)
  • Love and tenderness have their own wisdom, which is not in a cunning thought. (Love, sex and respect)
  • Information addiction is just like any other addiction; It frees you from emptiness, loneliness, frustration and the fear of nothing. The light of knowledge is a subtle shelter beneath which there is a darkness which cannot penetrate the mind. The mind fears this unknown and runs away to knowledge, theory, hope, imagination. So much information hinders the understanding of the unknown. (Comment on Life Volume 1)
  • When we leave high school or college, most of us put books aside, thinking that we have finished learning; Others tend to read and digest what others have to say, with a tendency to push thoughts further, becoming addicted to knowledge. As long as there is a worship of knowledge or strategy for success and domination, there will be an endless battle for fierce competition, enmity and bread. (Education and the meaning of life)
  • Freedom is not freedom. Freedom is necessary for the healthy, normal, logical functioning of the human mind. (Internal revolution)
  • In an environment without freedom, cunning replaces intelligence. The cunning way is always complicated and destructive. (Life Volume 2 Comments)
  • “Because the education system; Confirmation, justice, based on comparison, here is the source of the problem! (What is the problem we call? Life is a conflict-free end of sorrow)
  • -Because if we learn about ourselves according to the thoughts of others, we can know them, not ourselves.Escape from acquaintances)
  • Control and superficial discipline are not the right path, and a life without discipline is of no value. (Escape from acquaintances)
  • You can change society as an individual, not as an individual. (Love, sex and respect)
  • When you achieve happiness, there must be fear with it; It’s the fear of losing. You rejoice in the belief that God exists and that you hold on to Him. When someone questions this belief, you get scared and so hostile. (Why should we train?)
  • You are smart when you are not afraid. So when are you afraid? If you are worried about what other people will say about you or what your parents will say, you invite fear.New life)
  • To find out what death is, there must be no distance between your problem and your life with death; When you are awake, not yet dead, you must understand the importance of death and live with it. What we call death is the end of everything. Your body, your mind, your work, your emotions, what you create, the things you want to do, the things you haven’t finished, the things you’re trying to finish, it all ends when you die. That is the end of truth. What happens next is another matter. It doesn’t matter, because if there is no fear then you don’t question what happened next. Then death becomes extraordinary, tragic, abnormal or unhealthy, because death is unknown, and in the unknown there is infinite beauty. (On the living and the dead)
  • When you act according to what you think should be, you are not what you really are. (Escape from acquaintances)
  • Can a person really listen to all the sieves he uses while listening? (Book of life)
  • Trusting someone is a very childish, crude attitude. It is very obscene to trust someone. (Internal revolution)
  • “Of course, there must be a revolution, but not according to a certain norm or pattern. If it is according to a norm or a template, there is no revolution, only a continuation of the past; a new concept is introduced, and thus it is a continuation of a certain And it is certainly not a revolution. (About us)
  • “If I am a scientist, I must study, have mathematical knowledge, know everything that has been said before, have a lot of knowledge.” I can only find something new if I forget all my knowledge and throw away all my knowledge. Which can be used later. Then I will find something new. The burden of the past, the burden of knowledge is on my shoulders, I can’t find anything new and that is a clear psychological fact. “(Emotional liberation)
  • Discovering the truth requires breaking with tradition, which means getting rid of all fears. (Consider these)

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