Ali Koch: I don’t get a penny from the club

The 2021 General Financial General Session of the Fenerbahçe Club is underway at the Meteor Sports and Event Hall. To the Financial General Assembly; Chairman Ali Kok, members of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Supreme Council Ugur Dunder and members were present. After reading the 2021 board activity and audit report, members issued a statement.

Ali Kok, who later came on stage, answered the members. He said it was simple but “he wants to cover up the failure.” We, as the state, have faced a tragic event in recent years, when government agencies took steps to occupy the state, which had been waiting patiently for decades. If you are not aware of the importance, significance and sensitivity of the situation you are in, the board will struggle to a certain extent.

“It was a very sad and emotional farewell for Ismail Kartal.”

“We had to make a tough decision, we are halal, I hope he will,” said President Kos. I thank him again. I would like to thank you very much for your sincere participation and appreciation in this event. “

Where the 90 90 million state agreement for 10 years in the world was swallowed up in 1 year

The president of the yellow-dark blue club said they were trying to explain the financial situation in the most transparent way and said, “Some of our members, thanks to them, have spent extra time and given some speeches. As one of our young members expressed, we have something to say when you ignore the definite efforts made in today’s financial terms and ignore the efforts made in a very difficult time, when you judge Fenerbahce without seeing the economic situation we are in. . I think the content of the lecture should be on this side. Speaking of which; Not ignorantly, but he put forward a thesis of his own, in my opinion, the thesis is wrong. I think you have good intentions. Everything about us questions. Tell us what we want in all our failures, but if you talk about financial efforts and goodwill, we will disagree with each other. Don’t underestimate what has been done here, sir, the club’s debt was balanced when we arrived. Is it balance? Let me tell you again. Where the 90 90 million state contract in the world cost 1 year for 10 years. Is there a balance of features? Do most of the lands that have no economic value at the moment pay the loan, fees and interest? Have you compared Fenerium, which sells the most products? We had 3 meetings with our manufacturer Puma for this season, because our jerseys were much cheaper than the other teams. Other goods are also sold. Eighty percent of Fenerium’s revenue comes from Jersey, “he said.

“I don’t get a penny from the club”

Noting how much wealth he produced during his tenure and how much money he paid, Ali Kok said, “You won’t hear it. I don’t get a penny from my club. I go out one day; if I say ‘my club I’m so indebted to you, get me out. Then tell me, why is it in the notebook? Please don’t open this subject again. It doesn’t matter if I get hurt or something, but I’m ashamed to speak. I deduct 5 percent tax from that debt, no sir, I kept that debt. Shame on those who think so. Shame on those who know it and still use it against me. This problem should not be raised again, “he said.

“Broadcast is a big problem”

Ali Kok said there was a major problem with the publication’s tender and he did not know how he got to this point and continued as follows:

“It simply came to our notice then. When we look at what we were buying in 4 years, what we are buying now, it is a big problem for the future. Let’s just talk about a number. We get income for 3 points. That income has been reduced from 400 thousand euros to 170-180 thousand euros. The law has been passed, if we do not get a balanced budget, we will go to jail. We budgeted, set off, something happened on the way. We are not responsible for the economy, the exchange rate has risen. The federation has given concessions, our budget is not right, we will go to jail. What a beautiful world. Those who give concessions have no liability. We are also trying to keep a penny in this situation. Foreign quotas are not clear, hopefully we will start the season on the 13th. What will be the cost, it is not clear. You can see how much ambiguity we are going through. “

“Fenerbahচেe is above politics, but you are pushing hard.”

Referring to Fenerbahce’s rise to prominence, but forcible withdrawal from politics, Chairman Kos said: “We have all kinds of political views. Fenerbahce is above politics, but is pushing hard. In doing so you draw the name of our President, with whom it has nothing to do. So friends, please support. Support is not tweeted. You probably understand what I’m talking about when I say let’s go back to the 3rd of July consciousness. We have to show our people what this community is and you will show that playing with this community is not easy. The President spoke boldly, but what happened? I could show it in the past, I have to show it now. They hung the rage as a banner in the Trabzon. The associations took immediate action, and I thank them all. Personal fans have also taken action, I thank them all. This is a problem that worries all fans of Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray. Am I crazy, let me face all these political forces. You have to be crazy. You all have a responsibility to this community. Many more should have come here, thanks to those who came. ”

“If only I had said goodbye to Ayukut Kokaman like Ismail Kartal”

Ali Kok made the following statement, “I wish we had said goodbye to Ayukut Kokaman like Ismail Kartal”:

“Aykut is one of the legends of Fenerbah. She is very feeling. Somehow, when Aykut Kokaman was the coach of Coniaso, the away match he came to us coincidentally came to Alex’s match. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. I firmly give it back to him. If we had such a purpose, he would have understood much better. After we got into management, we invited some of our former players to the match. Alex’s arrival brought us to Turkey independently. Just because of the sensitivity of the subject and respect for Ayukut Hodge, I did not invite him to my own lodge or management lodge. In fact, there was an incident in the newspaper called Lodge Crisis. The owner of another lodge hosted us. We didn’t give plaques, I didn’t put them in my own box, I didn’t bring them face to face in the dressing room. In spite of all this, it is unreasonable for Ayukut to say this. Other than that, Ayukut will always be a legend to me. Fenerbahce has many legendary athletes, but we need to differentiate between Fenerbahce and Fenerbahce, which exist for Fenerbahce in the life of every athlete at this time. There are also athletes who have taken up a position in Fenerbahce because of their sport and have improved their own financial means. I can’t keep them all the same. “


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