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The end Sometimes Between the ruling and opposition parties At the presidential level Conflict started around Sultan Abdul Hamid. I should point out that immediately; Dr. Meral Aksena Mr. He tries to avoid personal conflicts in his style. Mr. Tayyip And “By what authority are you insulting Sultan Abdul Hamid?” Said Miss Meral used the Unionists’ slogan about Abdul Hamid; “TortureAs

It should be mentioned who wrote the latest fatwa Sheikh Al-Islam Mehmed Ziauddin EffendiAs Umit Hasan rightly said, he never included the word dictatorship in the fatwa; He accused the Sultan and the Caliph of other crimes. The expression like burning Maverdi’s book about caliphate in the bathhouse, people hitting each other … Because in Islam, like the old Latin ‘dictator’, oppression is an expression of wealth. Like the subsequent rudeness of the European dictator, it was used in Turkish history, especially among the Turks, against the dictatorship of modern France; Dispute in classical Greece is not really such a heavy word.

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For the authority of Meral Akşener in this matter; He received his doctorate in modern history. He is a student of the letter faculty of Marmara University. So it is difficult to find the authority in this regard. Everyone has the right to defend and evaluate the thesis of history. We do not want a diploma for this But in the same wayDo you have authority?It is certainly pleasing to say.

A successful diplomat

Sultan Abdul Hamid is beloved in Anatolia and in the Islamic world. During his tenure the railways have been groundbreaking. He was a war-weary man and brought the empire into 30 years of peace. Losing land started a war that was out of his control and ended there. We have won the war with Greece. But we have to give back what we have won in the peace conference. Abdul Hamid Khan was a successful diplomat; The teams played against each other. He was at peace with the Balkans, but he did his best to make sure they were not at peace with each other. In the first place, he did not touch the church law passed by the Union and the Progress Committee. For this reason, the Balkan states’ committees and intelligence agencies were inevitably pitted against each other over food and sabotage incidents.

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In the Navy we can say the former Abdul Aziz KhanFailed to show success. The Ottoman navy was in a catastrophic situation when it faced the Balkan Wars. In addition to skilled commanders (formerly called Levant) such as rooftop bay and warrior sailors, the number of non-commissioned officers and technicians is low, shipyards are inadequately equipped, and ships are maintained in a similar manner. Insufficient During his tenure, there were high schools in all the provinces which were upgraded to high school level even at Sultanate level. I even did my high school education at the high school established in Ankara during his time. However, at first it was called Ankara Boys High School, and after Atatর্rk’s death it was renamed ‘Atatুrk’. Agricultural schools, forest schools, industrial schools started by Mithad Pasha are all achievements of Abdul Hamid era. He became the head of the bankrupt treasury. Although Duyun-U Umumiye was established in his time, it was helpless. It is clear that debt management, which also knows about debt settlement, was quite successful, but unfortunately the debt is not ending. 2. If Abdul Hamid Han had ascended the throne during the reign of Abdul Hamid I, other things could have happened.

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The biggest mistake is sense

Censorship was his biggest mistake along with education reform. This organization, which he also complained about from time to time, is one of the main reasons for the political ignorance of the young generation who took charge of the administration after Abdul Hamid Khan. Because in the empire, non-Turkish nations were somehow nurtured with written, read, and printed newspapers sent abroad. There was not even a decent free newspaper for the Turks to read.

He made an important start in the field of health and municipality. He actually used the ion assembly and did not close it, but his failure to reconvene the assembly after it was disbanded caused tension in the country. He followed a successful policy of influencing non-Muslim clergy and bourgeois elements. However, it is a fact that the weapon did not adequately feed the Balkan and Arab armies, except for Istanbul’s First Army, where it did not follow an effective internal policy. Sultan Abdul Hamid, just like the Russian Tsar III. Like Alexander, he considered war unnecessary and made good use of the ongoing peace. He dominated the administration, but he alone tried to attract this dominance to Yildiz. The great statesman of the Tanzimat era; In particular, the policy of Abdulmessid I, who was a young genius, could not efficiently employ the bureaucracy of the sublime port.

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It was not the ‘Red Sultan’

In short, II. Abdul Hamid Khan was a staunch Turkish ruler; History cannot be written with the provision of “if it could happen”. He was one of the wise men who came in difficult times. Unfortunately, this intelligence did not realize and did not attract other intelligence; In this way he is different from both Sultan Abdul Mesid and his uncle Sultan Abdul Aziz. He was the late Sultan Mahmud Khan, The 19th century could not handle it. It was not the Red Sultan, it was a baseless slander. Political executions were extremely rare in his time. He used all means to try to be effective in Europe, but the methods he used; So these kinds of journalists and guys were good among strangers like Vamberry. It cannot be said that Turkish diplomats show the same success and sympathy.

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In the history books of Turkey, Sultan Abdul Hamid is called the great Khan and there are those who destroyed him. I have no doubt that such books will be abandoned and forgotten. For now, I urge young people to read the book by Sultan Abdulhamid, written by Orhan Kologlu, one of the Turkish writers, and Franোয়াois Jর্rgen, one of the most successful Turkologists in the French academic world.

Key points in our history: Inebolu

Inebolu It is an important place in the history of Turkey. Jirai was a port where the Isfendiarogullari Principality was connected to the Black Sea and the other was the Sinop. In the history of our war of independence, the importance of this place has increased because it is a place that can be associated with Central Anatolia.

An efficient Turkish ruler ... Sultan II.  Abdul Hamid

Higher education level

Castamonu is a unique part of geography and the Castamonians in particular live here. The education rate in the district is very high. The way of life of the society is also moderately waste free. There are many people busy with history in the city. A dentist Mostafa Fakazli, He is known for his local studies. We were able to see more of him at the meeting last Sunday.

Castamonu is an important part of the Istiklal Road, but due to its old connection with Anatolia, it is well-known by local and foreign travelers. The last one was a Red Army intellectual. General Mikhail FrungeFrom that place the memory of Turkey began. The general’s comments are important.

There is also a city museum in Inebolu. From the curators of the museum Mrs. Nurhayat Ergun He gave us an exhibition about the hat revolution. A group interested in theater art, literature and music must be in town. We met with members of this group. I loved the city museum. However, in terms of historical monuments and libraries, I think more is needed to satisfy the hunger of the city. A nice city. Its beauty is the exceptional condition of the people of Enebolu as much as the nature around it. They try not to demolish their grandparents’ houses and replace them with strong concrete, which they consider profitable, but to repair the old ones and carry on the traditions. Therefore, Inebolu is always a beautiful city. It is understood that the destruction of antiquities and buildings on the shores of the Black Sea, which began in the 1960s, did not spread much here.

An efficient Turkish ruler ... Sultan II.  Abdul Hamid
People are very uncomfortable

The people of Inebolu are extremely uncomfortable to open a marble quarry in the mountains. Mines can be opened anywhere in Turkey. How rich, efficient and sustainable these will be is highly controversial. I think it is a shameful attitude that the central government agency has sanctioned initiatives that consistently destroy the profile of plants and the environment. The bureaucracy needs to let go of this and abandon the damage that this marble quarry will cause. Because such excavations do not bring resources to the area, they simply leave a devastating and ugly scene.

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