Environmental festival in Ingol

Ingol Municipality has organized a special event with the Rafadan crew in the framework of World Environment Day on 5 June. Thousands of children both enjoyed the program with their families and gave the message “Don’t pollute our world” to today’s adults to survive in a cleaner environment in the future. The Ingel Municipality witnessed a colorful scene of environment and children’s festival.
The Ingol Municipality celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 with a great celebration. The İnegöl Municipality Environment and Children Festival gave a clean environment and a clean İnegöl message, where thousands of children gathered and TRT’s unique production Rafadan Taifa. The performance started at 17.00 am on Saturday, June 4 in the green area of ​​Hickmet Shaheen Culture Park and continued in the evening at the amphitheater. The children and their families, who had fun with dozens of different events and competitions, met Rafadan Taifa at the final of the program. The kids, who saw the characters that they saw on screen, felt great excitement and joy.
It was an unforgettable day for thousands of children
Organized within the framework of World Environment Day, the festival began with competitions and entertainment held in the green area. At the same time, special areas including swollen playgrounds, stands where painting activities were held, school exhibitions and stands, musical entertainment and many other activities were created in this area. From the very first moment, Inegol and their family members rushed to the area. Thousands of children have decorated the environment day environment like flowers. In the event area, an unforgettable day for the children was the competition of Ingol Municipality which taught during leisure, various games and entertainment.
President Taban also made fun of the children
The first part of the festival, which consists of two parts, runs until 20.00 pm in the green area opposite the amphitheater. The mayor of pernegöl Alper Taban, accompanied by AK Party district chairman Mustafa Durmush, came to the area with party administrators and council members and observed the activities of the children. From time to time, the robot competes and demonstrates his skills in various activities, with Mayor Taban spending joy-filled moments with special guests at the festival. At the same time, stands set up by schools in the area are also inspected and inspected. Stands with toys and various items made of waste material are also appreciated.
In the second part of the Environment and Children’s Festival, Rafadan Taifa Inegollu, whom the children admired in the amphitheater, met the little ones. In the organization, which was one of the most exciting programs witnessed by the amphitheater, thousands of children filled all the seats and stairs with their families. When Rafadan Taifa appeared on the festival stage, there was great applause and excitement, with an emphasis on cleanliness and the environment, in keeping with his name, and where the children had an unforgettable day. The characters who came on stage with songs, dances and funny dialogues created fun moments with the children singing.
During the Environment and Children’s Festival, Mayor Alpar Taban delivered a speech addressing both young children and their families. Recalling the revolutionary clean-up work in Ingol Municipality, Mayor Taban said that they expect support from the citizens and said, “We are organizing some events on the occasion of World Environment Day. We have a pasture; Clean Ingol, clean environment, a clean city and of course happy people. With whom we will do it, I really trust and believe in our kids right now. They came to this innocent world and unfortunately, those who see their elders corrupting, they unwittingly support this work. They are educated in school. Of course, our sensitive parents are also aware of the situation. Alhamdulillah we are Muslims. If we are Muslims then how can we express the pollution we see outside? We see butts, water bottles, seed shells on the ground. Who is throwing these? Therefore, I urge all of us to develop a constructive attitude towards the sensitive people around us, not to throw rubbish on the ground, ”he said.
“We will succeed without pollution, not through cleanliness”
Recalling that they have been fighting for cleanup since the day they took office, Mayor Taban said, “According to some, they are saying you are working on empty things. If I can clean this city in my term, I will consider myself successful. I hope your cooperation in this regard. See, my 200 friends who do the cleaning every day try to clean up the mess on the floor by bending down and bending their backs. When you take two steps back and forth, the environment is polluted again. I haven’t seen this problem clear up. If we aim to keep a city clean, each of us must first learn not to pollute. It is a society that does not pollute its home and workplace. We want him to have the same attitude and attitude when he goes out. I urge you to build these days as a milestone for these works. Let’s do our best to achieve this transformation, “he said.
“Every day we host guests from different cities.”
Emphasizing that a quicker and more effective solution to these problems can be found by issuing notifications on line 153 cleanliness and other issues, Mayor Taban said, “Ingol is an industrial city, an agricultural city and at the same time a city. Tourist city. Therefore, with all these features, our city welcomes guests from different cities almost every day for commercial purposes or for tourism. For this reason, we need to be much cleaner and more sensitive than other cities. We are ready to do our part. We know that our children are our biggest supporters. If we get the full support of our family, we are sure that we will not have any problem in cleaning, ”he said.
Prizes were awarded to the schools which achieved high marks in various competitions among the schools within the framework of environment and children’s festival. At the end of the ceremony, thousands of children filled the amphitheater with the slogan “Clean City” and the message to the adults: Leave our clean future, do not pollute the environment.

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