I could not finish my studies. It has always been ukde inside me.

In addition to the many masters, 400 writers and 40 publishing houses attended the 9th Saria Literary Day. Turkan S সোre was the guest of honor at the event, which ended on June 5 at Haider Aliyev Park. In an interview with িয়ারkrü Genç, the mayor of Syria, Sরেre talks about the place and importance of literature in cinema and shares his memories from movies he has acted in in the past.

“UKDE had to complete my collection”
In an interview conducted by মেয়krü Genç, Mayor of Sari, in Turkan Shore; He started acting from his youth, answering many questions of his movies and co-actors starting from his professional life. “As you know, I live in Rumeli Hisarustu district,” said Sakru Genak, the mayor of Saria. The house where the ‘Sultan’ was shot is unusable, but it still survives. But the school he built in 1973 is familiar to our neighborhood. “What’s the story of this school?” “One day, as I was driving around Bogazisi University, I saw some kids. It was cold weather. I asked them where they were going. They said they had gone to school. That day I decided to build a school.” “Because I didn’t finish my studies. It was always in me,” he said.

“Now a foreign start”
“Yılmaz Güney What does it mean to be Turkish?” In answer to the question, Şoray used the following expression:
Yılmaz Güney To me cinema is the number one man and man man. She looked so beautiful that she was so sincere and from her heart when I went to see her. I said this in my book. When I was going to see him in Sakaria, I got in the car and saw him moving his hand towards me from the door. That was the last time I saw it.

“The films of your time are interpreted more sincerely and sincerely. What is the main reason to remember those films still?” “Society is changing, living conditions are changing. We greeted everyone we saw on the streets, we had a neighboring culture. Now the unknown has begun. So the culture of life has changed. Life was like that in those years, it was warm. There was solidarity. There was that sincerity in the movie too. ”

“This beauty is enough for my life.”
Turkan Sরেre, who thanked the mayor for inviting him to such a program and had an emotional moment, said, “Over the course of a week, we have met and interviewed very good writers. I was very happy to come. There was such a warm audience that the world was mine. They were so sincere that it was a very sincere conversation. This beauty here is enough for my whole life. “

“I do engineering with literature”
Mayor Şükrü Genç said, “It’s not just about literature. There are many social events. Most importantly, we have an awards ceremony here. These days, which we’ve been running for 9 years, there are some activities that appeal to all ages. We are right next to the Bosphorus. It enhances beauty. Despite today’s technology, staying with a book and flipping through its pages is a completely different experience. I’m an engineer, but I do my engineering literature. I also preside over literature. The people of Saria also showed a lot of interest in this event. We are happy if we can help them, “he said.

Latif Tekin was awarded the White Marty Literature Honor Award
The White Seagull Literature Honor Award, which has been given since 2014, has been given to Latif Tekin this year after Yasar Kamal, Zulfu Livanelli, Vedat Turkali, Murathan Mungan, Insi Aral and Ahmet Umit.

The story is award-winning
The winners of the Fakir Bekurt Story Competition also received their prizes in the final event of the 9th Saria Literary Day. Speaking before the awards ceremony, President Genk Fakir recalled Bekurt. As a result of the competition, where 360 ​​stories and 95 story books were evaluated in 4 categories, the winners received their prizes from Saria Mayor Şükrü Genç and Işık Baykurt. Among the competition opportunities, the Fakir Bekurt Story Book Award went to Shimla Sune Yalanchi’s “A Space for It” and Fuat Sevimay’s Gore Bagir books.

Master author at Signing Day
On the last day of the ninth Saria Literary Day; Saygı Öztürk, Kahraman Tazeoğlu, Tarık Tufan, Aynur Tümen, Özge Dogan, Aslan Özdemir, Naim Babüroğlu, Nazan Arısoy, Buket Aksu, Fevzi Ekinci, Bilge Karaduman, Zeynep Kaçar and many more with them, Öz
The event will conclude with a Ceylon Ertem concert.

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