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The Lagoon Book Day, organized by the Kukukkames Municipality in Atacante Menexe Park, began with an opening ceremony in a festive atmosphere. Book lovers showed great interest in the opening of Book Day, which was held for the first time in Küçükçekmece. 80 publishing houses participated in Lagoon Book Day, which will run till June 10 with 36 stands.

In addition to Küçükçekmece Mayor Kemal Çebi, former Culture Minister Erkan Caracas, National Education District Director Murat Gojudok, YAYKOOP Board of Directors Chairman Elif Akkaya, Publishers Professional Association President Mustafa Akshoy and many citizens were present at the event. Day, organized in collaboration with YAYKOOP. .

The three masters of literature who turned June into a melancholy are remembered

On the first day of the Lagoon Book Day, Orhan Kamal’s son Işık Öğütçü and author Şeyhmus Diken were the guests of an interview conducted by the author-Küçükçekmece Municipal Culture and Social Affairs Director Guni Özkılınç. During the discussion, the three masters of Turkish literature, Nazim Hikmet, Ahmed Arif and Orhan Kamal, whom we bid farewell to Anant in June, were recalled. Nida Ates, a popular singer of Turkish folk music, who took the stage at the opening concert, sang the most beautiful folk song for the people of Kukukkames.

President Kamal Sebi: We will continue to prioritize culture, art and nature

Expressing happiness at celebrating the first Book Day at Küçükçekmece, Mayor Kamal Sebi said, “First of all, I respectfully remember Nazim Hikmet, Ahmed Arif and Orhan Kamal, whom we will remember here. Fortunately, they have left their mark on this land. The name Lagoon Book Des comes from Kukuksekmes, the collective memory of the people of Kukuksekmes. He came from this city, as long as I can remember my home. As a resident of Küçükçekmece, there was a project that I dreamed of year after year. Now I want to bring them to life whenever I get a chance. We at Küçükçekmece will continue to prioritize culture, art and nature. I believe in individual freedom, gender equality and urban justice. But I know that no matter what the administrators of a city think, there will be no success if the citizens do not contribute. Thank you so much for that. You never left us alone. We will continue to bring you events that benefit the city and its citizens. “

YAYKOOP President Elif Akkaya expressed his belief that the healing power of culture and industry would be good for all after the epidemic and thanked those who contributed to Lagoon Book Day.

Işık Öğütçü shared the memory of his father Orhan Kamal

Ishq Ogutku, son of Orhan Kamal, who was the guest of the interview, talks about his father and Nazim Hikmet’s prison year with these words: However, it was a coincidence that they were together in the 52nd ward of Bursa. Nazim Hikmet was sent to Bursa from Kankiri prison. My father is presented to Hickmet as the poet of the Bursa prison. There is a 12-year age difference between them. There are brother-sister, master-student, teacher-student relationships. Nazim Hikmet understands my father’s mentality in casual conversation and asks my father if I can stay in the same ward with you after a while. Permits are taken and they live together in 52 wards. It’s a coincidence, my dad has been with her for 3.5 years. During this time he was greatly influenced by Nazim Hikmet. “

Shehmus Deacon: Ahmed Arif is a man who captivated the consciousness of his city through his literature.

Diyarbakir’s author Shehmus Deacon, who has published a book entitled “The People of Being His Brother” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Ahmed Arif’s book ‘I Have Abandoned With Longing’, mentions the love of his compatriot Ahmed Arif and says, “Ahmed Arif. He lived with his family in Diyarbakir until he was 6 years old. He left when he was 6 years old. After many years of imprisonment, he spent his exiled years first in Urfa and then in Diyarbakir. He spent 8-10 years of his 64-year life in Diyarbakir. However, when we see him, he wrote his poems as if he had not left his city. He created material for his literature. Ahmed Arif is a man who captures the spirit of the city in his literature. It is partly the story of that painful generation, the way they entered the consciousness of the text of their lives. “

Guni Ozkilink: We are preparing to bring Nazim’s book to the people of Kuchkekames

Author Guney Özkılınç, best known for his book Nazim Years in Bursa, and his research on Nazim Hikmet, shared with participants parts of the life of the master poet. Özkılınç said, “Nazim Hikmet is a poet whose heart is on the side of the workers, even though he comes from his own Pasha dynasty. He spent almost 13 years of his life in prison and his poetry valued the whole world. Nazim’s verses have gone beyond the prison walls … so much so that they are included in Che Guevara’s letter to his mother. As a Küçükçekmece municipality, we have introduced readers to the book “In the Footsteps of Nâzım Hikmet’s Hands”. This book is a compilation of Hickmet’s books published in all countries of the world. We are preparing to publish the book “Nazim in the Press with Unknown Aspects” later this month, which is currently in print.

Will run until June 10th

Popular names and powerful pens are Nebil Özgentürk and Ayşe Kulin, CHP Istanbul Deputy Politician-Writer Yunus Emre, President of the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey Canan Güllü, Professor of Meteorology and Disaster Management Miktad Kadyvol. It will last a week. Many names, including poet Murat Mentes and author Mehmet Erte, will come together to interview the people of Kukukkames and sign their books.

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