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Love is always a new beginning, whose work? Who is the author of Love Always Begins New? What is the theme and main idea of ​​love always starts? What is the book about when love always begins? Is there a PDF download link where love always begins? Who is Bertolt Brecht, author of Love Always Begins? Here is a summary of the book Love Always New Begins, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Bertolt Brecht

Translator: Turge Fisheki

Compiled by: Turge Fisheki

Publisher: Word publishing

ISBN: 9786054209576

Number of pages: 144

What does it mean that love is always new? Subject, main idea, summary

German poet, playwright and theorist Bertolt Brecht was born in 1898 in Augsburg, Bavarian region. Although he began his medical education in Munich in 1917, he was unable to continue his education in the complex environment of World War I. When Hitler came to power in 1933, he left Germany, first to Denmark and then to the United States. 2. After World War II, he settled in Berlin. It was here that the Berlin Ensemble he founded gained worldwide fame. In this book, you will find a selection from the poems of Brecht, a staunch defender of the Marxist worldview, always influenced by a subtle satire and which he sometimes wrote using the classical form.

The year you said is gone

Love always begins

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Love always starts with words

  • Drink! Enjoy yourself! They say, if I am not thirsty for what I eat from hunger, if I have a glass of water, how can I eat and drink? But I still eat and drink.
  • Not here when needed, not needed when it was here
  • Greedy, unsatisfied glutton. Your warrior heart is rotten. Sell ​​now
  • I hugged it, it was a pale love and above us there was a cloud in the beautiful summer sky far away so white so high then I looked and it was gone (…) if you ask me what happened love I can’t remember But I know what she was thinking I really forgot her face I just know the moment I kissed her (…) I also forgot I kissed her if it weren’t for that cloud
  • Write me what you are wearing! Does it keep warm? Write down where to sleep! Is it soft? Write how it felt! Do you look the same? Write what you miss! My hand? Write me how it is! Is it comfortable? Write down what they did to you! Do you have enough courage? Write what you did! Good thing? Write down what you think! Me? The questions I can give you and I have to accept the answers. If you are tired, I will not be able to reach out to you, or if you are open, I will not be able to feed you, as if I did not exist on this earth. If i forget you
  • Then embracing your legs and your warm body I thought: Bury me in this arm in front
  • Don’t let their harshness and exploitation lead you astray! Why fear? You too will die like all animals, nothing more.
  • Late at night the telegraph wire leaves dead counts on the battlefield then friend-foe becomes silent Lonely mothers cry on both sides
  • These conversations do not make people happy, because the touch is irreplaceable.
  • Another Sunday my dad sang to us again in his beautiful bass voice
  • Will the rain return to the sky?
  • He gave me a branch, my favorite, it has yellow leaves.
  • Give the least importance to what you feel. He said he can’t live without you, don’t forget, he will know you when you meet him again. Do me a favor, don’t love me so much, I never heard of the slightest pleasure when I fell in love for the last time.

Love always begins to review – personal review

Is there a PDF download link where love always begins?

One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Bertolt Brecht – Love Always Begins New is the Love Always Begins New PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet are in PDF format. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Bertolt Brecht?

Bertolt Brecht, soon Bert Brecht. Eugene Berthold Friedrich Brecht (born 10 February 1898 Augsburg – died 14 August 1956 Berlin) is considered one of the most influential German poets, playwrights and theater directors of the twentieth century. His work has been recognized and honored internationally. He is the founder of the epic theater named Erwin Pisketter, in other words “dialectical theater”. Brecht describes himself as a “communist” (as he told Walter Benjamin).

Bertolt Brecht Book – Work

  • Thripeni novel
  • Selected Poems
  • Mother’s courage and her child
  • People’s bread
  • Caucasian Chalk Circle
  • Mr. Keuner’s story
  • Good people in Sejuan
  • Thripeni opera
  • Love poems
  • Poems for tomorrow’s elders
  • Galileo Galilei – Friends Theater
  • me-ti
  • All together or none of us
  • Love always begins
  • There is no pure poetry
  • Epic Theater
  • All games – 1
  • All Poems 2
  • Appreciate learning
  • Small organ for theater
  • Shawk’s historic encounter with Hitler
  • All games – 7
  • All games – 5
  • All games – 2
  • Antigone of Sophocles
  • Game art and decoration
  • All games – 3
  • The rise and fall of the mahogany city
  • Fascism Racism Discrimination Articles
  • Mother Carr’s Rifles – Horseback riding
  • All games – 4
  • Essays for Socialism
  • Turandot and the Acquiring Congress
  • The story of Bertolt Brecht
  • The writing of fascism
  • All games – 8
  • All games – 6
  • Diary 2 (1941-1955)
  • The beast
  • Julius Caesar
  • Anti-fascist poetry and fascism
  • Conversation of two refugees
  • Brecht’s diary
  • Diary I.
  • All games – 9
  • The work of Mr. Julius Caesar
  • Machine song
  • The life of Galileo
  • Art Articles
  • Socialist realism and society
  • Performing arts and decorations
  • A Journey Story
  • Why do they call my name?
  • 100 Gedichte
  • War primer
  • Friends letter
  • Experimental theater-two plays
  • All Games 11
  • A respectable marriage and the other one is law drama
  • On radio theory and cinema
  • Thripeni opera
  • The Dark Times
  • All Games – Volume 10

Quotes by Bertolt Brecht – Lyrics

  • I am thirty five years old, I have no aristocracy, I have no real estate, I have never traded .. I have never exploited anyone. (There is no pure poetry)
  • The poor need courage. Why? Because they lost the team from the beginning. In their case, it takes courage to wake up in the morning. Or is it easier to plow during war? Even having children shows that they are brave because they have no hope in this world. (Mother’s courage and her child)
  • The greatest grace that can be done to a person is not to give him grace, but to let him not be a beggar. (All together or none of us)
  • Don’t cry at all, because the world is not as valuable as it is, tears are flowing from your eyes. (Shawk’s historic encounter with Hitler)
  • Yes, we are told not to be selfish and share what you have. Okay, but what if we have nothing? (Mother’s courage and her child)
  • Every year in September, when schools open, women in the suburbs line up at stationery stores and buy notebooks for their children. They desperately dig out their last money from their worn-out wallets and shout about how expensive science is. But they do not know how bad science is for its children. (Poems for tomorrow’s elders)
  • People blame everyone but themselves for the disaster that happened to them.The story of Bertolt Brecht)
  • Hitler! Moscow forward! (Shawk’s historic encounter with Hitler)
  • “It came this way, but it doesn’t go that way” (Galileo Galilei – Friends Theater)
  • Thoughts do not fit the hat on each head. (All games – 1)
  • Homeless people are lying on the street, how does the voice of justice come from the house? (Poems for tomorrow’s elders)
  • It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does. Language is the common property of all, and it is not the linguistic difference, but the expulsion of speech, which prevents people from being united, no matter how harmful it may seem to us. If someone tries to tell you that there are thousands of ways to see an object, there are thousands of ways to describe it, there are thousands of ways to express love, joy and pain, there are thousands of ways to get there. If he doesn’t break a branch of the tree of life, they will immediately call him crazy. Anyone who expresses, explains and translates that a quiet voice in a community that says it is untouchable, is insane, useless, hellish. (There is no pure poetry)
  • “Where faith has been sitting for a century now there is doubt.” (All together or none of us)
  • We ate stones, hoping for food. Stomach throbbing, face disrespectful. (Mother’s courage and her child)
  • Second lawyer sir, what is love? Why does a man fall in love? Someone finds a person and falls in love with him. The other wants to fall in love and look for a person for it. Thus, when one is in love with his beloved, the other loves love. So when I call one destiny, I call the other work. (All games – 5)
  • Destiny has trapped him in four walls, will anyone listen to him? If you ask him where he died, he will drink wine for him. But when you’re alive, you look empty, end their suffering now (All games – 2)
  • Poor house people, find out! People in prison, find out! Women in the kitchen, learn! Dad, learn! Management must take matters into its own hands. Homeless vagabond, find school! Ice-cold, learn yourself! Put your paw on the book, starving: it’s a weapon. Management must take matters into its own hands. (Appreciate learning)
  • . Work is not slavery, otherwise it is not difficult to work. . (People’s bread)
  • If you look, if you look, if you are blaming yourself, you have a conscience inside you (All games – 3)
  • Don’t be afraid of the wind, Michelle. This poor devil is harming himself. He keeps pulling the clouds, but most of the time he feels cold. (Caucasian Chalk Circle)

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