Playing an instrument without 3 year old notes

It is very important for children to start learning music at an early age for their mental and emotional development. What if I told you about a method that makes music education much easier at a young age?

We know the importance of learning music at an early age, but when it comes to learning musical notes, both children and families quickly give up. Musician and educator said. In his book, The First Steps of a Younger Artist, Erman Türkili notes that all children are just starting out with the piano, or that those with special education need to be helped to learn to play the piano easily and without distraction, including colors, shapes, and stickers. Symbols and funny images. “We’re in the patent process right now,” said Turkili, explaining how he created the system.

What are the benefits of learning music for young children?

Especially students who start between the ages of 3-5 have a very significant emotional benefit. Visual intelligence, auditory intelligence, and kinetic intelligence are used when playing an instrument. Children can go a long way if they start learning at an early age. When I was a student, it was possible to start at the elementary school age, now it has come down to the elementary school level, and I think that joining music at a young age will be a significant benefit in the rise of artists in our country.

Notation is difficult to learn

What are the most difficult things for children to learn?

In general, when music education begins, especially if it is 5 years or less, the student comes to the music lesson and is very excited. But this tension is decreasing every week, the main reasons are; As the stages of learning progress, there are some words that he does not know, finger movements that he has difficulty understanding, rhythmic exercises that must be followed. Twenty-first century children are now doing a lot of work on the screen with one click. But there are many details of playing an instrument. Learning musical notes is one of the areas where children hang out the most. Finding the note, playing the note on the piano and figuring out how long the note lasts makes it very difficult for children at this age. The content of our approach is designed exclusively for children of early age. There is no note in it, the whole educational method is based on symbols and colors. The length of the notes is determined by the size of the symbols, the different colors of the symbols represent different notes, these symbols are also found on the piano keys. Thus, from the age of 3 years, children can easily start using this method. It helps them a lot to gain confidence from the first moment.

How did the book come about? Will it come in Turkish?

When I was doing my PhD at Florida State University, I had a student named Addison. He was 3 years old then. I started by teaching him violin strings, and we soon reached a point where we needed to talk about sheet music. It was a very difficult thing for him to realize and it was very abstract for him to really understand. I noticed that I couldn’t tell him anything about sheet music, and after months of thinking about how to help him, I started to develop this method. I thought it would help to relate the notes to the ideas he already understood. So I decided to label the wires with shapes and different finger positions with color. This method really worked and Addison started learning much easier. Thus, my student, who had been struggling for months, suddenly started playing new songs every week and left for concert. I started building the whole system accordingly and piloted with hundreds of kids. Then I explained this method in a book. Last year, our book was published worldwide. We plan to publish it in 2023 in Turkish and different languages.

Playing an instrument without 3 year old notes

What is the effect of this approach on children with special education needs?

The biggest problem for children in special education is this concept of musical notes. Finding, playing and counting notes within 5 black lines is a very difficult process. This method, which consists of symbols and colors, allows them to play very comfortably.

Playing an instrument without 3 year old notes

The sooner the better

What do parents need to know to be interested in their child’s music and instruments?

At the Science and Art Mansion, of which I am the founder, we always have a saying: “Not everyone has to be an artist, but everyone has to have art in their life.” While it is being discussed that the methods of practicing intelligence development in the world are in the womb, it is very pointless for us to wait till the age of 9-10 years. The sooner the better. I strongly recommend that parents give their children the opportunity to learn at least one instrument starting at 3-4 years of age. Learning an instrument is very helpful in developing children’s social, cognitive and fine motor skills. Music education is really a journey, and the sooner a child’s journey begins, the farther it can go.

How does the method work?

We’ve added information stickers for parents and teachers on the first page of our book and “stickers” at the end of the book. Thus, parents who do not have music education can easily help their children. In the first stage, these stickers need to be affixed to the piano or organ, each step of this process is included in the “Piano Preparation” page. After that, one song after another follows these symbols and colors.

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