Registration for the Young Comedy Summer School begins

Thousands of 714-year-old students at Young Comek Summer School will receive training in “Our Religions and Values”, “Sports” and “Arts”, conducted by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality in the center and districts – face-to-face and distance education.
Registration for the summer school organized by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality under Genç KOMEK is starting across Konya. Ugur Ibrahim Altaye, mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, said Young Comec offers students a enjoyable and educational summer vacation. Noting that the young Comec will meet with children with face-to-face and distance learning options this summer, President Altai invited all 714-year-old students who want to make the most of their holidays to improve themselves to apply for the registration held. Between June 619. Students enrolled in Young Comey, which will provide training on “Our Religions and Values”, “Sports” and “Art”, will receive 20 hours of lessons per week, 7 weeks, 4 hours a day, between 4 July and August 26. Training materials will be provided in the branches which will be selected as package by the youths participating in face to face training.

“Kids will have fun at game camp”
Within the framework of the lessons planned in the two groups, face-to-face training will be conducted in the morning and in the afternoon, at Komek and Asem buildings in the center and district. At the Young Comec Game Camp for students from Dutluki and Kent Forest; Enjoy games such as rope pulling game, Survivor Track, Bicycle Training Area, Archery Training Area, Bose Training Station, Excavation Area, Magic Maze, Stick Catching Game, Mushroom Picking Game, Tail Catching, First Aid Event, Castle Game, AFAD Event. . It aims to cut unforgettable moments. Students will also participate in boarding camps for 2 nights and 3 days in the camp areas of Takent and Beshehir districts. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the age-based competition.

Young KOMEK distance learning
Distance learning will continue this summer at the Young Komek Summer School, which is home to guests with distance learning during the epidemic. The trainings, which are all interactive and never stop interacting with students, will engage children with useful activities. Training will be offered online to participants in many fields such as Elfba, Holy Quran, Handicraft, Algorithm, Art Design, Computer Use, Drama, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Model Aircraft. Students living in cities other than Konya will be delivered free of charge by courier to their address.

Amazing gift for successful students
Students who succeed in the competition as a result of the application, such as attendance status and scoring criteria, will be rewarded. Those who participate in online classes can benefit from the training by registering for offline classes if they wish. This summer, young KOMEK activities in the Balkans will be confronted and conducted online. Training in the Holy Quran, values ​​education, traditional Turkish arts and sports; City travel and swimming activities will be conducted. Young Comec also has plans for foreign students who will participate in distance learning from abroad. In addition to offline training videos; Translations into English, Bosnian, Arabic and Russian will be offered to those who wish to benefit from Genç KOMEK. Applications to the Young Komek Summer School, which can be registered from the Konya Center and District for face-to-face training, are available online from all over Turkey and from all over the world for offline training, at www. and 619 will expire between June 2022.

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