That mother does not believe in her son’s death

The event, started by “Mothers of Diyarbakir” in front of the HDP Provincial Building, was followed by various activities as it ended its 1000th day. Ayeten Elhaman was one of the mothers who spoke on the occasion. “Even if a thousand years pass, we will not leave here without our children,” he said.

However, it is reported that Ayeten Elhaman’s son, Bayram Elhaman, was killed in an operation conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces in Garat on February 10-14, 2021 to rescue 13 people abducted by the PKK. The PKK reported that Bayram Elhaman was killed in February 2021, shortly after the operation. Explained; Also on social media In the post Was found.

On April 14, 2021, this information must have been passed on to Mother Ayten Elhaman as well. UAVIn the news he called, “Come on, lie to them, boy, they say you’re dead, but I don’t believe my son will come, I hope.” Three months later again UAV“I don’t believe my son is dead. If he dies, where is his body? Will they not let my son live or die,” he said.

It is understandable and sad that a mother does not believe that her child has died and is continuing to protest in front of the provincial building. The security units that organized the operation, and Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, who attended the event, are responsible for clarifying whether Bayram Elhaman is alive, informing his mother and issuing a statement. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Of course, it is wrong for the media to pretend that there is no such problem. It is necessary to confirm the statement about the death of Bayram Elhaman and at least describe the situation of his son in the news of “Mother of Diyarbakir” and mother Ayeten Elhaman. We are faced with the tragedy of a mother who continues to work without believing in her son’s death.

Gift watch returns

The interest of the journalists in the morning press conference of Settar Aslan, chairman of হz Orman İş union affiliated with Haq-is, was great, probably due to concerns about forest fires. But then the journalists were criticized on social media when they heard about giving smart watches as gifts. So I asked the union press office about the gift and the reason for the gift:

“Before the fire season of 2022, we wanted to give gifts to the cameramen and journalists who are our voice in our problems and who took part in our fight against forest fires at the risk of their lives. They respond to criticism by opening the package in their home or workplace and immediately calling us and saying, ‘We can’t buy this gift, thank you.’ Except for the two of them, everyone thanked them and returned with the report. Both friends said they would return within a week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our friends in the media. “

Settar Aslan, chairman of Oz Orman Ice Union

It is gratifying that journalists have returned the gift. Congratulations, I hope this behavior will set an example for the future. It is against ethical principles for journalists to accept gifts of 3-5 thousand lira, especially from news sources. This creates a bond of interest with the news source. Symbolic gifts can only be accepted on special occasions.

Did he tell Hurriyat’s power plant?

FreedomNext to the headline, there was a proclamation “Minister has announced Hurriyat”. In the news photo below, “Sözcü Kalın Freedom‘She told me’ was written.

FreedomNeither of the two “special” news items had any signatures. Ankara’s location is mentioned only in the report of the Minister of Environment and Urban Development Murat Kurum, “Economic Services” and meetings with Swedish and Finnish representatives in the formula for a house on cell land, only the location of Ankara. The news from the Ministerial Institution is already the same day. In the morningIt was too; Although it was signed, it is not clear where the minister spoke.

FreedomThe absence of the reporter’s signature in the news is an important indicator. Freedom If reporters had met with Kalin and Kurum, the report could have been signed. Since it does not exist, only one possibility remains; Text ready to send!

This is also not surprising. Two years ago, again, “Ibrahim Kalin, FreedomHe also said that there was no signature in the conversation titled “Islamophobia in 10 questions”. FreedomSeems to be accustomed to publishing readymade text sent by members of the government. They confuse the reader by publishing public relations writing as journalistic content.

7 thousand year old wheat legend

When the news of the “7,000 year old wheat” first came out FreedomI was the reader representative. I wrote that it is not true that the wheat found in the excavation area in Kültepe gave 1 in 8 thousand (!) Marmaris. Head of the Department of Archeology. Dr. Fikri Kulakoglu, Newspaper wallsHe denied the news to Nure Pehlivan, saying “there is no 7,000-year-old wheat or settlement in Kultepe.”

Five years later, the news broke again. This time UAVThe seeds of a 7,000-year-old ancestor have sprouted in Diyarbakir. Moreover wheat DHAAs in the news. The only difference was that it was said that the ancient wheat was planted in Diyarbakir instead of Marmaris.

UAV news Evening, A Haber, Habertark, Sozku, TGRT, Siddhanta, Yeni Akit The legendary ‘seven thousand year old wheat’ is born again! Also on social media Interest He saw. Without editorial control, every lie, every injustice is exposed.

In one sentence.

  • New dawnHe put his picture in the “Daily Puzzle” and said “Fahretin… (photo)” and asked the last name of the communications director Fahretin Altun.
  • The police, who wanted to commemorate the gazi resistance, did not allow the procession to take a procession towards Takasim, assaulting three journalists; He also detained six journalists.
  • Spokesperson, Professor. In the headline of a news article featuring Serap Şimşek Yavuz’s explanation, he mistakenly wrote “Explanation of the monkey flower from Prof.Turan”.
  • The ruling media, which gave extensive coverage of Istanbul’s victory ceremony, ignored the “Victory Day” event hosted by IMM in Malta.
  • Those who want to check the damage Tele 1 Although the reporter was blocked and detained, Hagia Sophia’s door was used only to deny the allegations. In the morningOpened.
  • Those who have ignored Selahattin Demirtaş’s statement to this day. FreedomWhen Demirtaş criticizes the opposition, it is published under the headline “Demirtaş’s reaction to the 6-piece table”.
  • UAVRetired soldier Cihat Yaycı spoke of the epidemic as if he were a medical expert, saying “it is very possible that the epidemic will be managed by a center” as news of a conspiracy.
  • New agreementThe CHP chairman described the lynching attempt against Kılıçdaroğlu as a “demonstration”, with the headline “Kılıçdarooglu imprisoned for protesters” in the news of the court’s decision.
  • President Erdogan’s “slot” insult to Gezi protesters, Evening, nationality And TRT NewsWhen Hurriyat, morning, new dawn Etc. were censored in the ruling media.
  • In the morning And One dayIn the news of a plane crash involving 22 people in Nepal, a picture of a large passenger plane was mistakenly used.

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