The LGS excitement is over: “We’ve been cut off from travel and clothing. I’ve prepared their nutrition at home, I haven’t taken too much care of the canteen.”


The High School Entrance System (LGS) exam, for which students and parents are eagerly awaiting, was held today. In the exams, nearly one million students sweated to be admitted to a good high school. Parents said they had to reduce their basic needs and send their children to class. One student said, “Studying at school should be enough, but we didn’t get to school very much when we told this corona time. Online reading doesn’t make much sense. That’s why we had to go to the classroom.” Travel and clothing have been reduced. I have prepared their food and sent it home. I did not have much objection from the canteen. ”

LGS exams have been held across Turkey today. Nearly one million 8th graders have worked hard to realize their dream of a good high school by sweating on the LGS question. The first session of the test starts at 09:30 and the second session at 11:30. In the first session, students were asked 50 questions from Turkish, History of Revolution and Perfectionism, Religious Culture and Ethics and Foreign Language courses. Students were asked to answer this question within 75 minutes. In the second session, students were given 60 minutes by asking 40 questions from math and science courses.

After the test, some students said the math questions were more difficult, some students said it was not a difficult test, while families said their children could not get enough education due to the epidemic and they had to send their children. In private educational institutions, the demand decreases a lot.

Students and parents, Anka about the exam News He told his company:

A student named Ayasu, who took the test: It was a difficult test. Especially in math, they were very difficult. Without it, science was better than mathematics. Revolution and blah, they were a little easier. We will select some based on the test results. During this time we are really tired. It was a difficult and tedious time. Our teachers are very good. Our teachers in the classroom are also good, but especially the new generation, everyone is automatically lacking in these questions. Education in school should be adequate, but when we were talking about this corona period or something else, we could not come to school very much. Many things are not understood with online education. We couldn’t go to school when Corona started, so we had to go to the classroom. The canteen is very expensive, nothing can be touched. If you come to a grocery store there দাম everything costs.

Another student who took the test: I did 10 questions from math. Verbal was easy. They scared us a lot, it wasn’t like that. The teachers used to scare us a lot.

Student Guardian: We had a hard time in this process, we cut ourselves and gave them.

Student Guardian: In general, all children say “math is difficult”. I have been giving extra lessons since August last year. They were at home for two years, I don’t think they learned much. Extra classes were expensive. After all, this is the future of our children. It was a very difficult process for us too. I am a working mother, I deduct all my personal expenses. Winter has become very difficult. Bills etc. have all kinds of effects. Bill, nutrition … we don’t have a canteen. As long as it is fed at home.

Student Guardian: When there is a lot of negativity in our country, when people are under pressure, you also put pressure on children. Everything you reflect on is reflected in them. Children also try not to reflect their wishes so as not to disturb you. It worries the future. My only wish is a happy life, but to be honest, I can’t see anything.

“I prepared their food at home, I didn’t take much from the canteen.”

One parent stated that their child had difficulty with the test and that the education provided in the school was not sufficient and said:

“The training is not balanced with the questions being asked. The questions are very challenging. They play with children’s psychology. We sent them to the classroom, but it was very difficult. Because you are trying to complete the education in school.” , Financially and you send them to the classroom. You are not the only child, of course, but a salary. You teach two kids. From travel and clothing. I prepared their food and sent it home.

Another parent said, “Sometimes, you travel without money, but you get the kids request. The situation is getting worse, I hope it gets better. I was forced to send it to class. I really had a hard time with one.” Salary, “said another parent.

“Kids participated in this test without any preparation, without any basis”

Gamje Karakaulu, head of the Parent-Teacher Association, says children need to prepare for LGS, starting at 6th grade in high school, and says:

“There is a huge difference between the questions asked at LGS and the education that children receive in school. I think they are very unprepared, they took this test without any basis. We separate these children with this test. Do they have talent or not? What? You put elephants and ants on the same test. These high schools have nothing to do with their field of interest. They have to work hard and spend time so that they can pass the test. Get started. Babies need good nutrition. We don’t eat well anyway. Besides, we don’t have the right food. And it’s hard to get good food.

Trades: We can’t load students due to high growth

“We try our best to help our students as much as possible. Despite the increase, we provide water for 2 lira and tea for 5 lira, until their demand is met. We can break our students No. I have 3 lira, what can I buy? ‘ They say, “We can’t say, ‘It’s 5 lira, it’s 10 lira.’

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