The moon goddess is calling Aegean – Songul Hatisaru

Chandra Devi welcomed the guests at the new Hotel Monrovia in Alakati. A combination of luxury and art, the hotel also responds to the prospect of an isolated holiday.

I was in Alaçatı last weekend. As soon as we entered the first summer without masks after the epidemic, the recreation center Alakati, the season began. But this time, I can’t take you to Alaçatı’s colorful streets, which are surrounded by cafes and, of course, a thousand words from the crowd. In these two years, of course, every aspect of our lives, including holiday habits, has changed. According to the announced information, people are looking for more isolated places. While families are looking for luxurious villas, nature lovers are looking for camps, glaming, and travelers are looking for caravans, the common point where most of them meet is “isolated vacation”. Many are looking for a classic but healthy holiday. Hotels that have expanded their measures against the epidemic are preferred.

On the one hand, there is a lot of longing for the days before the epidemic. As much as there is desire in the arms of entertainment, food and dance, there is a tendency to have peace, tranquility and avoidance of crowds. Monrêve Alaçatı, where I attended the opening ceremony of the weekend, set off with a foretaste of this “new holiday trend”.

A simple dream

As chairman of the board of directors, Merve Sakalli takes over the management of the hotel, where Lucien Arcas, a businessman from Izmir, shares half with his future wife Marve Sakalli. Monrêve, meaning “my dream” in French, is a common dream product এটি a great address for those who want to stay in Alaçatı and enjoy a luxurious vacation away from the hustle and bustle. However, location is not the only feature of the hotel. Everyone knows Lucien Bay’s interest in art.

Each room is a story

The bronze statue of the moon goddess Selena greets you at the entrance of the hotel. In the hotel, which has 16 rooms of four different types, each room tells its own story. All rooms in the Monrêve Alaçatı are named Consensus, Mendros, Smyrna and Antre, and are all inspired by the work of the Arcas Collection.

Involved in the industry

In one of the Consensus Rooms, there is also a “Moon Girl” relief created by sculptor Timur Tekbus, inspired by Albert Ablett’s “Selena Painting” from the Arcas Collection. “Mendros”, the name given to the river god by those who believed that the Buuk Menderes River was a god in ancient times, Monrov named four rooms in Alakati, and I was in one of these rooms, where Godward’s painting was when the heart was young.

Inspired by the palace gardens along the coast of Old Izmir, the features of the Smirna Room have been selected from the Arcas collection as paintings.

In the foyer rooms, paintings from the Arcas Collection, selected from the landscape, are used as wallpaper, while each room has a copy of a separate work.

The moon goddess is calling Aegean


Usually, the doorman service is in big hotels. However, in Monrovia, guests’ holiday experiences are kept out of accommodation. A new understanding is given to the concept of boutique hotels. Today, although boutique hotels differ with their few rooms and unique identities, they are no different in terms of service. It is designed to cater to every need, from daily cultural and gastronomic tours to personal tennis or boat training, from beach preservation to instant airport transfers. The Monrov restaurant offers special flavors of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine for its guests, along with wine from Lucien Arcas Vineyard. In short, stretch your legs and enjoy the serene sunshine, historical travel and recreation just one step away.

The moon goddess is calling Aegean

Summer-winter open

The hotel, which has started inviting its first guests over the weekend, will serve in summer and winter. In our conversation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Monrovia, Merve Sakalli stated that he would like to continue his investment in the tourism sector. . Saying that the tourism sector is now evolving towards new models with the dimensions of refinement, health and personal development beyond the holidays, Sakalli added that he is continuing to study its feasibility in line with these needs.

Contemporary education in harmony with the sea, the forest and dear friends

I also noticed with my own eyes that it is possible to live in the city and live a regular life and a significant number of people who do not have to waste time in traffic are living in Urla. I wanted to see why many people from Istanbul, Ankara, American and even Dubai like Urla.

The moon goddess is calling Aegean

I became acquainted with TED Izmir College, which created a different learning concept on this journey that made me realize that Urla is a growing value in Izmir. I think one of the reasons for Urla immigration is a school here with such deep roots and different perspectives.

Just like a farm

First, the quality of education aside, this school seems to have a harmony with nature, a melody and a song. Students studying here had the opportunity to have an incredible breakfast by buying tomatoes, fresh cucumbers and warm eggs from their gardens in the permaculture area. The two large rabbits and their maze house, each more adorable than the other, give the students the feeling of being on a farm. These are the little details that you can feel more involved in this school.

Classroom in the woods

In parallel with the location of the school, nature and sports are intertwined. Not surprisingly, there are many national surf athletes at this school. Not only athletes, but also many young artists who show the value that comes with art by decorating school walls with ceramics are also a part of this school.

There is another angle that describes the coexistence with nature so beautifully that I appreciate it, it is the “forest school”. There are 4 classrooms in the forest behind the school, where children learn to spend time in nature and to understand the activities of life in natural life. I think these classes are like the lungs of school, and I can say that they are a therapy for the body and soul of the children who feel the fresh air in them.

Environmental projects

A school that is so close to nature and the sea, of course, has such a beautiful environmental project that it would not be necessary to mention it briefly. The 3-year project, “Marine and Environmental Waste Becomes an Industry in the Hands of Children”, has conducted various studies on waste collected from Urla Beach, and these projects have been shown to the public. Space outside the school, trying to raise awareness.

The moon goddess is calling Aegean

Follows global trends

I also met with Açalya layralay, the founding representative and general manager of TED İzmir College and Berfin Çeçen senol, a member of the board of directors. In the shadow of TED’s vision and mission, Açalya Öralay says they are careful to apply permaculture training, one of the most valuable trainings she has received abroad over the years, in Urla. On the other hand, Berfin eçen Şenol said, “From an innovative perspective, I personally follow the ideas and tools of innovative learning by participating in domestic and international fairs. As one of the few schools in our country that can implement global education trends, my goal is to bring each of our students to science, sports and industry with a special perspective. ”

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