Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey – Nekmatin Itekin

Trabzon is one of the well-known names in business, politics and sports
Nekmatin Itekin is one of the names that has been able to become one of the names.
Aytekin is engaged in construction work in Gümüshane’s Torul district.
6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons, a working father and a mother who is a housewife.
He was born the eldest. Torul Primary and Secondary School,
Aitekin, who attended high school at Trabzon High School, started a university in Istanbul.
He continued his life in Ankara and studied civil engineering.
Aitekin, who started his business life with his father, is one of his other siblings.
Instead, he chooses his father’s profession and sets the course for his life.
Successful work in many cities, especially in the Trabzon,
Aitekin, who has signed with Sadri Senar, has the largest number of managing positions in Trabzonspor.
However, he had the honor of being the name that made it.
He is in Trabzonspore, to which he has been fond since childhood, so to speak.
He never shied away from responsibility; Your time, your work, even from time to time
He also sacrificed his family for this great love …

He was also the manager of the championship in the 2010-11 season.
“Just like that season, Trabjanspar won the championship in 1996,” said Aitekin.
It was taken away from him by the referees. ” Also important for history
Reading a note is the fate of many places for the Trebjon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

With Iskander Onal, another successful businessman from Trabzon
Explaining that they had decided to enter, Aitken said, “Trabzon to serve and
The Chamber of Commerce needs to raise some issues on behalf of the sector.
Said their goal.

Although he has a structure that doesn’t like to talk too much,
A humble, grandfatherly and highly experienced business profile
Aitekin draws.

Nekmatin Aitekin is married and has three sons.
It continues along the path drawn between the Ankara-Bodram-Trabzon triangle.
They continue to feed them and feed them year after year.
Trabzon always ranks first in the tax record holders’ tribune.
Another great pride.

Excitement of 10,000 students in LGS Trabzon

Can you tell us about your family and your childhood?
My grandfather, who was a contractor, has always been in the Trabzon since 1938.
My father also worked as a contractor for my grandfather. I
Since primary school I have always been on the construction site with my dad. Then back
Our business was not only in Trabzon, but also in Erzurum, so I.
I used to go there with my father. Even in my high school years, I completely dominated the work.
I can tell. My father was also very happy to see my interest in business. I can still say that he is very happy in this situation.
Besides, my father always encouraged us to read.
Encourage time.


After graduating from high school, I first went to Istanbul to study at university.
Then my father got busy in contracting work again.
He was busy and often went to Ankara for business. I am in Istanbul
There was no private university in Ankara when I went, but the following year
When it opened, I decided to continue my education in Ankara.
When it comes to that time of our childhood; In our childhood
There was a very beautiful Trabzon. People seemed happier.
Maybe the city was not so crowded then. Of course, emerging technology
Cities have also developed. A lot was invested in Trabzon. Developing
I think technology has its advantages as well as its advantages.

Trabzon, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey

Stay in Istanbul or Ankara where you went to university
Have you ever wondered?

I never thought of staying in Istanbul or Ankara.
I am currently living in Ankara. Ankara is a very beautiful city.

Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. My son’s college
We moved to Ankara because of his life. I have wanted it year after year.
Our office has been here for over 30 years already. Even when the family is Trabzon
We did not come for separation. Then for my son’s school life
We came here and we have been here for 15 years. Nowadays, 4 months in the summer in the bedroom,
We stay in Ankara during the winter months.

Where did you come from to enter the Trevjon Chamber of Commerce and Industry?
What have you done during your tenure?

During the presidency of Typhoon Sezeroglu, he met with Alexander Onal.
Through the Chamber will be able to do something together in the name of the profession and for the city.
We decided to enter the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to serve.
Even in our time, the Chamber of Commerce was not very effective
Even our building was rented. Now its opportunities have increased a lot, the economy is going to the world.
As the open economy grows, so do the opportunities. That’s it for him
Today’s situation is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Now the children go to primary school.
He can even learn to play the piano without going. In our time it is
Fewer people had the opportunity. What do we do in the room
When it comes down to it, we solve problems especially in the sector we represent.
We try our best to express as much as possible and find a solution.
We tried.

When you compare the Trabzon of that time with today, what a one
Do you want to evaluate?

Trabzon has always had trade, social life, health, cultural services.
It was the center of the East Black Sea region. This feature gives me
Continues to grow. As a businessman, my first tax office was in Gumshun.
In 1974, I became a tax record holder in Gümüshane.
We have a family philosophy, ‘You will win, but not what you earn.
It is a great honor to pay your taxes. ‘ This is what we always do
We worked from thought. As a tax record holder in Trabzon for years
I think we have done our duty well.

In the future tourism of Trabzon

In recent years, the tourism sector has come a long way.
I think he’s gone. For this reason, the future of Trabzon in my opinion
In the tourism industry. I have always said this from the past. The end
Year after year, we can add health tourism to it.

Trade will depend on tourism, but big industries will not be in the Trabzon.
I also agree with your opinion. Trabzon is a product raw material from abroad
You’re going to bring it in and go produce it and re-market it outside, that’s a lot.
Tough facts. It also has a huge area in terms of geographical location and land structure.
It is also difficult to invest as it is not available. But Trabzon will win.
Need to invest.

I support the green path

In recent years, many hotels have been built for tourism. This is Trabzon.
An important plus of tourism, which will pave the way. This
Also, places like Jigana Mountains and Kakar Mountains were evaluated.
Tourism alternatives can be developed. However, green miles
Important and I support Green Miles. People with easy access
And prefers to go to more convenient places. This should not be forgotten.
Iron, an investment that has been talked about for years but never came
What do you say about the way?

This is the big thing that the railway line has not been brought in Trabzon till today.
If the scarcity of railways had been built, perhaps the industry would have been involved in the Trojan trade.
Factories can be made. However, the rail is still in Trabzon.
Apart from the essential runway or new
An airport will also have to be built. Even its internal and international lines were rebuilt.
Should be served.

Immigration cannot be stopped completely

What can be done to prevent immigration from Trabzon?

Immigration from Trabzon cannot be stopped completely. Because
It is a situation from the past to the present. Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara,
Izmir, Kokeli, Sakaria and Duzse have many Trabzon residents
Here. ‘Why did Turkey’s biggest businessmen leave Trabzon?’
If we ask such a question, we will answer, ‘Because they could not come together.’ We say.
The people of Trabzon first started as laborers wherever they went.
They became one of the leading businessmen in Turkey. When we look around Trabzon
We can’t find this example anywhere near the center.
We see that most of the migration is from districts far from the center. Migration
Trade, health and tourism need to be made more effective to reduce it
Trabzon should make good use of its location as the center of the surrounding province.
Speaking of tourism; In your opinion, the future of Trabzon is Arab
Is it indexed for tourism, because in this sense, a lot has been invested and it still exists
Is it done?

I can’t say anything very clear about this. Because in particular
Recently in our city for Arab tourists from Gulf countries.
Price policy will soon drive them away.
Our hope is that this is not the case, but the trend shows it.

Turkey must bring together the construction sector and industry

What can you say about the construction sector, which is your area of ​​activity,
How do you see the future of the industry?
The rapid growth of the construction industry has shown tremendous momentum in recent years
The situation is the same not only in Trabzon but in the whole of Turkey.
Seeing construction in the Trabzon, especially towards Yomra and Sana
Infrastructure comes to mind first. Because I also have a house there.
On the other hand, the construction sector includes many sectors. Build
If the sector is reduced, those sectors will also face problems. In my opinion, Turkey
The construction sector and industry need to be integrated.

You’ve become a very important investment company in Trabzon.
You have also signed a policy. How did this happen?

As NATA, we are a company that has completed 40 years. Forum Shopping Center
I can say that we did it in a very organized, very organized way. How is it
If said that it has been; So to speak, 2 thousand people are very experienced and know their work
We worked 24 hours with a team at an exemplary company and took 16 months.
We were able to finish this investment in record time.

TRABZONSPOR has always been our passion

At the most beautiful time of your life, you will always be happy with Trabzonspor.
You were involved, can you talk a little bit about Trabzonspor?
Trabzonspor has always been our passion since the day it was founded. First
In 1980, at the urging of a friend of mine, Mehmet Ali Ilmaz’s first
I became a member of the club when he was president. Club I am a fan
During the time of the late Mazhar Afakan, he proposed to us along with some of his friends.
We can find out from the administration after he brought it. By Mehmet Ali Ilmaz
When Alexander Onal was president, he was vice-president, and I was in that administration.
I was on board. Later, Dr. Farooq Ozak presided over
Vice Chairman, and the second presidency, chaired by Sadri Senar
I did.

TRABZONSPOR needs to be developed economically first

So, how do you evaluate progress?
All administrations can make mistakes. But the fault lies with the past administration
In my opinion, this is a betrayal of Trabzonspor. Economically in my business life
And my philosophy is, ‘I have to go as far as I can’. And I always
I said; You don’t have to win the championship, you have to win the championship.
Trabzonspor must first be developed economically. This development has happened
When the needle goes up. Looking at the current situation
If Trabzonspor had a good management to carry it, Trabzonspor
He has won a few more times so far. Just like 2010-2011
Like the season, Atabaye Bay led the Trabjanspar during his presidency.
The championship was taken away from him.

What did you learn about Trabzon business life?

Whether a person is in business or in social life, his commitment is always
It should stand behind. What my parents taught me, what I saw from my father
And that’s what I was advised to do. Promise you can, promise you can’t
Not some promise. But when you make a promise, be sure to keep it.
Anna is the main component of the trade. No matter what you do, I will earn a lot of money
If you try, you put things in it that aren’t right.
It may save you money during the day but it is long
You will definitely see the damage in the long run.

Business honesty
For this important reason, the key is honesty.
Thank you Mr. Nekmatin.

I am grateful to you.

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