What should a child do to be smart? How to raise a smart baby?

A 43-year study conducted in the United States reveals the truth. On the normal and gifted children used in the study, the section for mathematically developing children was opened and tested. It has been argued that early cognitive ability is more effective in success than in practice or even at the socio-economic level of the child. What should a child do to be smart? How to raise a smart baby?

Raising smart kids is one of the dreams and aspirations of every parent. But research into the differences between children and the development of intelligence, for parents who do not know how to do it, suggests that brain formation is formed through training at an early age. As the used brain grows, the unused brain shrinks. Explaining the basis of this situation, research experts suggest that the sooner a child starts cognitive skills, the smarter he will be. This cognitive skill, on the other hand, progresses through questioning expressions such as problem solving, problem solving, reasoning, making the right decision and learning what the wrong decision is.

Raising intelligent children

What should a child do to be smart? How can a smart child be raised?

According to research experts and psychologists, a child “Force a genius” It can cause social and emotional problems in many people. In order not to face this situation, tips that develop intelligence that will make them happy too …

Raising intelligent children

1- Let the baby feel it.

Highly intelligent children often need innovation and distinction. The advice of experts is to enable them to experience new life, to get rid of the difficulties on their own and to solve them, to satisfy the mind as well as increase the IQ of the brain.

Raising intelligent children

2- Support their talents and direct them to different interests.

Experts emphasize that there should be no obligation at all in this regard, emphasizing that directing the child to the areas in which he enjoys is important for his intelligence and quality of life to be happy. Thanks to his experience and work in various fields, he will have knowledge in each field and it will be easier for him to find the things he likes. Thoughts such as the problems he has experienced, competitive analysis and success strategies are among the elements that feed his mind. To better meet and support this situation, you can take an aptitude test and reveal your trends.

Raising intelligent children

3- Respond to the emotional needs of the child.

The main emotion at the center of learning and progress is curiosity. This is because children ask their parents a lot of questions before they start school. Experts say this is one of the times when a parent needs to be patient because your responsiveness is important for their development. The more they ask “why” or “how”, the more successful they will be in school. On the other hand, ask him to guess and what might happen, while answering his question with a question, wait a while for the correct answer, let him develop his imagination. The child who learns how to approach events, always appreciate his efforts and do not hesitate to support his argument.

Raising intelligent children

4- Avoid labels.

The labels you use set your child apart from others. This increases her chances of being bullied and puts pressure on her not to disappoint her parents. Explaining that parents should refrain from doing these things, psychologists and experts have also explained that they should not be afraid to make mistakes and it should be emphasized that mistakes are for people instead of labeling them. You always look like “If this path goes wrong, we will try another way, at least we know now that this way doesn’t work”.

Raising intelligent children

5- Let him play a lot of games.

Games are a great way for your mind to think and exercise. The curious child will experience a sense of victory, reward, punishment or success and a sense of failure. He will try to see this feeling in all cases and perspectives and he will find pleasure in trying. As a parent, don’t hesitate to give her the help she needs. Of course, no matter what happens, don’t forget that you are a child.

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