What will you bring this week?

Especially you have to read the rising sign

Saturn’s backwardness creates a more responsible environment for us to see our faults or mistakes today. In the first days of the week, heaviness, slowness and seriousness predominate. Let’s be careful with our words. Mercury-Algol connections can lead to violence in communication and movement issues. With 7, it has to speed up a bit. We can force ourselves to review in detail and do more practical and practical work. About 10 of us are open to more intense experiences in the mental domain. At the same time, we may try to investigate or bring to light a deep-seated problem. Our thoughts may be like those of a detective.

Month calendar

Which day should we pay attention to?

Sunday, June 5th

We can try to express our personality and show ourselves. We are on an extroverted day.

Monday, June 6

We have the right conditions to put our thinking into practice and gain momentum.

Tuesday, June 6

It is not difficult to be active under the strength of the first trimester. Let’s spend more time detailing.

Wednesday, June 8

We can use it well during lunch, we can show our talent.

Thursday, June 9th

We are in a day where movement, communication and discussion are fast. However, there may be situations that challenge our patience.

Friday, June 10

Light adjustment makes it easy to be reasonable and balanced. However, this can be a controversial issue.

Saturday, June 11

We can feel emotionally insecure today. Love and a strong attitude together can be tiring.

Weekly comments

KOÇ Fire + Pioneer (March 21-April 20)

During this time, there are opportunities where you can be very bold and innovative. You are holding fate in your own hands. With your confidence, you can open new doors. Again during this period, visits, meetings and contacts are increased. You may have to spend time dealing with work conditions and problems related to your business life. Around the 7th date, there may be some jobs that require special discipline, practicality and attention. Make your energy more real. Innovations can come to the fore in a joint issue, about 11 of them, in works that are also concerned with your savings.

Taurus Earth + Fixed (April 21 – May 20)

Nowadays there are some risky ventures as well as situations that bring you more satisfaction and opportunities to use your talents. There is a need to focus on financial problems and ongoing work. Try to be flexible in your thinking. Around the 7th date, you can find a time when you can be creative and spend time in the beautiful aspects of life. You can focus your efforts on creative things, more on children. After the 10th date, things related to your wife and boyfriend can become more emotionally confusing. There are new ideas and plans for the joint.

Gemini Weather + Variable (May 21 – June 21)

It brings to your sun sign different thoughts and desire to do new things. In particular, you may be involved in social issues that may bring together new wishes, hopes and possibly a group of friends for the future. You also have to make time for home. On the first days of the week, there can be activity and activity at home, especially around 7:00. Home and land issues can attract attention. Near the age of 11, you may have to deal with situations that leave you in the throes of emotions and thoughts, events that can take some time and energy.

Crabwater + Pioneer (June 22 – July 22)

These days it is important to program your thoughts and see the details. You are on a day where you can be very active and flexible mentally. Meanwhile, there are favorable conditions and opportunities to show yourself in business goals. You can do more with courage. It is important to be well-organized around the 7th and have a proper relationship with your close circle. Try to be careful. Near the 11th, more positive things, fun and enjoyable pursuits may come to the fore.

Lion Fire + Fixed (July 23 – August 23)

Nowadays, both business goals and your status quo attract attention. In the social sphere, there are favorable conditions for marriage. Your confidence is much higher. You can trust your ideas and share them with new people. New opportunities may come in business life. There are many things you can do to use your savings around the 7th. You can be more sensitive to financial matters. In the vicinity of the 11th date, the situation, emotional factors may outweigh the problems at home or in the past.

VIRGO Earth + Variable (August 24 – September 23)

Nowadays, it encourages you to try new things and move on to the difference. Even if some risk or concern comes up, you are very lucky to improve yourself. Thanks to new people, new environment and distant subjects and travel, your outlook on life can expand. Around the 7th date you can do more, especially in the case of expressing a personal desire and innovation. During this time, you are in a position to express concern about your status. You are goal oriented. You should try to get better organized around the 11th.

LIBRA Air + Pioneer (September 24 – October 23)

During this time, new environments and new thinking can make you eager to try different things. While some conditions may not be very controllable, there are opportunities for joint ventures and earnings. During this time, the situation arises from others and the need for a little more balance attracts attention. You should make a good schedule around 7th without being careless. In a joint venture, there may be conditions that are not clear enough. Around 11, you can be more sensitive about your earnings and savings.

Scorpio water + still (October 24 – November 22)

These days, situations, relationships, and some important consequences from others draw attention. Although managing the situation alone is not easy, you can get support from groups and social opportunities. Positive reunion is possible in relationship and love life. About 7 of them, you can take more effective steps towards your goal. A little patience can yield much more positive results. At this time, the business environment is also busy and active. On the 11th, you can take new steps towards family matters or personal wishes.

Spring Fire + Variable (November 23 – December 21)

Nowadays, draw attention to mutual problems, as well as the conditions under which you can direct your efforts towards practical life. Professional issues and responsibilities can also be quite significant. You can be extremely energetic in the creative field, in love and in the things you want to do. On the one hand, you should focus on realizing your thinking. You can do a lot, especially around the 7th date. Try to be a little more visionary. However, more caution may be needed around the 11th. Problems can arise because of situations you don’t know exactly.

Capricorn Earth + Pioneer (December 22 – January 20)

Nowadays, you can spend more time on things that you find creative and enjoyable. There is a strong emphasis on things that bring love and happiness. At the same time, travel and new environments bring you mobility. There is acceleration and renewal in many areas. There may also be costs for something good around 7th. Try not to waste your energy. Around the 11th, you should have a little more balance in your social or love life. You should try to set your priorities better.

SAKA Weather + Fixed (January 21 – February 19)

There can be many different problems that move you nowadays. There may be a profession that is particularly concerned with your home, family or settlement. You can spend time in things that can bring more harmony, peace and security to the home. Try to collect your thoughts. Around the 7th date, there are some worries, situations that make you physically or mentally uncomfortable. You should not be stuck with problems that cause you anxiety. If it is closer to 11, you can try harder on a topic you choose as a goal or because of responsibility.

Fish water + variable (February 20 – March 20)

Nowadays there are great opportunities to creatively share your thoughts and communicate more positively. Again, during this time, you can spend time interacting and spending time at home. New ways to make money can come to the fore. You need to be more open to criticism from people around you. Try to maintain balance. Around 11 you can find more liquid state. You can make changes that make an ongoing project even better.

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