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Adnan Polat, one of the former presidents of the sports club in Galatasaray, made a statement about the selection process of the yellow-red club, the problems of the club, what happened during the presidency of Burak Elmas, as well as what he experienced during his time. Presidency

Emphasizing the decision to sack the administration, which appeared in a congress during his own term, should be amended, Polat said the club should first work in unity and solidarity. He emphasized that the decision to step down was made in the first place, and said that it was even more important now. “I think Galatasaray’s priority is to ensure unity and solidarity because in Galatasaray the club members are divided. Even if the president, whom we have not supported in the past, is elected, everyone will try their best to help him and make the club successful. , Values ​​have disappeared. Especially after the Congress of March 2011, they did something called administrative expulsion. It severely damaged the image of the club. Galatasaray lost the weight of the presidency. The constitution will be in his hands. Those who have done the work are preparing in a certain pattern and carrying out other calculations. Its founders will have to go back to the settings. Incoming administrations will be exhausted without much, and he will step down shortly. He said.

“Burak Elmas suffered a lot during his time.”

Noting that Galatasaray should support and assist the elected president after the election process, Polat criticized the way Burak Elmas was sent, “Burak Elmas suffered a lot during his time. Although his candidacy was not accepted, the club elected him president. He had to be given the respect and dignity he needed. Was given. Conspiracy-type speculation. “I do not know the truth of the matter. Such a congress should not have been held for the presidency of Galatasaray. I know he’s upset, but he shouldn’t send the president to Galatasaray. “ He said.

“Over the last 4-5 years, I have been constantly contacted about roof candidates.”

Noting that he had also visited the roof candidates in the past, who are constantly on the election agenda in Galatasaray, Polat said:

“Over the last 4-5 years, I have been constantly visiting Galatasaray. There have been leaders of certain parties who have a certain status, but there is a rudeness that the club bears. It is also a matter of administrative release. It started with my Congress. Galatasaray removed it. They have to stay away from the name club. These people need to come back to the club. The Supreme Court has acknowledged that there is no administrative responsibility. “That step was not taken. I do not know why they did not take it. The incoming president did it. It is the first step towards unity and solidarity.”

“I support Dursun Beck with his projects.”

Adnan Polat, who said he had met with both candidates in the Galatasaray presidential election, shared the following details of his meeting with the two names:

“We talked to Mr. Esref about Galatasaray in general, we didn’t have any project-based conversations. We talked about unity and the success of the sport. Mr. Dursun wanted to know my opinion about real estate. The club’s debt will be reimbursed but the club’s debt will be restored with these projects. He has specific experience, he was former president. When a new president comes, a year passes when he realizes he is in the world. Coming from business life, but Dursun Bay was the president before. More experienced. Mr. Dursun asked us for support. I said I would do everything for the benefit of Galatasaray. I think Mr. Dursun is one step ahead in that sense. “

“We need to transform into a corporate structure in terms of scouting and infrastructure.”

Noting that the yellow-red community needs to be patient and work according to plan, Polat said “We need to transform it into a corporate structure in terms of scouting and infrastructure. We have to incur the necessary costs. Every football player is sold until it is sold at its price. When you take a player out of infrastructure and make him a star, He will be a true star player in my opinion. There have been many incidents in Galatasaray in the past. In 1992, in the Darwel era, our players were very old, and from that year on, we started to revive the team. We did it slowly in 3 years. That team won the championship during my tenure. It became the champion after me and won the UEFA Cup. We can do the same thing again. We can do the same thing again. ” With this stress the tasks you want to do can become random. Even there, management has to take a position and withstand this pressure. Galatasaray always plays for the championship, but also in these processes. Should not be ignored ” Says

“They can take Okan Buruk.”

Polat said he was close to the idea of ​​bringing a local name to Galatasaray, where he knew the club. “In my opinion, there are tech people who know Galatasaray very well at the moment. They can take Okan Buru. He has won Basakehir. He has won the Turkish Cup. He is a shrewd athlete who knows football and comes from the infrastructure. The club. But if it is taken during this time, an experienced and disciplined coach is needed because as far as I can see Floria has become a bit relaxed. . “ He said.

“It was a mistake to put Burak Elmas in the coach’s shadow when he was selected.”

Adnan Polat says Galatasaray club president Burak Elmas is not worthy of what was done to him at the congress. “It was a mistake to put Burak Elmas under the umbrella of a technical man when he was elected. In my opinion, those who ran for the presidency in this way were wrong. Those who did not show due respect. Elmas was wrong after being elected. It was and has been wrong again and again. It shows how confused the club is. Galatasaray needs to be freed from them. A leader needs to unite the community. This did not happen in Burak’s time. The biggest mistake was in the style and style of Congress. Congress was a complete failure. ” Used expressions.

“Whenever this is done, I will set foot in the stadium.”

“Will you one day be the presidential candidate for Galatasaray again?” Polat answers this question:

“A part of my heart is always in Galatasaray. Until the Congress removes the rudeness about my declared administrative responsibilities, I only enter the club to cast my vote. Other than that, I am not involved in any activity. I have been in the stadium built during my tenure for 10 years. Not just for me, but for the late Mustafa. “We’ll sit down and talk, and then we’ll talk about what happened to Genghis and Burak Elmas. Whenever that happens, I set foot in the stadium. “

On the other hand, Polat said that the inauguration of Gul Baba Park, which is part of his project in Pialepas, will be held on Thursday. “We have created a park in front of our Pialepasa project. We have named that park Gulbaba Park. One of the facilities of this project has been renamed as Dervis Gul Baba. We will open it next Thursday. From here, we are to our friendly brother, Hungary. We will hold a concert at the Atatুrk Cultural Center on Saturday evening when the election takes place. A poem was written by an important Hungarian poet, Gul Baba, and a composer turned it into a symphony of music, sung by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. There will be a day of paddy, a burning torch for the unity and solidarity of Galatasaray.‘He announced.

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