Champion children of Ukraine, victims of war, continue their education in Antalya

The municipality of Konyalti has opened a course center for children from Ukrainian families who have come to Turkey due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The number of children in the center, where Ukrainians living in the city volunteer as teachers, reached 500 on the weekends. Among the Ukrainian children participating in the course, there are also children who are active in various sports, cultural and artistic fields in their country and have won championships and degrees.

The children gathered in the class saying “talented children of Ukraine” and together expressed their love and gratitude saying “thank you Turkey, long live Turkey”.

“We provide psychological support, we heal their wounds.”

A volunteer teacher, Olla Dvrovolske, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that their goal was to bring together war-wounded Ukrainian children in Antalya and continue their education.

Dobrovolske noted that they opened classes for children of all ages and organized courses for special talents.

“Our goal is to develop the skills of these children. We also give them psychological support, we heal their wounds, they are making trees, they are the sun. . ” Says

Teacher Lydia Yarasi stressed that Ukrainian children get together and both learn and make friends.

Explaining that Ukrainian children love Antalya very much, Yarasir said they want to open an official school in the city.

The school he attended was bombed

Yuzkevich Dimetro, 14, who makes computer software, says the school he attended in Ukraine was bombed on March 4 and became unusable.

Dimitro said they had come to Antalya with his family because of the growing attacks. “I have won championships in math, programming and software in city and regional competitions. I finished third in the Ukraine Programming Olympics. I am trying to improve. I continue school here.” He said.

Nine-year-old modern dancer Veronica Morkova says she came from Kharkiv and loved Turkey very much.

“I have won championships in ballet and skating competitions in Ukraine. I aim to improve my modern dance here and become a champion in the tournament in my age group. I want to represent my country and both. Modern dance and ballet Turkey,” said Morkova. . ” Used expressions.

Emilia Dobrovolske, a 16-year-old who works in karate, said she had been living in Antalya with her family for a while and was with her country’s talented athletes so they could get used to the city and not feel it. Isolated

Roxoliana Lukastun, Kataki LV, Livinenko Margarita, Trian Yarina, Izurkova Sophia and Anton Fedor, who have won many competitions and championship degrees in their countries, thanked Turkey for welcoming them.



The war, which began on February 24 at the behest of Russian President Putin, continues in eastern Ukraine.


The battle, which was the scene of a bloody battle for control of Donbass, cost the life of another Russian general.


It was announced that Major General Roman Kutuzov, the head of the 29th Coalition Forces, had been killed.


According to the British Daily Mail, the number of generals defeated in Russia’s war has risen to 11 since Kutuzov’s death.


Ukraine has released a photo claiming to be Major General Roman Kutuzov.


It was claimed that the lifeless body in the pictures belonged to the Russian general,


Russia has not yet made an official statement.


Alexander Sladkov, a Russian state television correspondent, said a Russian general had been killed in eastern Ukraine.


The report, published by Sladkov on the Telegram messaging application, did not specify when and where Major General Roman Kutuzov was killed.


It was claimed that the Russian general’s location was determined by a phone call from the United States, and that the Ukrainian military fired on the location based on this information.


There are various reports of Russian military casualties in the war. Ukraine claims more than 30,000 Russian troops have died since the start of the war. On the other hand, Moscow issued its first and last official statement on March 2.


In the questionable statement, the amount of Russian military casualties in the war was declared as 498. This information has not been updated since.


Although the Russian government rarely provides updates on the number of casualties suffered by its armed forces, local government and newspaper announcements indicate that at least 317 officers have died in the war.


Russia faced a similar military crisis when it invaded Afghanistan.


The first Soviet troops were sent to the region on December 24, 1979, at the behest of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, and about 15,000 Soviet soldiers died in the 10-year war.

Another death that has devastated Putin: Ukraine has released pictures of him

Ukraine has announced to the world the news of the death of Major General Roman Kutuzov with a picture he published. Although it is claimed that the lifeless body in the photos belongs to the Russian general, no official statement has been issued by Russia yet. It was claimed that the location of the Russian general was determined by a phone call from the United States, and that the Ukrainian military fired on the location based on this information. After Kutuzov’s death, the number of generals Russia lost in the war rose to 11.
Biden's 'regional concession' signal to Ukraine

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Biden’s ‘regional concession’ signal to Ukraine

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