Children celebrate the 8th anniversary of the country

Celebrating its 8th anniversary in Turkey last month, Kidzania Istanbul was joined by Ahmed Dort, CEO of Children’s Country, Akkok Holding, and Meral Kaneti Molinas, Deputy Chairman of Kidzania Istanbul.

Kidzania Istanbul, which has hosted more than 1.6 million visitors since its inception; Works as a very special city, an imitation of real life, where children feel independent, use their creativity, produce, collaborate and learn financial literacy. Children’s country; Along with the fun learning services it offers, it supports children’s values ​​such as responsibility, cooperation, harmony, confidence, awareness and tolerance. Ahmet Dord, CEO of Akkok Holding, and Meral Kaneti Molinas, Deputy Chairman of Kidzania Istanbul, were among the senior executives of companies operating in Turkey at the event marking the 8th anniversary of the founding of the Children’s Country.

“Our success comes from our strong social commitment to make a difference.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony in the evening, Ahmed Dort said that the country of children is a business model with a different perspective. Fourth, he continued: “Children’s country has only one purpose: to give children a special place where they can be happy. While realizing our goals, we work together with our valued business partners and leading brands in Turkey. Thanks to our business partners, children feel the imitation of real life in the world created for them. They have fun and learned. Our success comes from our strong social drive to make a difference. “

Concluding his talk, Ahmet Dort talked about the sustainability perspective of the Children’s Country of Children and underlined that regardless of gender, children grow up with gender bias and its effects are noticeably visible in today’s business world. He said that children coming to the country of children gain experience in all professions irrespective of age and gender, which inspires them in the profession they will choose in future and in this case it also contributes to gender equality.

“Our business partners have a huge contribution to make in realizing the dream of a children’s country,” said Meral Conetti Molinas, who took the floor at the invitation. Thanks to them, our city becomes a reality and children have the opportunity to experience real life. Our business partners share their areas of expertise with us and we enliven our city with them. While having fun in our town, kids get a chance to gain experience in different professions and gain many social values. It is an invaluable source of joy for me to see children in Kidzania and to imagine them as future adults. “

“Children’s country exists to support the dream of a better world for children”

Evaluating the event, Ebru Taimur said, “We are here in the 7th year to make a dream come true. For this reunion, we borrowed Children’s Land for an evening from the kids. KidZania means learning while having fun for kids. We aim for future adults to gain experience in an environment that we emulate in their preparation for the real world. Although children have opportunities to acquire many skills such as teamwork, responsibility, productive and analytical thinking and communication; The real-life equivalent of the academic knowledge they learned in their school. We adults have a responsibility to make our children’s potential better and more beautiful. We must guide them so that they can distinguish between right and wrong and take care of our common home world. Children’s country is here for the dream of a better world for children and to help adults fulfill their responsibilities. “

The activities turned into flavors

According to the statement, the special event for the 8th anniversary of Shishu Desh was designed by Eren Nayan, the founder of The Badaw. At the invitation, where the town was borrowed from the children for an evening; They had the opportunity to experience Kidzania for a few hours. Engrave every detail of the children’s country; The excitement and joy that children learn while having fun was also fully felt by the guests. Enthusiastic experiences were crowned with flavors prepared by Erin Nayan, inspired by the activities in the children’s country.

“Education is more than going to school”

International Education Advisor, Chairman of the Board, Chairman and Member of the Advisory Board, the inaugural speaker, Prof. Dr. Ger Graus OBE emphasized that children are inspired by what they know. Ger Graus OBE, in his speech where he shared his views on the need to develop an understanding of education, said, “Educating children is very important, especially at a young age, so that they can get better. I can give them what they want to teach, they can grow up to be good citizens. ”

Ger Graus OBE continued: “Education is much more than going to school. We can teach reading and writing in school. However, children need good role models and experience to be good adults. For example, in Kidzania London a few years ago, 99 percent of children in the Formula 1 Activity area were boys. Only male workers work in this area. Since the recruitment of our female colleagues in this field, the number of girls participating in the activity has increased and reached a rate of 64 percent. When the children saw that adult women were also working here, they became fascinated as role models and started participating in this activity. ”

Ger Graus OBE was introduced to a new profession where children spend an average of 5 hours in a children’s country and said, “I can be a pilot, I can be an artist, I can be a scientist. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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